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How Do Hotel Condominiums Work? Plus FAQs Answered

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A hotel condominium features key-ready rooms and suites that private individuals can also buy as studios and apartments. Owners can then use these properties for personal vacations in desirable locations. They can also offer their properties for rent through rental programs when they are not in residence, to earn rental income.

Now that we’ve answered the common question of 'how do hotel condominiums work?', here are the answers to some other questions you might be asking about this type of property. 


What is a Hotel Condominium?

Hotel condominiums provide buyers with an opportunity to purchase in a community with branded hotel amenities at a much lower entry price. Most hotel condominiums are operated by prestigious hospitality companies like Hilton.  

Hotel condominiums are attractive to buy because of their convenience and low-maintenance. While they may look like a regular professionally furnished hotel to hotel guests, the rooms and suites are individually owned as condos. 

What Benefits Can a Hotel Condominium Owner Expect?

Every hotel condominium is different. However, most offer the amenities and guest services you’d find at an upscale hotel. Developments can provide access to swimming pools, gyms, restaurants, bars, meeting facilities and beaches. 

These are just a few examples of the advantages you can expect from purchasing a hotel condominium. There are also other benefits, such as how convenient and low maintenance they are and the enviable locations you can live in for much of the year. Find more reasons why you should consider this type of property here.   

Are Hotel Condominiums Safe?

Condos create a much closer community, with neighborhood watch schemes and centralised security systems commonplace, resulting in better security. Since condos tend to attract people of similar backgrounds and interests, there’s a greater likelihood of these neighborhood watch schemes working.

Many condo resorts have 24/7 security, with systems such as CCTV in place.

What is a Rental Program? 

Hotel condominiums often have rental programs you can join which help to keep your property rented out when you’re not in residence. With many hotel condominiums operated by big names in hospitality, the operators of the rental program can utilize their brand's worldwide reservation system and access its loyalty scheme members. 

The on-site operating company will then take care of the rental program for the brand. They're responsible for handling the bookings for you - everything from the check-in at the front desk to running the amenities and housekeeping.

Want to know if renting your hotel condominium out is worth it? This blog explores the finer details, so you might want to bookmark it for later. 

How Many Days Do I Have for Personal Use? 

In spite of the fact that you own the whole property, owner use is typically capped to 180 days per year. The operating company then offers the remaining 185 days (and any other days the owner doesn't use) for rental. Without this restriction the hotel condominium model wouldn't be viable.

Sometimes there are further seasonal and length of stay restrictions. For example, the operating company can limit owners to taking 30 days in high season and to not staying longer than 21 days on any one visit.

In a hotel condominium the operating company won't restrict you to weekly rentals (e.g. Saturday to Saturday). You can stay for as few or as many days as you wish, arriving on whatever day of the week you please.

This also applies to your rental guests, which increases the number of guests wanting to occupy your property. This in turn increases the income you get from it.

From the rules and regulations to the practicalities of use, you can learn the ins and outs of renting out your condo here.

Download the FAQ here.


What is a HomeOwners' Association? 

When buying a condo or an individual property within a residential community, you’ll need to join and contribute to the Homeowners’ Association (HOA). It exists to ensure all of the shared amenities are looked after and that all homeowners contribute to the maintenance of the common areas of the property, not just the condo they've purchased.

You’ll be required to pay fees that cover the maintenance and repair of communal facilities and amenities. As all of the homeowners pay into the HOA, reserve funds will accumulate over time. You can find out more details about HOAs here. 

HOAs, rental programs and security are just some of the questions you might have regarding hotel condominiums. We’ve created a resource to specifically answer anything else that might be playing on your mind. 

Discover More About How Hotel Condominiums Work 

Hotel condominiums are a fantastic opportunity to own a piece of paradise in a spectacular vacation destination. That’s why we’ve created a visual guide for everything you need to know about owning a condo. 

From how it compares, but is so different to fractional ownership, to everything about the condo hotel and its relationship with prestigious hospitality giant Hilton, click below to get access and start your journey.

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