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An Explorer's Guide to Bermuda Hiking Trails

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For those seeking a little adventure, this congenial island has plenty of enjoyable excursions and tours to keep you coming back for more. While it may not offer soaring mountains, Bermuda provides a kind of beauty you’ll struggle to find anywhere else in the world.

Bermuda is a diverse destination that boasts beautiful sights complemented by delightful weather all year round. Here are just a few you can explore.

Island Geocache Adventurerailway train drone hiking

Whatever pace you choose

Want to explore the island on foot but need something more interactive than a walking tour to take in the sights? You and your family can put your GPS skills to work and seek out Bermuda’s hidden geocaches together.

They’re all in public places, but will often take you “off the beaten path”. The geocache trail, created via a partnership between Bermuda Island Geocachers and the Bermuda Department of Conservation, will take you to beaches, coastlines and forests. 

Those who find all the caches receive a commemorative coin from the Department of Conservation for their efforts. You can find the GPS coordinates of the caches online if that’s the kind of exploration you seek on the island. 

Blue Hole and Walsingham Cave

blue hole and walsingham cave

Length 2.3km, 39m

Blue Hole and Walsingham Cave is a 2.3 kilometer lightly trafficked loop trail near Walsingham Nature Reserve, Hamilton.

A moderate trail primarily used for hiking and walking, it starts paved but leads to multiple unmarked trails through the dense woodland area. It unearths attractions within the reserve including caves and grottos with fantastic stalactite formations and natural pools to admire.  

Standing on a wooden platform, you can really experience the serene beauty of your surroundings. The overgrown nature of some parts make you feel like a real explorer and one of the highlights is the mangrove pond. It's an azure pool with crystal clear waters and lots of wildlife to behold.

These hidden gems along the trail make it a wonderful place to uncover with loved ones.

Spittal Pond

Spittal Pond-1

Length 2.3km, 38m

Spittal Pond is a modest well-trafficked loop trail located near Hamilton, Smith's. Featuring a lake, the trail is suitable for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking and walking.

It’s one of 13 parks and reserves managed by the Bermuda Department of Conservation Services, which protects and conserves environmentally critical areas and habitats on the island. This protected area is home to the sally lightfoot crab, buckeye butterflies and the rare Bermuda skink.

You can expect interesting geologic formations (such as Portuguese Rock), historical features and wonderful views of the south shore - all of which you can witness on this circuit. Make sure to stop by the shore pavement that locals call the “Checkerboard”. It features a distinctive limestone formation which is where it gets its namesake. 

All you need are some walking shoes and a sense of adventure. Although there’s no beach to behold, there are spectacular views and plenty of room to sit and watch the waves - and birds!

Bermuda Railway Trail

bermuda railway trail

Length 33km, 9h 35m  

Without a doubt, the best way to explore the island’s exceptional charm is to take to the Bermuda Railway Trail with your trusty walking shoes. Spanning the island from end to end, this 18-mile historic path will wow you with its spectacular sights, breathtaking views and hidden natural wonders.

Originally, the trail was home to Bermuda’s only train line and was the only means of transport for the island’s inhabitants. In 1964, the trail was transformed into an impressive walking and cycling trail made accessible for all to enjoy.

What's fantastic about this hike is all the remarkable things you’ll discover as you meander along its paths. Intimate beaches and coves, staggering ocean viewpoints, historic bridges, luscious plant life and interesting caves are among the gems that await you. 

You can hop off the trail at any point. So even though it’s the longest hike on the list, it’s completely up to you how you want to experience it. 

You don’t have to spend hours researching online to find an activity to make every family member happy on vacation; we’ve already done the hard work for you.

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