Why Bermudiana Beach Resort?

Bermuda’s beautiful South Shore is home to the hidden gem ‘Bermudiana Beach Resort’. 

It comprises 90 fully-furnished condo residences that are available to purchase right away.

These range from studios to three-bedroom properties transforming into six hotel room types.

Like any new development, you’ll have questions that you’ll want answers on, so to help we’ve put a detailed visual infographic that details what exactly Bermudiana Beach Resort is.

bermudiana infographic

A hidden paradise on Bermuda's south shore

Overlooking the turquoise ocean, our resort will be home to 94 luxury condominiums to buy on a 999-year lease. Download the infographic to see what your dream condominium could look like and find out about the resort's different amenities. 

Bermudiana beach

What's covered in the infographic?

Inside, you'll find...

  • Everything you need to know about Bermudiana Beach Resort
  • An explanation of what a condo hotel is and how they work
  • The full list of amenities at Bermudiana Beach Resort
  • Flight time and prices to the resort from different parts of America
Bermuda shore

Download the infographic to discover what paradise truly looks like at Bermudiana Beach Resort and take one step closer towards owning your dream property.