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10 Bermuda Historical Sites to Visit

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Glistening in the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda isn’t just a paradise for beach lovers and adventure seekers — but also a treasure trove of history waiting to be explored. From charming colonial architecture to remnants of naval forts, Bermuda's historical sites offer a glimpse into its fascinating past.

Let's journey through time and discover 10 historical sites you simply can't miss while visiting this enchanting island.


1. Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse

Gibb's Hill Lighthouse

Standing tall at 117 feet, Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse is one of Bermuda's most iconic landmarks. Built in 1846, this cast-iron lighthouse offers breathtaking panoramic views of the island's coastline and the turquoise waters beyond.

Visitors can climb the 185 steps to the top, admire the spectacular vistas, and learn about the lighthouse's history and significance to Bermuda's maritime heritage.

The lighthouse is just an 8-minute drive from Bermudiana Beach Resort.


2. St. Peter’s Church

St Peter's Church

Located in the historic town of St. George, St. Peter’s Church is the oldest Anglican church in the Western Hemisphere. Established in 1612, this charming church boasts stunning architecture and a peaceful atmosphere.

Step inside to marvel at the intricate cedarwood beams and historical artifacts and reflect on Bermuda's religious history.

St Peter’s Church is a 30-minute drive from Bermudiana Beach Resort.


3. Front Street

Front Street

As the main thoroughfare of Bermuda's capital city, Hamilton, Front Street is a bustling hub of activity lined with colorful colonial buildings and charming shops. Stroll along this historic street to soak in the vibrant atmosphere, browse local boutiques and dine at waterfront restaurants.

Don't forget to visit the Bermuda National Gallery and explore its art and cultural exhibit collection. Front Street is just a 9-minute drive from Bermudiana Beach Resort.


4. Admiralty House Park

Admiralty House Park

Just a 16-minute drive from Bermudiana Beach Resort, Admiralty House Park contains the remains of a grand residence built for British Royal Navy admirals and underground passageways built for an admiral named Thomas Cochrane in the mid-1800s. 

The park, with its winding trails, secluded beaches and historic ruins, now offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. It is situated on a cliff overlooking Clarence Cove where you can rock climb or jump into the ocean.

Take a leisurely walk through the grounds and imagine life as it was centuries ago.


5. Fort Hamilton

Fort Hamilton

Constructed in the 1870s to protect Bermuda's harbor, Fort Hamilton is a well-preserved example of Victorian-era military architecture. Explore the underground tunnels, artillery positions and ramparts while learning about the fort's role in Bermuda's defense strategy.

The fort also offers commanding views of Hamilton Harbour and the surrounding area and is just a quick 10-minute drive from Bermudiana Beach Resort.


6. Fort St. Catherine

Fort St. Catherine

Located at the northern tip of Bermuda, or a 35-minute drive from the resort, Fort St. Catherine is a formidable fortress that has guarded the island for over four centuries. Built by the British in the early 1600s, this historic site houses a museum showcasing artifacts and exhibits related to Bermuda's military history.

Wander through the fortifications, climb the ramparts and imagine the battles that once took place here.


7. Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity

Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity

Situated in the heart of Hamilton, the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity is a striking example of Gothic Revival architecture.

Consecrated in 1911, this majestic cathedral features soaring arches, colorful stained glass windows and intricate stone carvings. Attend a service or simply marvel at the beauty of this sacred space.

You can get to the Cathedral with a short 10-minute drive from Bermudiana Beach Resort.


8. The Unfinished Church

The Unfinished Church

Tucked away in the town of St. George, the Unfinished Church is a hauntingly beautiful ruin that dates back to the 19th century. Originally intended to replace St. Peter’s Church, construction on this Gothic-style church was never completed due to financial difficulties.

Today, the skeletal structure stands as a poignant reminder of unrealized dreams and ambition and is located half an hour away from Bermudiana Beach Resort by car.


9. Scaur Hill Fort Park

Scaur Hill Fort Park

Mounted on a hill overlooking Somerset Village, 18-minutes away from Bermudiana Beach Resort, Scaur Hill Fort Park offers sweeping views of Bermuda's western coastline. Built in the 1860s, this historic site served as a strategic defense post during the American Civil War.

Explore the fortifications, wander through the lush gardens and enjoy a picnic while taking in the scenic vistas.


10. Royal Naval Dockyard

 Royal Naval DockyardImage Credit


Originally constructed by the British Royal Navy in the early 19th century, the Royal Naval Dockyard is now a vibrant cultural and entertainment complex. 

Explore historic buildings such as the Clocktower Mall and the Maritime Museum. Browse local artisan shops and sample delicious cuisine at waterfront restaurants. 

The Royal Naval Dockyard is located at the tip of Bermuda and is a 30-minute drive from the resort.


Ready to Explore Bermuda?

From ancient forts to colonial churches, Bermuda's historical sites offer a fascinating glimpse into the island's rich heritage. Whether you're a history buff or simply curious about the past, these 10 sites are sure to leave you enchanted with Bermuda's storied history and timeless beauty.

So, pack your bags, embark on a journey through time and uncover the secrets of this captivating island paradise.

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