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Buying a Bermuda Condo: Your Corporate Staff Accommodation Solution in Bermuda - by Bermudiana

The sunny side of corporate accommodation is just a short flight away. Mix business with pleasure with a Bermudiana Beach Resort condo and achieve the ultimate business trip experience. 

On this page, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about corporate accommodation in Bermuda and our solution to expensive business trips: 


The Landscape of Corporate Accommodation in Bermuda

There are challenges with the quality and availability of corporate accommodation in Bermuda. 

Many of the available properties on the island are outdated or in need of repairs, which can impact the overall satisfaction of employees making frequent and extended business trips. 

This challenge is further compounded by the limited availability of rental properties, as many landlords prefer to rent to tourists rather than long-term tenants.

Due to this, there’s a growing trend of companies seeking alternative solutions for corporate accommodation on the island. Some companies have started offering housing allowances or partnering with local real estate agencies to provide better housing options for employees. Others have explored the option of building their own corporate accommodation, which can be more cost-effective in the long run. 

Our favorite option is to take the hassle out of finding corporate accommodation by owning and renting out your own company condo, as the benefits far outweigh the other options available. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Behind The Price Tag of Corporate Accommodation in Bermuda

You've traveled to Bermuda and settled into your hotel. The only thing on your mind is to relax in the cool breeze of the A/C and prepare for tomorrow’s full day of meetings. The room you secured on the island seemed the perfect choice and was cheap…until you received the bill at the end of your stay.

The low prices that catch your attention when booking accommodation don't usually include taxes, resort fees, parking charges or other add-ons that can have a significant impact on your budget. 

Things to consider when booking accommodation for your work trip:

  • Health and well-being of employees
  • Maintenance and housekeeping costs
  • Dining options and expenses
  • Transportation fees

Don’t get caught out by the surprising hidden costs of corporate accommodation.

Why You Should Consider a Bermudiana Beach Resort Condo

Owning a condo on the island is the most efficient way to house employees and generate extra income for your company. Here’s what they can offer you:

Flexibility for multiple and longer stays

When you own a condo, you don’t need to worry about booking availability or length of stay. You have the freedom to extend the trip if needed and travel to Bermuda multiple times a year. 

A comfier space than a single hotel room

Our condos come fully furnished, creating a more comfortable and homely atmosphere for employees.

We offer one-, two- or three-bedroom apartments that include living spaces, kitchen and dining sections, and sleeping areas.

This works particularly well for companies whose employees travel frequently to Bermuda or stay longer. These businessmen and women don’t want to eat out every night. They would rather eat more simply and in a relaxed and private setting. Maybe watching the TV or overlooking the ocean from their own balcony.

And if they do want to eat out, not only is there an air-conditioned restaurant and pool-side grill at Bermudiana Beach, but owners also get a resort card with 10% off the cost of all food purchased.

Team bonding

There’s no need to book several rooms for multiple guests when you own a condo. Our condos can accommodate up to three business travelers in their own private bedrooms.

When multiple employees are housed in the same corporate housing property or complex, it can foster a sense of community and teamwork.

Make use of the Hilton-branded rental service

Once you buy a Bermudiana Beach Resort Condo, it’s yours for 999 years. It also offers you and your employees an excellent benefit package of holiday accommodation, and you can rent it out when not in use. 

Amenities include elevator access to the beautiful pink-sand beach, an ocean-view bar and grill, an ocean-view pool and pool deck and an air-conditioned restaurant, gym and spa. You and your guests have full access to all of these amenities whenever you visit.

Is Buying a Condo in Bermuda a Sensible Purchase?

A Bermudiana Beach Resort Condo makes sense financially to business owners and stakeholders like you. 

Rentals and maintenance are taken care of by Hilton and the management company respectively. Each condo comes with an Assessment Number, which entitles owners to own a car in Bermuda, reducing the need to rely on public transport. 

Having your own condo also provides strategic benefits. You can use the condo as a corporate asset to attract and retain top talent and to expand your operations in Bermuda while establishing a local presence.

Bermudiana Beach Resort offers four distinct property configurations you can use as employee housing while working in Bermuda. 

Still need convincing? Check out our blog on the topic to help you make the right decision:

The Numbers: Hotels vs. Condos


Independent research shows that the average 5-night stay for one person off-peak would cost companies $2620.98*  or $524 per person per night. The average 5-night stay for one person on-peak would cost companies $3945 or $789 per night

*This number is based on four different hotels in Bermuda that offer their services as “business friendly”.

Amenities included are specific to each hotel and are subject to change depending on the time of year.


A breakdown of our annual estimated costs: 

HOA Fee - $5,500

Condo Reserve Fund - $2,200

Land Tax - $1,360

Utilities when in occupation - $2,500

Contents Insurance/Other Costs - $1,000

This totals around $12,500 annually, or, with our 90-nights' usage, $139 per night over five times cheaper!

Condos start from $412,500 and are on a 999-year lease.

For more information about our costs, get in touch.

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Say Hello to Your New Office Away From Home

Look no further for the perfect corporate accommodation solution in Bermuda.

Our condos offer the perfect combination of comfort, convenience and affordability, making them the ideal choice for both companies and employees. 

Our condo amenities include: 

  • Ocean-view balconies and terraces facing Bermuda's South Shore
  • Fully-serviced, fully managed, zero-hassle vacation home ownership
  • Well-equipped kitchens in all condos and studios
  • Sizable living areas with 55” Smart TVs and wall beds for guest sleeping
  • King-sized, Hilton-standard beds and 50” TVs in the bedrooms
  • Access to Hilton global reservations, sales system and rental program
  • Elevator & steps to a pink-sand beach, pool, bar & grill, resto, spa and gym
  • Tapestry Collection by Hilton quality throughout 

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today to learn more about our available properties and take the first step towards your new office away from home. 

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Frequently asked questions

Is Bermuda a sovereign state?

  • Bermuda is an island country with its own distinct national identity, but not a sovereign state.

  • A sovereign state is one neither dependent on nor subjected in any way to any other power or state or country. Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory and as such has a great deal of autonomy.

  • It is the smallest in size but economically the most advanced, prosperous and populated per square mile as well as the oldest of 14 British Overseas Territories.

  • Bermuda has its own written constitution, but operates under the British Legal System, and has a Governor appointed by the Crown. The Governor is responsible for matters of defense and to a large extent foreign affairs. We also have a Parliament that operates under the Westminster System.

  • Bermuda’s Head of State is King Charles III.

What annual events are there in Bermuda?

January – Bermuda Restaurants Weeks, Bermuda Marathon Weekend, Bermuda Festival of the
Performing Arts
March – Bermuda International Film Festival, Grey Goose World Par 3 Championship, Bermuda Triple
Challenge, Good Friday Kitefest, Moth World Championships
April – Bermuda Agriculture Exhibition, The Town Crier Re-enactment in St. George’s Peppercorn
Ceremony, MS Amlin World Triathlon Bermuda, Hamilton’s Summertime Harbour Nights
May – Hamilton’s Summertime Harbour Nights, Antigua Bermuda Race, Bermuda Day
June – Hamilton’s Summertime Harbour Nights, Annapolis Bermuda Ocean Race, Bermuda Heroes
Weekend, Newport Bermuda Race
July – Hamilton’s Summertime Harbour Nights, Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish Championship
August – Hamilton’s Summertime Harbour Nights, Cup Match Weekend, Non-Mariner’s Water Raft Up
September – Hamilton’s Summertime Harbour Nights, Sand Sculpture Competition
October – City Food Festival
November – World Rugby Classic, Viper North American Race
December – Goodwill Golf Tournament

See links below for more information:

What does the Capital, Hamilton offer?

  • The City of Hamilton is where most of the island’s glittering retail shops, great restaurants and many other commercial establishments like banks & insurance companies are located.

  • The central bus terminal and the main ferry terminal are also located here that connect to most parts of the island.

  • And there is no better place for nightlife in Bermuda than the Hamilton City. This is the location of the summer Harbour Nights festival, with Gombey Dancers and Beat  the Retreat Ceremony.

  •  Here are the top places to visit in Hamilton City:
    City Hall and Arts Center, Bermuda Cathedral, St. Theresa’s Cathedral,
    Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI), Albuoy’s Point Park,
    Victoria Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Waterfront Square, Bermuda House Of
    Assembly, Bermuda Cabinet House, The Cenotaph, War Memorial, Perot
    Post Office, Bermuda National Library, Bermuda Historical Society Museum,
    Barr’s Bay and Park, Birdcage, Fort Hamilton.

What "sporty" activities are available in Bermuda?

  • Swimming and Snorkeling: Can be done during summer.

  • Swimming with the Dolphins: Can be done in the summer.

  • Sunset & Sightseeing Cruises, Sailing and Boat Rentals: Can be available year
    round. (weather permitting).

  • Fishing: Reef and Shore fishing can be done year round. Deep sea fishing can be
    done between May to October.

  • Cliff Jumping & Rock Climbing (Solo): Can be done during summer.

  • Bird Watching: Different kinds of birds can be season in different season. However, the rare Cahow (which is the national bird of Bermuda) can be seen between December to February.

  • Cave exploring and swimming: All year round (cave waters will be very cold).

For further information about events taking place in Bermuda, you can visit the Bermuda Tourism Authority website

When do I need to be in Bermuda to go Whale watching?

You get the best opportunity of watching whales in Bermuda during the spring time between March and April. This is when the humpback whales migrate from the Caribbean water zone to the north Atlantic feeding zone. The whales usually have a regular pattern of behavior and a migration route.

For further information about Whale Watching and other activities, you can also check out the Bermuda Tourism Authority website

How safe is Bermuda?

Bermuda’s crime rate has historically been relatively low, with petty burglaries the most prevalent crime. Almost all of Bermuda is, therefore, relatively secure.