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Is Buying a Condo in Bermuda a Good Business Purchase?

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Looking for business accommodation can become a costly endeavor. Buying a condo in Bermuda is more than just an expenditure; it's a strategic purchase that can enhance your overall business and property portfolio.

In this blog, we’ll dive into why a condo is a better purchase for your business than renting hotel rooms.

  1. Bermuda Real Estate Purchase Opportunities
  2. Hotels vs. Condos
  3. Bermudiana Beach Resort Condos: Everything You Need To Know For Your Business


Bermuda Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Bermuda has always been an attractive destination for real estate purchases, and we’re not surprised. Not only do visitors enjoy a slice of paradise and the warm pink-sand beaches, but purchasing real estate in Bermuda makes sound financial sense.

Commercial real estate in Bermuda has often been overlooked as a purchase option for businesses — we're here to prove why it should be a serious consideration.

With Bermuda's stable economy and favorable tax policies, investing in corporate accommodation on the island is a smart financial move. There’s no reason to settle for a boring hotel room when you can experience Bermuda's beauty and excitement from your own company's real estate asset. 

Bermuda's government has implemented policies to protect real estate investors, including land ownership restrictions and strict zoning laws, ensuring that the value of your purchase remains stable and secure, reducing the stresses that come with owning real estate.

Owning a property in Bermuda will also allow you to diversify your business' assets and enhance portfolios. 

Ready to start considering buying a condo in Bermuda? This blog has all the info you need.


Corporate Housing vs. Condos:

The need to travel for business is increasing in popularity again. Face-to-face meetings are too valuable to give up, but that sometimes means spending time away from the office. Travel can often be a costly business expense, so which accommodation route is best?

Corporate Housing

Many organizations turn to corporate housing and accommodations like hotels and Airbnb. The reality of these housing solutions is that they’re more expensive than you might think.

Here are some factors to consider when booking a hotel for corporate accommodation:

- Resort fees
- Parking charges
- Health and wellbeing of employees
- Maintenance and housekeeping costs
- Dining expenses

We go into more detail on each of these factors in our blog, The Surprising Hidden Costs of Staying in Corporate Housing in Bermuda.

In short, not everything is included in the ‘perfect cheap deal’ that often promotes corporate accommodation. For your business, this often means spending more money than you initially thought or planned for.



Buying a condo means employees always have a place to stay while visiting the island, so you don’t have to worry about locating the cheapest accommodation each time, making it a much more cost-effective option for your business for various reasons:

Multiple and long-term stays sorted: If you have multiple trips and often do business in Bermuda, having one accommodation space that is completely yours is more financially sensible than renting hotel rooms, especially for extended stays or relocations.

Enhanced comfort and space: Bermudiana Beach Resort condos come fully furnished and equipped with everything you might need throughout your trip. Living space, dining room, sleeping and kitchen areas reduce the need for meals out and can provide space for multiple employees.

Better security: Employees must feel as safe as possible during work trips, especially in a different country. Bermudiana Beach Resort condos offer peace of mind for all guests as you own the condo.

It’s more than just a workplace: Once you buy a Bermudiana Beach Resort condo, it’s yours. It also offers you and your employees an excellent benefit package of holiday accommodation, or you can rent it out throughout the year when no one is using it. Amenities include elevator access to the beach, an ocean-view bar and grill, an ocean-view pool and pool deck and an air-conditioned restaurant, gym and spa.

Help local businesses: Owning a Bermudiana condo means that local businesses have control over their commercial space, ensuring they have a secure and stable location for the long term. This is particularly important in Bermuda, where commercial rental prices are high and finding suitable commercial space can be challenging.


Bermudiana Beach Resort Condos: Everything You Need To Know For Your Business

A Bermudiana Beach Resort condo is a versatile and profitable real estate opportunity suitable for business owners and stakeholders like you.

Owning a Bermudiana Beach Resort condo can provide you with a stream of rental income, allowing you to diversify your portfolio. Rentals at Bermudiana Beach are taken care of by Hilton with their 24/7 global marketing and reservations service. With the condos in a prime location, you won’t have to worry about transportation fees either.

Having a condo as part of your business assets also provides strategic benefits. You can use the condo as a corporate asset, which can be used to attract and retain top talent and to expand your operations in Bermuda while establishing a local presence.


Explore our Condos in Bermuda

Bermudiana Beach Resort offers four distinct property configurations you can use as employee housing while working in Bermuda.

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