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The Best Beach Hotels in Bermuda You Need To Consider

Written by Bermudiana Beach Resort

24 | 11 | 20

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While Bermuda boasts vast expanses of pink sandy beaches and amazing ocean views, the fact is there aren't many hotels or resorts located right on the beach. However, some fantastic accommodation options are close to a beach or have private access. 

The clues are in the name. Here are the best beach hotels in Bermuda for all those who couldn’t imagine experiencing the island in any other way. 

Pompano Beach Club

pompano beach club beach resort for families Image Credit. 

Location: Southampton

This is the first property that comes to mind when envisioning a beachfront and luxurious hotel in Bermuda. Pretty in pink, Pompano Beach Club is a family-run resort that has a reputation for excellent service. A short boardwalk and a stairway lead down to the beautiful beach on the left and its hilltop setting means all of its amenities, jacuzzis included, have expansive ocean views. 

Although the private beach is cozy, it has lounge chairs, umbrellas and other delights so you can enjoy the pleasant weather. Rates are higher than some of the newer resorts but the incredible views remind you exactly why you decided to visit Bermuda in the first place

Elbow Beach

elbow beach resort and spa access Image Credit. 

Location: Paget

A tranquil spa, three restaurants, a beautiful pool, a half-mile of private beachfront and recently renovated rooms are among the perks at this elegant 50-acre resort. This hilltop property is one of Bermuda’s best options, outdoing similarly priced resorts. Due to COVID-19, Elbow Beach is currently closed and is set to reopen in 2021.

Set on an exclusive stretch of pink-sand beach, this hotel makes an ideal island break. Luckily, Elbow Beach (the resort, that is) has its own half-mile private beach and the dedicated staff do a stellar job of maintaining the peace and quiet you’ll find at the rest of the resort.

Cambridge Beaches Resort

cambridge beaches resort with beach and ocean accessImage Credit. 

Location: Sandys Parish 

This is another great beachside luxury property located on the western end of the island. Cambridge Beaches Resort’s plentiful rooms and cottages are scattered over 30-acres of land area. For most of the year, it’s adults-only - perfect for couples looking to jet away to the island for some tranquility. 

The retreat is sophisticated and ideal for those looking for a less energetic vacation. Its four fantastic private beaches make it even easier to relax, so you can be guaranteed a little slice of heaven from either Pegem, Turtle Cove, Morning Beach or Long Bay Beach. The best out of all is the latter, which is perhaps the most beautiful and popular among the hotel guests. 

Long Bay Beach provides watersport facilities and also lunch, snacks, beverages and cocktails served by a nearby restaurant, Breezes. In the evening, the beach becomes an extension of the restaurant. Candlelit dinners can be arranged on the shores with an unforgettable view of the sunset

Although it sounds divine, make sure you pick your rooms carefully if you want easy access to the beach. It does require you to part with more cash than you would for other rooms, but it’s worth it to have the ocean just a few footprints in the sand away.

Bermudiana Beach Resort

beachside bermudiana beach resort

Location: Warwick

When Hilton announced they’ll be opening their first condo hotel resort on the spectacular island, they certainly picked an enviable spot. Situated on the wonderful South Shore, the modern resort is complete with ocean view bars, spa, infinity pool and easy beach access via the funicular. Just a few steps and you’re on the pink-sand beach. 

Set to open in July 2021 subject to COVID-19, Bermudiana Beach Resort is the latest addition to the Tapestry Collection by the prestigious hospitality giants so your vacation accommodation is in good hands. 

With 90 fully-furnished residences for sale on a condo hotel, whole-ownership basis, you can return for up to 90 days each year for the rest of your life. And so could your children. And their children. And their childrens’ children.

Or you can simply come and stay at the hotel on vacation.

There is a wide range of rooms, many of which can be transformed to maximize space and also storage so you can leave your beach gear in Bermuda when you go home. And if all of that isn't enough, Southlands Park, one of Bermuda's national treasures, is just over the road.

Who wouldn’t want to come back after a day of exploring and settle into a vacation condo with the family? It’s even better when you can return every year to your own home.

From Beaches to Booking Your Flight: Bermuda Is the Place to Be

The beaches are one of the main reasons you might want to visit the island of Bermuda but the culture, history, architecture and food should also make your list. Its range of accommodation is vast, from romantic and secluded to family-friendly. There’s plenty more to experience that’ll make you want to return time and time again. 

We love the island and because we want everybody else to enjoy it, we’ve put together a free guide on everything amazing Bermuda offers. From information about every parish to the best beaches around, it’s the ultimate resource for those looking to discover the beauty of Bermuda. 

Just grab your passport and get your copy by clicking the link below.

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