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6 Hidden Gems in Bermuda that Will Amaze You

Written by Brian Madeiros

26 | 11 | 19

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Bermuda is a beautiful location full of activities and adventures to suit everybody. The beaches are exquisite, the cuisine is superb but sometimes, it’s nice to deviate from the tourist attractions and experience something unique.  

To get you started, go ahead and explore six of the many hidden gems Bermuda has to offer.

  1. Blue Hole Park
  2. Jobson’s Cove
  3. Bermuda Arboretum
  4. Saint David's Lighthouse
  5. Subterranean Spa
  6. Bistro J

1. Swimming at Blue Hole Park


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Rife with unmarked paths and Bermuda’s native flora and fauna, Walsingham Nature Reserve has various caves, grottos and lagoons tucked away, begging to be explored.

This impressive hidden gem rewards a clamber through the mangroves with remarkable limestone formations in secluded caves and intimate idyllic pools.

Dense foliage conceals Blue Hole Park, a serene lagoon with vibrant waters that live up to its namesake. The surrounding cliffs make for a great diving board into the cooling waters, especially after an invigorating trek through the Bermudian jungle.

2. Jobson’s Cove

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This tranquil hidden gem is a small and secluded beach located on Bermuda’s south shore. With calm and shallow waters, this cove creates a perfect window into the marine life of Bermuda.

This little slice of pink-sand paradise is only a short trek from a string of popular beaches. Vibrant parrotfish are plentiful and the crystal waters are an invitation for you to snorkel.

Named after William Jobson, an early settler in the 17th century, the beach is surrounded by large rock formations which act as a windbreaker. This ensures gentle waves that are ideal for the whole family to enjoy.

3. Bermuda Arboretum


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Unlike the famous Botanical Gardens, you won't find perfect gardens or structured flowerbeds here. The Arboretum is a monumental expanse of wildflower meadows, rich forests and beautiful Bermudian birds.

The park first started with horticultural specimens from the Royal Botanic Gardens, sent by Queen Elizabeth II herself. Venture through the Arboretum today and you’ll see fervent avocado trees and cherry forests. A bridge constructed from cedar crosses over pools and leads you deeper into the park.

Admission to this hidden gem is free, meaning you can witness what Bermuda was like before it was inhabited without spending a dime.

4. Saint David's Lighthouse


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Away from the tourist spots, you’ll have to traverse through alleys and streets before you can access this hidden architectural gem. The panoramic views at the top are well worth the adventure through the town.

Pastel houses, the turquoise waves - we don’t want to give too much away but it’s definitely a must-see. Some might even say ‘Bermudaful’.

5. Subterranean Spa

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Bermuda is home to lots of dramatic underground caves. Their turquoise-colored water and impressive stalactites are worth a visit. Avoid the tourist crowds at Crystal Caves and enjoy a different way to experience Bermuda’s cave systems in a subterranean spa.

Private and peaceful, the massage bed is set on a floating cabana lit by candles with scents of the Bermudian sea. Listen to the water droplets on the stalactites as a professional masseuse releases your body and mind. This unique treatment is a great way to set the tone for the rest of your trip.

6. Bistro J


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Hidden away on Chancery Lane, this intimate restaurant has character. Not only is the food divine, but the prices are also reasonable.

A new menu every day means you have plenty of opportunities to sample the delicious cuisine that Bermuda has to offer. Just be sure to make a reservation as this is somewhere local Bermudians love to go.

The cozy, quaint atmosphere is the perfect start to a romantic evening. After polishing off a few courses and a glass or two, skip down the pastel-painted steps outside to carry on the fun into the warm Bermuda night.

Discover More About Bermuda

Now that you know some of Bermuda’s best kept secrets, figuring out when the best time to visit is up to you. From watching the whale migration in April or getting involved with the Gombey dance festival in October, there’s always something different to do on this island.

Download our 12 Months in Bermuda guide so that you don’t miss out on any other hidden gems Bermuda has to offer.

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