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How to Move to Bermuda: Your Quick Guide on Short and Long Term Stay

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Moving to a different country is always exciting, especially when it’s to the wonderful island of Bermuda. Whether you’re coming for a vacation or something more permanent, you’ll need to know about staying here.

We know it can be stressful to organise documents, visas and everything else. But there’s nothing more rewarding than reclining on a pink-sand beach or teeing off on a world-famous golf course.

  • Short Vacation to The Island
  • Long Term Stay in Bermuda

Short Vacation to The Island

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It’s not difficult to see why Bermuda is a desirable place to stay. Pink sands, delicious cuisine and thriving wildlife are just some of the reasons you might take a trip. 

Short Vacation - Visas

If you’re a citizen of the UK, USA or Canada, you don’t require a visa to enjoy a short stay. Visitors are usually granted entry for up to 90 days, so that’s plenty of time to soak up the sun and culture

If you want some extra time for leisure, visitors are always welcome on the friendly island of Bermuda and can stay for up to six months with a short term permit visa if approved. 

Short Vacation - Accommodation

As an international buyer, you can purchase a vacation condo in Bermuda and spend up to half a year on the island. Luxury spas, gyms and beach facilities at your disposal are included at Bermudiana Beach Resort, Tapestry Collection by Hilton, a luxurious vacation condo complex.

Something to note is that although international buyers are allowed to purchase real estate in Bermuda, it doesn't make you eligible to gain Bermudian citizenship or a permanent stay. 

So, a vacation condo is perfect for retirees, semi-retirees and families who want a slice of paradise. It also works well for frequent business visitors who would prefer a home away from home to living in a hotel room. They’re maintained and fully serviced whilst you spend the other half of the year back home.

Long Term Stay in Bermuda


You’ve taken a vacation to Bermuda and you’ve completely fallen in love. It happens. However, moving here and continuing your island love affair isn’t as simple as purchasing a home. 

Long Term Stay - Visas

If you want to extend your stay on the island, you’ll need an appointment with an Inspector of the Immigration Department at their head office in Hamilton, Bermuda. You must submit an application before the expiration date, which is then stamped in your passport and immigration arrival card. 

Extended visas are easier to obtain if you are working on the island - you’ll need to secure a job beforehand and organise the documents. There are lots of important aspects like work permits and fees that need to be finalised before hopping on your flight. 

Short Vacation - Accommodation

For those who aren’t native to Bermuda, you must obtain a license from the Bermuda Government Ministry of Law and Home Affairs office to purchase real estate. The approval process can take a while, sometimes up to nine months. So it’s best practice to apply early to avoid disappointment.

You know the basics about moving to Bermuda, but there are still things like climate and living costs that you might not be aware of. This blog is just a quick guide, but we created a more extensive version for those looking for information. 

Read our complete guide to moving to Bermuda

The island is inviting, with glorious landscapes and welcoming locals. But moving here requires more than just a love for all things Bermuda. You have things like visas, vehicles, pets and lots more to consider. We advise you to get familiar with property laws too. 

That’s why we created the ultimate guide to moving to Bermuda. From importing valuables to activities you can do once you’re here, we’ve got everything you could possibly need to know. For more information regarding your move to Bermuda, download your ultimate guide below.

Moving to Bermuda -Everything you need to know