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visiting bermuda

Bermuda has been a preferred tourist destination ever since visitors first started coming here in the 17th Century.

It’s a popular destination for those wanting to vacation here. It's also a very popular place to own a second home - having a home here adds so much to your life.

Whether taking a vacation or visiting your second home, nobody enjoys sitting on a plane for hours. One of the best things about Bermuda is that it takes less than two hours to get here from many East coast US cities.

You may already have experienced Bermuda's high-end activities and attractions for yourself . If so you'll know exactly why it's such a popular destination.

Not least because you never have to travel too far to access them.  Bermuda's exceptional restaurants and bars, its lively capital, Hamilton,  its culture and history. Everything is on your doorstep.

Why you should visit Bermuda

The attraction of Bermuda is obvious. The historical ambience, the reef-fringed clear blue waters, the pink sand beaches and the unique architecture aren't the only reasons why the island is such a hotspot for tourists. You'll also find:

  • High-end activities such as championship golf courses and sailing
  • Quick flights from US and Canadian gateway cities
  • Amenities including dining, nightlife and shopping
  • Sports, recreation and spas
  • Arts, culture and entertainment

With so much always going on, it's no wonder why more and more people are opting to head to Bermuda for vacations every year.


Bermudiana Beach Resort, Tapestry Collection by Hilton

Make your next visit to Bermuda the most memorable yet. Bermudiana Beach Resort is part of the Tapestry Collection by Hilton, which makes it Bermuda's first branded condo-hotel.