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Where to find us

You can find Bermudiana Beach Resort on Bermuda’s picturesque South Shore. Look over the turquoise waters of the North Atlantic from your condo.

Bermudiana Beach Resort, Tapestry Collection by Hilton
60 South Road, Warwick WK 08, Bermuda

Frequently asked questions

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Is Bermuda a sovereign state?

Bermuda is an island country with its own distinct national identity, but not a sovereign state. 

A sovereign state is one neither dependent on nor subjected in any way to any other power or state or country. Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory and, as such, has a great deal of autonomy. 

It’s the smallest in size but economically the most advanced, prosperous and populated per square mile and the oldest of 14 British Overseas Territories. 

Bermuda has its own written constitution but operates under the British Legal System and has a Governor appointed by the Crown. The Governor is responsible for matters of defense and, to a large extent, foreign affairs. We also have a Parliament that operates under the Westminster System.

Bermuda’s Head of State is King Charles III.

How can I get to Bermuda?

You will find a complete list of direct flights to Bermuda here.

As a quick guide, here’s a brief list of fly times:

New York (Non-stop, 2hrs 18m)
Boston (Non-stop, 2hrs 11m) 
Toronto (Non-stop, 2hrs 11m)
Philadelphia (Non-stop, 2hrs 35m)
London (Non-stop, 7 hrs 50m)
Atlanta (Non-stop, 2hr 44m)
Miami (Non-stop,  2hr 37m)
Charlotte (Non-stop, 2hrs 45m)

What is there to do in Bermuda?

There’s something to do for everyone on the island. Foodies can enjoy local cuisine and for the athletic-minded travelers, Bermuda offers an extensive list of activities, including swimming, snorkeling, boat rentals, kayaking, paddle boarding, water skiing, jet skiing, parasailing, flyboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, golf, tennis, archery, fencing, bowling, squash, fishing, hiking, cycling, scuba diving, cliff jumping, rock climbing and cave exploring.

How safe is Bermuda?

Bermuda’s crime rate has historically been relatively low, with petty burglaries the most prevalent crime. Almost all of Bermuda is, therefore, relatively secure.

What is a hotel condominium?

The hotel condominium business model comprises vacation home apartments designed and developed to be marketable as leisure real estate for outright purchase by individual owners while providing effective hotel room inventory when owners aren’t occupying their vacation homes.

As a Bermudiana Beach condominium owner, you’ll benefit from modern, carefree ocean-front living while generating an income from your condominium when you are not in Bermuda.

The condos are usually designed to function as one, two or even three-bedroom hotel suites, with a small kitchen and dining area.
Revenue from the nightly rental business is split between the apartment owner and the hotel management company.

At Bermudiana Beach the split is 40% of Net Rental Income to the owner and 60% to the hotel management company.

The operating company then covers the costs of all hotel services out of its 60% split and retains the balance as profit. The condominium owner must still pay homeowner association charges.

At Bermudiana Beach owners are restricted to 90 days usage each year with certain seasonal restrictions.

You wholly own the property, which leaves the remainder of the year available for rental.

What amenities are there on site at Bermudiana Beach Resort?

The resort is being converted in one go. An ocean-view pool and a beach elevator and steps down to the beach will be constructed, and elevators have been added to each building. 

An ocean-view pool bar & grill, restaurant, hotel reception, spa, and gym will be constructed. 
Will the pool be heated? The pool will be heated to 80°F. This is a Hilton standard requirement. 

Where can I store my car when I’m not on the island? The hotel will make arrangements for overseas owners to store their cars under cover offsite. A charge will be made for this service.

Where are the nearest shops and amenities to Bermudiana Beach Resort?

Most shopping is in the City of Hamilton. Alternatively, there is select shopping in Dockyard at the Western end of the Island and St Georges located at the eastern end of the island.

How long does it take to get to and from the airport?

The city of Hamilton is approximately four miles from Bermudiana Beach Resort and will take about 15 minutes via taxi to get there.

Can the interior design be customized?

The interior design is pre-determined to comply with Hilton standards. Apart from location and property type, each condo’s interior design is identical, so it’s easier to market hotel rooms as a collective

How are the residential buildings and hotel constructed?

Bermudiana Beach Resort follows the same resilient building practices that have kept Bermuda safe from storms for over 400 years.

Using International Building Code masonry construction methods, the residences and hotel facilities are built with concrete foundations and floors and concrete block walls.

Roofs are constructed using resilient timber secured with hurricane clips, with traditional Bermuda profile roof sheathing glued and screwed to the roof assembly.

Since being built, Bermuda has weathered several Atlantic storms, and Bermudiana Beach Resort has performed without incident.

Can you combine residences?

Condominiums cannot be combined as the room types have to be the same for hotel guests. Combining condominiums would create new room types, which would be hard to market and affect occupancy.

Will the one-bedrooms have windows on the western and eastern walls?

There are four end 1-bed Coralitas, and these are dual aspect and are located in Dunscombe (Building D). The 2-bed end-of-building Buttonwoods are also dual aspect.

Which condos are accessible to wheelchair users?

There will be one accessible, 3-bedroom condo at Bermudiana Beach: Groundfloor Astwood #4, 1 Atlantic Crescent, has a lock-off that will allow two separate hotel rooms to become a wheelchair-accessible 1 King Bedroom Grand Suite and a 1 King Bedroom Deluxe Suite. Astwood has been chosen owing to its proximity to the entrance, reception, and amenities.

If a buyer wants a particular condominium to be made accessible, this can be considered subject to the above.

Can I occupy year round or are there owner usage restrictions?

Section 3 of the Bermuda Immigration and Protection (Tourist Accommodation and Hotel Residences) Regulations 2010, allows owners to occupy tourism-designated property for a maximum period of 90 days in any given calendar year. Bermudiana Beach’s condominiums are classified as hotel residences rather than condominiums in a normal apartment building and therefore the resort has to comply with the above.

So, if you own at Bermudiana Beach, you, your family and your friends can use your condo for up to 90 days (3 months) each year. The other 275 days (9 months), plus any days and weeks you don't use from your 90-day usage allocation, can be made available for rent through the Tapestry Collection by Hilton’s global sales and reservation system and powerful 100 million-member Hilton Honors loyalty program.

There are also seasonal controls to ensure the year-round viability of the hotel as follows:

Prime Season (May to August): During the Prime Season, you can use up to 30 days of your 90-day allocation, either all at once or split into multiple trips.

Tranquil Season (November to February): During the Tranquil Season, you have unlimited use. You can spend your entire 90-day allocation in one visit or split it into multiple stays, perfect for escaping northern winters.

Connoisseurs Season (September/October and March/April): During the Connoisseurs Season, you can stay up to 40 consecutive days, as long as these days are evenly split over two months, in other words by taking 20 days in one month and another 20 in an adjacent month.

What are the list prices of the condos at Bermudiana Beach Resort?

Prices start at $412,500 for studios, $459,000 for 1-bedroom, $614,000 for 2-bedroom and $825,000 for 3-bedroom homes. 

Prices will increase quarterly until the conversion of the condos and amenities is fully completed. In July 2022, prices rose by 10%. Those who wait until the hotel opens in June 2023 will buy at full market value. Early birds will, however, enjoy prices substantially below market value to compensate for the months when they don’t have full amenities and while the development team is working on parts of the site. 

HOA fees will not be charged until the hotel opens.

Do I buy in Bermuda dollars or US dollars?

We accept both. Bermuda uses Bermudian dollars and US dollars. The Bermudian dollar is pegged to the US dollar at 1:1.

Can I get a mortgage to help me buy?

Each institution has its own rules for determining eligibility. Some prefer to lend to prior depositors. 

Local lenders may offer residential mortgage products to overseas buyers, although there are some restrictions regarding US citizens due to regulatory rules.

However, interest rates are significantly lower in other countries, so many overseas buyers use their assets at home to raise the necessary capital and effectively buy in Bermuda as cash buyers. We will refer you to local lenders for those seeking a mortgage.

What property can a non-Bermudian buy in Bermuda?

Non-Bermudians may only buy property valued above a set minimum Annual Rental Value (ARV). The minimum ARV for houses is $126,000 and $25,800 for condominiums. 

The ARV is used to determine land tax and is not necessarily a reflection of market value. 
Houses with a qualifying ARV start at approximately $2,350,000 and condominiums at approximately $320,000.

ARVs may be viewed on the Land Valuation Department’s website The effect of these guidelines means that only the highest-valued properties are available to non-Bermudian buyers.

Bermudians must acquire an Acquisition License to buy a property in Bermuda.
A Non-Bermudian is permitted to own up to 2 properties. 

A non-Bermudian is not permitted to acquire vacant land except in specific tourism developments. 

Non-Bermudians who buy property cannot rent it out for short-term or holiday rentals unless it is in a specific hotel tourism-designated development.

Non-Bermudians may be granted permission to rent their property on a longer-term basis upon application to the Department of Immigration, which is subject to a tax of 7.25%.

What property can a Bermudian and holder of a Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC) buy in Bermuda?

A PRC is able to buy any property on the market with some exceptions. 

A PRC is not permitted to acquire vacant land, a property that is part of a Government Scheme and may not rent out a property that they own that has two assessment numbers.

A PRC is permitted to own up to 2 properties. 
A PRC married to a Bermudian no longer needs to apply for a license to own real estate when purchasing jointly.