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8 Exciting Activities to Enjoy in Bermuda for Children of All Ages

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If you’re planning a trip to Bermuda with the kids, there are plenty of activities to keep them entertained. The island has something for children of all ages — let's explore what's on offer.

  • What’s on Offer for Children Aged 1-6? 
  • What’s on Offer for Children Aged 7-12?

What’s on Offer for Children Aged 1-6?

Thinking about bringing your young children to Bermuda? There are lots of activities you can plan during your time here.

Spend the Day at the Aquarium and Zoo

Located in Flatts Village, Bermuda’s aquarium and zoo are home to some amazing wildlife, including Galapagos tortoises, wallabies and lemurs. There’s also a cafe on-site with a family-friendly menu for you to get a bite to eat. Find out what else is on offer at the aquarium and zoo here.

Check Out the Crystal Caves of Bermuda

The Crystal Caves are an absolute must if your kids love an adventure. 36 meters below ground level, this natural spectacle is believed to have been formed during the ice age. The best part? If your kids are under five, they can enter for free.

Jump on the Bermuda Train Trolley

Take a tour of the island on a train trolley car. The route passes some of Bermuda’s most popular attractions, including the Maritime Museum, Lagoon Park in Sandys, the Royal Naval Cemetery and the Clock Tower Building.

Head to Bermuda Botanical Gardens

Explore 36 acres of natural beauty before setting up a scenic picnic at Bermuda Botanical Gardens. The gardens are filled with beautiful flowers, subtropical trees and a miniature forest where your children can run wild.

Treat the Kids at Bailey’s Bay Ice Cream Parlour

Want to take a break and chill out for a little while? At Bailey’s Bay Ice Cream Parlor, you’ll discover more than 30 homemade, all-natural ice cream flavors. The parlor is conveniently located in the center of Hamilton, making it a great spot to go after exploring the island’s capital.

What’s on Offer for Children Aged 7-12?

If you’ve got kids who are a little older, there's still plenty on offer to keep them entertained during your trip to Bermuda.

Explore Bermuda’s Railway Trail

The Railway Trail is in a popular National Park in Bermuda and is a great spot to bring the kids for the day. Walk or cycle some or all of the 18 mile trail along lush, shaded pathways through tranquil landscapes and roc

Take a Trip to Blue Hole Park

Spread across 12 acres of land in Hamilton’s Parish, Blue Hole Park has many attractions, including caves and grottos. However, the main attraction is the crystal clear water in the mangrove pond.

Relax in the Sun at Horseshoe Bay

Sometimes on holiday, you want to spend a few days doing nothing at all. In Bermuda, there’s no better place to do this than Horseshoe Bay. The beach has shallow areas for kids, a beach-side bar and umbrella rentals. Set up and spend the day in the sunshine with your loved ones.

Discover the Island’s Rich History at Fort St. Catherine

Steeped in history, Fort St. Catherine was used by the Bermuda Royal Artillery from 1612 until the 20th century. Here, you can explore the fortress walls and museum on-site. Make sure you call them before you visit because Fort St. Catherine isn’t always open.

Wander the Grounds at Coopers Island Nature Reserve

Coopers Island Nature Reserve's 12 acres of natural beauty will keep the kids entertained for the day. After you’ve strolled the walking trails and beaches, head to the wildlife observation tower, where you can see wildlife such as turtles, lizards and Bermuda petrels.


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