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5 Delicious Restaurants in Warwick, Bermuda

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Bermuda is well-known worldwide for the impeccable assortment of food it offers its visitors — a blend of British, African, Spanish and Caribbean tastes and flavors means there's something for everyone.

This is especially true in the Warwick parish, where you'll find Bermudiana Beach Resort.

Here are five exceptional restaurants in Warwick that you must visit during your stay at Bermudiana Beach Resort.

1. Blu Bar and Grill


Blu Bar and Grill offers a diverse culinary experience with its blend of bold American, Italian and Asian influences.

While the restaurant specializes in seafood and sushi, it caters to various dietary preferences, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, so no one has to miss out.

Relax and experience sensational tastes while overlooking the Great Sound and Hamilton Harbour with a glass or two from the award-winning wine selection.


2. Island Cuisine 

Island Cuisine is a family-friendly establishment that prides itself on offering homestyle cooking in a welcoming diner atmosphere.

Renowned for its award-winning Bermuda codfish and potato breakfast served exclusively on Saturday and Sunday mornings, the diner caters to various dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

Island Cuisine provides a warm and inclusive dining experience and ensures all guests can enjoy delicious meals tailored to their preferences.


3. Fourways Inn

Fourways Inn has garnered fame for its illustrious guest list, renowned menus and signature dishes showcasing organic Bermuda selections. 

The restaurant offers local cuisine inspired by European and International flavors with vegetarian-friendly and vegan options. It boasts the island's most extensive wine list, featuring fine wines from Sotheby's to cater to discerning connoisseurs. 

Notably, Fourways Inn hosts the most spectacular Sunday brunch on the island, offering exotic dishes crafted from locally sourced farm produce and delicacies from afar. 

Nestled within a traditional Bermuda building characterized by limestone walls, arches and lush gardens, Fourways Inn provides a quintessential dining experience that seamlessly blends heritage and culinary excellence.


4. Divots Bar, Grill and Terracerum swizzle

Divots Bar, Grill & Terrace is located on Belmont Golf Course in Warwick. It offers patrons panoramic views of the Great Sound while providing an inviting atmosphere to indulge in its reasonably priced and delectable menu offerings.

From fresh salads to gourmet burgers and flatbreads, there's something to satisfy every palate. Distinguished by its commitment to culinary innovation, Divots prides itself on featuring off-menu specials crafted by its talented chefs, ensuring a delightful surprise for guests.

For a quintessential Bermudian experience, patrons are encouraged to treat themselves to a Divots' Rum Swizzle cocktail pitcher — the perfect accompaniment to the scenic surroundings and the epitome of Bermuda's refreshing beverage culture.


5. Scoops

Scoops is a beloved local gem known for its delectable array of handcrafted frozen treats.

Nestled within the vibrant community of Warwick, Scoops offers an inviting atmosphere where patrons can delight in the nostalgia of classic ice cream flavors and innovative creations.

From creamy indulgences like rich chocolate and velvety vanilla to exotic tropical fruits and decadent mix-ins, there are flavors to suit every preference.

Using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, Scoops prides itself on delivering freshness and quality with each scoop. Whether enjoyed in a cone or as a cake, the ice cream at Scoops promises a delightful taste of Bermuda's sweet side.


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