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7 Best Places to Go in Bermuda if You Want to Live Like a Local

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There’s a plethora of amazing things to experience in Bermuda. However, like everywhere there’s the things to see and do that are incredibly popular with tourists and then there are hotspots off the beaten track that are popular with the locals. So, what are the best places to go in Bermuda if you want to live like a local? This post will outline the seven best kept secrets that locals love.

Secluded Beach Spots

Obviously, Bermuda is famous for its stunning pink sand beaches. However, during the peak season, these beaches can become a little crowded due to their massive popularity. Which is why the locals tend to flock to the more secluded spots away from the busy tourist-y beaches.

Although in plain sight, the stretch between the popular Horseshoe Bay and Warwick Long Bay has a few semi-secluded beaches which are perfect for basking in the Bermudian summer sunshine. Enjoy an ice cold beer or a typically Bermudian Rum Swizzle on the tranquil sands and get to work on your tan.

Jobson’s Cove is an amazing hidden gem and the perfect place for the family to enjoy. It’s a lot quieter than the more popular beaches, but certainly just as beautiful. The crystal clear waters are ideal for snorkeling in which you can see the impressive parrotfish and various other native marine life. The beach is surrounded by large rocks which act as a great windbreaker and create the perfect calming environment for relaxation on the sands.


Watersports and Boat Trips

Albeit very popular with tourists, Bermuda is renowned for its keen interest in watersports. Most of the beaches give you the opportunity to try out some adrenaline fuelled activity, all at a really good value for money price tag too. We’re not just talking about a banana boat ride either. Whether it’s kneeboarding or parasailing, you’ll be sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

Boat trips are hugely popular too, especially in March and April. This is the period of the year where 15,000 humpback whales migrate north, which gives you the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with these gentle giants. Whether it’s a romantic trip with your other half or a day out with the family, boat trips aren’t just for the tourists on the island.


Walking and Hiking Tours

However long you’ve been in Bermuda, one thing you’ll most certainly never tire of is taking in the sheer beauty of the island. And what better way to see all of this than going on one of the many brilliant walking and hiking tours? Watching the sunset over Horseshoe Bay every day is such a beautiful sight that even the locals can’t possibly ever get bored of seeing it.


Check Out the Urban Cottage

If you’re into your interior design, the Urban Cottage is the perfect place for you to visit and take inspiration for your latest project. It’s the place to be to find all things homely. Whether it’s a new vintage style you want to pursue or an eclectic mix of various exciting styles from all different influences, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your taste here.


Shopping at Gibbons Company

Bermudians love Gibbons Company. Fact. This department store has everything you need under one roof. Womenswear, menswear, home furnishings and stuff for the kids too. Bag yourself a pair of the iconic Bermuda shorts or make a choice of scent from their vast range of fragrances and perfumes. Gibbons Company is stocked with all the well-known brands you love and trust.


Visit The Pickled Onion

If it’s a tender, juicy steak or a refreshing fruity cocktail you’re craving, they have it all at The Pickled Onion. Since opening in 1998, The Pickled Onion has found great success in Bermuda by offering familiar foods but adding their own Bermudian twist on things.

Affordably priced and very easy on the eye, the restaurant is the perfect place for a date night. Plus, dance into the early hours in the bar area and soak in the true Bermudian party atmosphere.


Eat at Bistro J

Bistro J is the ideal restaurant to meet your complex palette’s needs. With a different menu every day, if it’s excitement you’re looking for in a restaurant you’ve got it in abundance here. Locals love it here, so you’ll need to make reservations in order to stand a chance of getting a table.

Have yourself a nice romantic evening with fine food and an attractive wine list. Plus, all of this comes at an attractive price, so even your wallet will be having a good night too. Winner.

So, not only is Bermuda a tropical paradise for tourists who love to dip in and out of the famous culture but also an amazing place with plenty to see and do as a local.

Find Out More About Bermuda

Now that you’re aware of some of the best places that locals like to hang out at, that’s definitely not all that you can find yourself enjoying in Bermuda. All year round there’s all kinds of different things to experience and we’ve created a free guide that explains everything you need to know. Download it below.