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6 Top Beaches in Bermuda: Ranked & Rated

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Voted one of the top 10 islands for beaches in the world in the Conde Nast Travellers survey, there are more than 30 sandy beaches and coves in Bermuda that are just waiting to be explored. Although all of them are spectacularly beautiful, some are better for families while others are the best for snorkeling. To help you to find the right beach to suit your plans and interests, we’ve ranked and rated the beaches of Bermuda.

Bermuda’s Best Beaches and Coves

We’ve thought about all kinds of different things when putting together our top six beaches in Bermuda to make sure there’s something for everyone. Not just the perfect pink-sand and clear water but also the facilities, activities and how crowded they may be. Here they are in descending order.

6. Astwood Cove Beach, Warwick 

Unlike some of the other beaches on this list, Astwood Cove Beach needs a short hike to get to it. This can put some visitors off but it’s an opportunity to explore as much of Bermuda’s amazing scenery as possible. This does mean that it’s hardly ever crowded. The hike also discourages young families from making the trip so it’s usually visited most by couples.

The secluded beach and surrounding cliffs can make it feel as though you’re the only people on the island. There aren’t any food vendors at this beach so make sure to take a picnic and enjoy spectacular views while sitting at the provided tables.

If you’re lucky, you’ll see some of the tropical birds that call Astwood Cove home when you’re making the trip down the cliff steps.


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Astwood Cove Beach: The secluded spot and picturesque scenery make this beach a hit with couples. It might be the most romantic spot on the island.

5. Tobacco Bay Beach, St. George

This is one of the top snorkeling spots in Bermuda thanks to its shallow, perfectly clear water. The exclusive beach gets its name from the wild tobacco that was found growing there when it was explored in the 1600s.

There are changing and bathroom facilities on site if you have small children. It is a small beach which is active and busy. There is a restaurant and bar in the evenings which offers quite the party atmosphere. 

Bonfires, live music and happy hour specials at the restaurant make this area a good place to have a drink and meet some local Bermudians.


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Tobacco Bay Beach: Snorkel during the day but stick around at night to enjoy wahoo nuggets, live music and delicious drinks while the sun sets.

4. Clearwater Beaches, Long Bay - St. David's

Some people love nothing more than to sit, sunbathe, relax and just watch the world go by for hours at a time. If that’s not you and you prefer to be active and on the move, then we’d recommend heading to Long Bay at Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve.

Not only can you enjoy the sand and sea like at any of Bermuda’s other wonderful beaches, but there’s also a wide range of activities you can get involved in. Walking trails are a fantastic opportunity to get a closer look at the beautiful plant life of Bermuda.

There’s also bird watching, turtle spotting and the Wildlife Observation Tower that gives you truly unique views of the coastline. In the springtime, you might even see a humpback whale passing by.

long bay coopers island

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Long Bay at Cooper Island’s Nature Reserve: If you’d rather be wearing walking boots than sandals, head to this quiet nature reserve.

2. John Smiths Bay, Paget

A long, flat expanse of pink sand, great snorkelling on nearby reefs and lifeguards throughout the summer makes John Smith's Bay an ideal place to spread out your beach towel on the South Shore. This bay was named after Captain John Smith, the same man who famously encountered Pocahontas during his tenure at Jamestown, and who later created the first map of Bermuda. There's a convenient parking area with bathrooms, and during the high season, a lunch cart often sells drinks and snacks.


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John Smith's Bay: This family-friendly beach has a lifeguard on duty from May to September as well as bathrooms and changing facilities.

2. Elbow Beach, Paget

Like many of the beaches that Bermuda has to offer, Elbow Beach features striking pink sand and beautiful water. Each end of the beach is privately owned but the rest is open to the public, offering plenty of space for you to relax enjoy the view.

This beach is especially popular with visitors looking to try their hand at kayaking and paddle boarding. This is because the coral reef that is close to the shoreline keeps the water calmer than elsewhere. 

Equipment for these activities can be rented from a stand on the beach, so don’t worry about having to bring your own. There is also a food truck at the entrance to the beach in the summer season.


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Elbow Beach: If you’re ready to try something new and challenging, then head to Elbow Beach and grab a paddleboard.

1. Horseshoe Bay Beach - Southampton

There’s a reason every visitor to the island makes time to spend an afternoon at Horseshoe Bay Beach. The curve that forms the shape of the beach gives it its name, while the pristine pink sand has to be seen to be believed.

The beautiful sand and stunning views make this beach perfect for a relaxing sunbathe. 

Horseshoe Bay’s hidden secret is “Port Royal Cove, which has shallow water perfect for young children and dramatic rock formations that complement the wonderfully soft, pink sand”. 

You can rent chairs, umbrellas, and snorkelling gear. It even offers beach chairs and wheelchairs for the disabled. There is a good bar and restaurant, and this beach is big enough for you to find a quiet spot if you prefer. 

The quieter areas and nearby beaches, where you can walk to a low tide, will enable you to get a closer look at the sea life.


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Horseshoe Bay Beach: Head to this breathtaking beach with the family for a little sunbathing and snorkeling in the crystal clear water.

Bermuda’s iconic beaches are just one of the many activities and attractions that visitors can enjoy when they visit. From the breathtaking Crystal Caves to the fascinating Naval Dockyard, there’s something for everyone.

Plan Your Next Visit to Bermuda

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