Affordable Things to Do in Bermuda in May

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Bermuda has a reputation for world-class golfing, outstanding sailing and for celebrating the finer things in life. But did you know that there’s so much to see, do and experience if you’re looking to explore affordable and simple pleasures? May is the cheapest month to travel to Bermuda so it’s the perfect time to visit if you’re sticking to a budget. Here are the best affordable things to do in Bermuda in May.

The Best Things to Do in Bermuda on a Budget

  1. Enjoy the Sunset at Daniel’s Head Park
  2. Get Around on the SeaExpress
  3. Explore Bermuda’s Military History
  4. Pose for Selfies After Calico Jack’s Pirate Show
  5. Hike or Cycle the Bermuda Railway Trail
  6. Celebrate Bermuda Day With the Locals
  7. Relax at Horseshoe Bay Beach
  8. Relive Bermuda’s History in St. George
  9. See Bermuda’s Tropical Birds at Spittal Pond
  10. Tour the World’s Oldest Anglican Church Outside the UK

1. Enjoy the Sunset at Daniel’s Head Park

It’ll cost absolutely nothing to watch the sun sink below the turquoise waters from the overlook at Daniel’s Head Park. The picnic tables in the park are a great spot to enjoy snacks and sandwiches as the sun sets. Water stretches as far as the eye can see while the songs of tropical birds provide the perfect backdrop to a view you’ll never forget.

Price: Only the cost of a few sandwiches to nibble on during the sunset.

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2. Get Around on the SeaExpress

There are different ways of getting around Bermuda and making sure you see everything that you want to while you’re here. The SeaExpress is a ferry service that travels across four routes, getting you to where you want to be. Enjoy fantastic views of Hamilton and St. George as you travel around the idyllic island.

Price: $5 for adults, $2.75 for children. Check the ferry schedule for the sailing times in May.

3. Explore Bermuda’s Military History

Fort St. Catherine is Bermuda’s largest fort and has stood overlooking the island since 1614. The collection of antique weaponry and impressive ramparts make exploring the fort the perfect afternoon activity for anyone with even a passing interest in history. Best of all, tickets are very well priced.

Price: $7 for adults, $3 for children.

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4. Hike or Cycle the Bermuda Railway Trail

The Railway Trail covers the whole island, giving hikers and cyclists the opportunity to explore Bermuda’s stunning coastline and breathtaking landscapes. Since the railway was no longer needed, it became a trail and then a National Park. If you love the outdoors and getting close to nature, then this is an absolute must-do while you’re in Bermuda.

Price: It’s completely free to use the trail. Pedal bikes (‘bikes’ usually refers to scooters in Bermuda) only cost around $30 a day to rent.

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5. Celebrate Bermuda Day with the Locals

The last Friday of May is Bermuda Day, a public holiday that celebrates the culture and history of Bermuda. There’s an incredible parade that showcases all of the country’s amazing sights and sounds. As well as the parade, there’s also a Half Marathon and a commemorative cricket match between the two parts of the island.

Price: The parade is free to watch. You may need tickets to attend the cricket match.

6. Relax at Horseshoe Bay Beach

All of Bermuda’s publicly accessible beaches are completely free, so if you’re sticking to a budget, they’re a great place to spend the day. Horseshoe Bay Beach is always a popular choice with families and kids thanks to the pristine pink sand and crystal clear water.

Sunbathe, take the perfect selfie or buy snorkeling gear from nearby vendors to catch a glimpse of native angelfish.

Price: The beaches are free. It’s up to you if you want to spend a little on snorkeling gear - trust us, it’s worth it!


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7. Relive Bermuda’s History in St. George

Step into the past and witness a reenactment of an 18th-century style trial in King’s Square, St. George. The shows take place at 12.30pm on Wednesdays and they’re a light-hearted look at how justice was carried out. Make sure to grab a good spot for the dunking of a nagging wench.

Price: Free

8. See Bermuda’s Tropical Birds at Spittal Pond

Bermuda is heaven for avid birdwatchers and the absolute best place to see some of the country’s tropical birds is at Spittal Pond, a 59-acre nature reserve in Smith’s Parish. The different types of natural habitats attract all kinds of species of bird. Bring water, snacks and your camera and see some of Bermuda’s amazing wildlife.

Price: Free


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9. Tour the World’s Oldest Anglican Church Outside the UK

St. Peter’s Church was built in 1612 and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in St. George. We’d recommend taking some time out to explore this church, especially the original throne and communion silver which is hundreds of years old. A fantastic activity to do if you’re looking for a break from the gorgeous sun for a little while.

Price: Free to take a tour but donations are encouraged.

These are just some of the amazing activities and experiences you can enjoy in Bermuda in May. There’s so much more to see and do all year round, whether you have plenty of spending money or you’re trying to stick to a budget.

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