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Bermuda Entry Requirements Have Changed

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Now the COVID-19 pandemic is increasingly under control, Bermuda has recently updated the requirements for anyone looking to enter the country.

This blog will provide you with the critical information you need to be aware of regarding Bermuda’s entry requirements. This ensures you can enter the country safely and without any difficulties along the way.

What Are Bermuda’s Latest Entry Requirements?

Purchasing a Travel Authorization Application

As of March 7, 2022, anyone over the age of two years traveling to Bermuda must-have travel authorization. A travel authorization application costs $40. You need to arrange it one to three days before traveling to the country so the border authorities can review and accept it..

This process is also valid for residents of the island. But residents who are away from Bermuda for 72 hours or less can use their outbound test for re-entry. This applies to any pre-departure tests dated from December 13th 2021 onwards.

Anyone who fails to complete a travel authorization form before traveling to Bermuda will be charged $1,000 on arrival.

Unvaccinated Travelers

All non-resident visitors to Bermuda must be fully vaccinated - except for children under the age of 12. These will take on the vaccination status of the guardian traveling with them. Unvaccinated, non-resident children under the age of 18 cannot enter Bermuda unaccompanied.

Any resident who isn’t vaccinated must quarantine on arrival for 10 days at an accommodation of their choice. Here, they must quarantine alone without other household members, or quarantine in a location where all those staying in the accommodation are willing to quarantine with them. You may leave quarantine to get tested, then continue to quarantine until you receive your negative Day 10 test result.


Vaccinated travelers may get either a PCR (within 4 days of travel) or antigen test (within 3 days of travel) as a pre-arrival test. All unvaccinated travelers must get a PCR test within 4 days of travel


Expedited arrival testing is available for purchase for vaccinated travelers (both visitors and residents) for $200. This guarantees arrival PCR or antigen test results within four hours. However, please remember there will be a limited number of expedited tests available for purchase each day.

A valid pre-arrival test result must meet the following standards:

  • An accredited laboratory must perform tests.
  • The full name of the laboratory and contact information for the laboratory must be displayed.
  • The full name and date of birth of the traveler must be displayed.
  • The test type must be a PCR or an antigen test.
  • If the traveler is immunized and arrives by air, either test type is accepted.
  • If the traveler is unimmunized or arrives by sea, the test type must be a PCR test.
  • All tests must be negative to enter the country.

Want to Stay in the Know About Traveling to Bermuda?

We’d recommend keeping a close eye on Bermuda’s government website. It’s regularly updated in line with any policy changes and has some beneficial explainer videos around traveling to the island.

Read more by clicking on the link below.

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