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Enjoy the Ride With These Bermuda Bike Tours

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With a rich history, beautiful views and lots to see, it’s no wonder Bermuda is a popular vacation destination. You can explore most of the amazing sights on the island through bike tours, which are a perfect way to blend fitness and sight-seeing. 

Bermuda is one of just a few popular vacation islands you can explore by bike or on foot in a day. Bermuda bike tours are always packed full of amazing things to see and places to discover.

Bermuda Bike Tours 

There's a lot to experience in Bermuda and bike tours provide a different way to do so. Here are some of the best Bermuda bike tours on offer.

See Town of Historic St George’s

No tour is more suited to your interests than Pedego Electric Bike’s Town of St George's Tour for lovers of history and cycling. Over 2.5 hours, you’ll cycle your electric bike through the fascinating and historic town of St George’s. Explore the historical sites, buildings and natural parks, learning more about the area’s history as you go. 

From hearing about the first shipwreck in the area to visiting the Unfinished Church, Tobacco Bay and Fort St. Catherine’s, this tour is the perfect vacation activity for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of local history and culture. 

Find out more about this tour and its nighttime counterpart, ‘Bikes n’ Lights, on the Pedego website. 

E-Bike Tour of the Bermuda Railway Trail 

Ride with ease as you follow the famous Bermuda Railway Trail with one of Social Cycle’s expert local bike tour guides. Ride your e-bike along the former railway trail, which offers breathtaking views of the coastline and the opportunity to get up close to the local wildlife and lush vegetation of the forests that surround the trail. 

At the end of your five-mile cycle, you’ll stop at one of the island’s many beautiful beaches to rest. Whether you choose to sit back and enjoy the views, find shade under a tree and relax or go for a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters, you’ll have plenty of time to experience all the island’s beaches has to offer. 

Your tour will last approximately 2.5 hours and will take you back to your starting point. Find out more about this bike tour online.

Discover Harrington Sound 

Explore Bermuda’s largest inland body of water, Harrington Sound. On this 2.5 hour tour by Pedego Electric Bikes, lose yourself in the beauty of local nature reserves and see the amazing scenes of Tom Moore’s Jungle, John Smith’s Bay, Tuckers Town and Flatts Village. This tour will also take you along the much-loved Bermuda Railway Trail - a staple cycling trail of the island. 

See the range of electric bikes available for rental and find out more about Pedego’s fantastic Harrington Sound Tour.

Cycle and Swim to Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve

Sit back and enjoy the scenery as you allow your e-bike to do the hard work for you on this historic and picturesque bike tour. 

Starting from the UNESCO World Heritage site of St. George’s, this 2.5 hour Social Cycles tour gives you the chance to learn more about the island's history and better understand Bermuda.

Your tour will rest at the equally historic site of Cooper’s Island, a stunning 12-acre nature reserve and former NASA space tracking station. Take a dip in the reserve’s own Clearwater Beach and soak up the fantastic sights before cycling back to St George’s for an easy-paced ride. 

Find out more about this bike tour here.

Explore Cooper’s Island 

If you want to see the historical sights that Cooper’s Island has to offer as well as it’s many natural wonders, then this e-bike tour is perfect for you. Ideal for families, this 2.5 hour tour focuses more on the historical buildings and destinations of Cooper Island. 

Cycle near the Southside, home to the former US military base lands, enjoy a great view of the area’s lesser-known beaches and see St. David’s Lighthouse and St. David’s Battery Park. 

This electric tour follows flatter, less-hilly routes, making it the perfect tour for beginner cyclists and families. 

Popular Routes 

You don’t need a tour guide to see Bermuda’s amazing sights while biking. Go truly off the beaten track and create your own adventure touring these top bike routes and destinations loved by locals and visitors alike. 

Grab your camera and check out these fantastic sights perfect for cycling around:

  • Hog Bay | St George’s, Hamilton 
  • Royal Naval Dockyard | Sandys Parish
  • Morgan’s Point | Morgan’s Island
  • Somerset Long Bay via Daniel’s Head Road | Somerset Village, St George’s, Hamilton 

Although home to hilly areas, most of Bermuda’s towns, villages and bike trails are flat, making them ideal for cyclists. Check out these popular cycling routes: 

  • Bermuda Railway Trail | St George’s to Somerset Village
  • Warwick Parish to Southampton Parish via South Road
  • St George’s, Hamilton to St David’s Lighthouse, St David’s Island 

Bike Hire on Bermuda 

When it comes to hiring a standard bike, mountain bike, electric bike or even a scooter in Bermuda, you’re sure to be spoiled for choice! The island has plenty of local, top-rated rental companies happy to help you find the right bike for your Bermuda adventure. 


Oleander has two stores in Bermuda with one situated in Hamilton, the island’s capital. Choose from a range of mountain bikes and scooters with deluxe models also available. 

Find them at 15 Gorham Road, Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda

Elbow Beach 

If you’re staying near Elbow Beach, the aptly named Elbow Beach Cycles are on hand to help with all of your bike hiring needs.

Find them at 60 South Road, Elbow Beach, Bermuda Resort, PG 04, Bermuda

Royal Naval Docklands 

The Royal Naval Docklands-based branch of Oleander also has plenty of mountain bikes and scooters available for rental. This store is situated near the historic docks, a great place to cycle around and see the many sights on offer nearby. 

Find them at 9 Camber Rd, Sandys MA 01, Bermuda

St George’s

Pedego Electric Bikes does more than just offer guided bike tours on Bermuda. For those staying near St George or planning a day trip there, why not pick up an electric bike and see the town in style? They also have options for tandem bikes, child seats and trailers.

Find them at 4 Penno's Drive St. George, GE 05, Bermuda 

Are you excited to start your Bermuda vacation and experience one of these amazing bike tours? There’s plenty to do in Bermuda, whatever your interests. If someone in your family or traveling part isn’t a fan of cycling, then there’ll be something to suit them in our free Bermuda Itinerary. 

The Best of Bermuda: Activities to Make Your Visit Unforgettable 

From museum trips to scuba dives, cocktail cruises and everything in between - there's something to suit everyone here in Bermuda. This luxurious island is packed full of culture, history, architecture and fun. 

Find all of the best things to do in Bermuda with our ultimate guide to the island’s activities and events - the Bermuda Itinerary.

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