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A Definitive List of What to Pack for Your Bermuda Vacation

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Wondering what to pack for Bermuda? Packing for your Bermuda break is like packing for most sun-soaked vacations as the seasons here only differ slightly in temperature and climate. Prepare for days filled with sunshine, swimming and exploration with nights out at high-class restaurants and hidden gems just waiting to be explored.

Whether you’ve already planned your vacation or are simply daydreaming about your next chance to relax on a sunny beach, Bermuda has a lot to offer new and returning visitors alike.


Reusable Water Bottle

It’s important to keep hydrated, especially in warmer weather. In Bermuda, there are free water filling stations located throughout many of the public spaces across the island so when you aren't ordering another rum swizzle, you'll always have a station to fill up your water bottle and stay hydrated.


Many items on this must-haves list relate to keeping safe and comfortable while enjoying the famous Bermuda heat.

Choosing the right sunscreen is not only important to protect your skin from burns, but also to preserve our beautiful oceans. We strongly recommend using ‘reef-safe’ sunscreens that don’t include oxybenzone or octinoxate as these are known to bleach and harm coral reefs.

Also, look for sunscreens that don't feature petrolatum and titanium dioxide as these either take years to biodegrade or don’t biodegrade at all.

In Hawaii, some 5500+ miles from Bermuda, you can find similar rules regarding reef-safe sunscreen. Hawaii.com has created a helpful list of sunscreens considered safe for coral reefs which you can find at your local retailers.

Hat and Glasses

Sticking with the theme of sun protection, a pair of UV filtering sunglasses and a sun hat are also both must-have items. We’d suggest a brimmed hat, such as a straw hat or traditional Panama.

First Aid Essentials

Bermuda’s beautiful waters attract over 600,000 visitors annually, but like many other island paradises, Bermuda’s shores are occasionally home to jellyfish in the form of the Portuguese man o’ war.

It’s estimated that less than 2% of the world’s population annually is stung by a jellyfish. So although your chances of encountering a jellyfish here are low, make sure your first aid supplies include hydrocortisone cream and antihistamines to treat potential stings in the unlikely occurrence you come across one.

Sun and Sea

To enjoy our pink-sand beaches and crystal clear Atlantic waters in style and comfort, all you need is your bathing suit. It's also a good idea to pack a suitable cover-up or shirt if you plan on visiting a store or enjoying a bite to eat while out discovering our famous beaches.

If you plan on uncovering the secrets of our shores on a deeper level through diving tours or snorkeling activities, a pair of good quality swim shoes will also come in handy.

Sail Away

Always wanted to soak up the sun on your own, exclusive boat trip? If you plan on renting a boat for a day-long sail across our stunning shores, there are three stages of dress we recommend you plan for.

Boarding the Boat

As you travel to your boat and board, comfortable, loose-fitting and weather-appropriate clothing - such as a sundress, cotton trousers and a simple shirt you can wear over your bathing suit - will make your experience boarding comfortable.

This also makes your time spent changing ready to enjoy the sunshine and sip your drink of choice more streamlined. Before you know it, you're enjoying the most important part of your trip: relaxing and making memories.

Sunbathe at Sea

For your time spent relaxing on the boat, there isn’t much you’ll need aside from your bathing suit and towel. However, if you’re an animal lover, bring a pair of binoculars or your waterproof camera in case you get a glimpse of the local marine life which includes turtles and dolphins.

Appetite Aboard

If you’ve made a booking to have dinner on the boat, a more suitable and smart-casual change of clothes is advised. Some boats may leave it to your discretion to decide what to wear for a meal, whereas a small number may have a preferred dress code. It’s best to check when booking if there are any requirements or requests, but that’s exceptionally uncommon.

Wine and Dine

Many restaurants in Bermuda have a dress code that requires guests to wear more formal clothing for dinner. This can range from smart casual to evening dress, depending on the establishment. Keep in mind these dress codes almost always ask the gentlemen to wear button-up shirts.

It’s best to check with the restaurant when booking what level of dress they ask of their guests, just so they don’t turn you away for rocking up in your favorite pair of Bermuda shorts.

Equip yourself with a range of smart casual to more formal clothing options for dinner, so you have the choice to dine at both higher-end and more relaxed establishments as well.


Bermuda has many gorgeous places, fantastic activities and hidden gems for you to uncover. For the more active vacationer, a pair of sturdy walking boots will help you explore the lush forest areas while a pair of golf shoes with plastic or hard rubber spikes and a polo shirt will have you prepared for a round of golf, which is home to some of the finest golf courses around.

Other adventurous activities found across Bermuda include diving, swimming with dolphins, touring museums to appreciate local art, culture and history. So, wherever your interests lie, there’s something here for you, so be sure to pack based on your interests!

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