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Is Bermuda Safe to Travel to for Families?

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Bermuda earned a global stamp of approval for the way it proactively handled the COVID-19 pandemic. After adopting high health and hygiene standards to meet protocols. With just a short flight from the Eastern Seaboard, it’s a quick journey for even the most cautious of families.

Bermuda is a safe place and is considered to be one of the top vacation destinations for families. Here’s why you and your loved ones should book your flights today. 

A Safe Destination

Here are some useful resources that will provide you with everything you need to know if you’re Bermuda-bound. 

The island’s responsible management of coronavirus should make it a winning destination for your family.

Low Crime Rate

Back in 2009, Bermuda Police Crime Statistics reported 145 thefts and 90 weapon offenses. In Bermuda, these incidents occurred in the less touristy areas and could be avoided with a bit of common sense. To put this into perspective, 28,141 thefts were recorded in New York in the same year!

In 2017, Bermuda Police Crime Statistics recorded just 50 cases of theft and 28 weapon offenses, showing a considerable decrease since 2009. Since Bermuda’s 1973 Firearms Act, guns are illegal in Bermuda.

The Bermuda Police Service is always looking at ways to achieve its mission statement of ‘making Bermuda safer’. They advise tourists to stick together, lock doors, not to carry expensive personal items and to stay alert. 

The real crime would be to miss out on the fun you’ll have while relaxing with your family on the pink-sand beaches. Don’t forget your Bermuda shorts!

Family-Friendly Hotels and Resorts

There are plenty of spacious, clean and family-friendly resorts and hotels in Bermuda where you can spend your days. Many offer all-inclusive deals and upscale amenities. Here are the best hotels in Bermuda for families looking to enjoy the island:

  • Fairmont Southampton: Golf course, outdoor pool, kid’s club and accessible shuttle to the beach. (Closed for renovations at the time of writing)
  • Coco Reef Resort: Quiet, situated oceanfront and just 10 minutes from the capital, Hamilton. 
  • Bermudiana Beach Resort: Operated by Hilton, modern, beach access, ocean view bar, infinity pool and more. Opens July 2021.
  • Rosewood Bermuda: Luxurious, onsite club, junior golf and tennis academies and spa.
  • Fourways Inn:Good for younger children, beautiful gardens, beachfront and nearby golf course.

Each boasts unique island charm and together represent the best hotels and resorts on the island to stay with loved ones. For more information about why they’re so great for families looking to vacation in Bermuda, check out this blog.

If you still have some concerns, the Tourism Health & Safety Guide is available online. It gets updated whenever guidelines change.  It also details how Bermuda has successfully managed the pandemic to date. The island still has plenty of activities to enjoy as a family, even for those on a budget. We look forward to hearing about your experiences on the island.

The beautiful island is packed full of culture, history, architecture and fun. Its range of accommodation is appealing, but there’s plenty more to experience that’ll make you wish you never booked a return flight. 

Share The Spectacular & Safe Island of Bermuda With the Whole Family

To help you enjoy the island in all its glory, we’ve put together a free guide on everything you can expect from island life. From information about every Parish to entertaining the kids, it’s the ultimate resource for those looking to discover the fun with their family. 

Get your copy by clicking the link below.

Life in Bermuda - everything you need to know