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Written by Bermudiana Beach

Making the Switch: A Comprehensive Guide for Travel Managers Transitioning to Condos

In the dynamic landscape of corporate travel, businesses are exploring the advantages of transitioning from hotels to condos.

Making this switch provides long-term, personalized solutions for business travelers and offers various benefits as a business asset. For US businesses with a significant presence in Bermuda, Bermudiana Beach Resort, Tapestry Collection by Hilton, emerges as an exceptional option. 

This article highlights the key steps you need to take when switching from hotels to condos. 


Hotel vs. Condos

If you’ve read the other articles in this series, you’ll know all about the surprising costs of corporate housing and the benefits of condos for businesses. Here are the main differences between hotels and condos when traveling for work:


1. Personalized Comfort


  • While comfortable, hotel rooms lack the personal touch of a home-like setting. You need more space and amenities to fully settle into a routine during extended stays.


  • Condos offer that home-away-from-home feeling with separate living, dining and sleeping areas.
  • Bermudiana Beach Resort condos feature kitchens that allow you to maintain your lifestyle, cook your own meals and create a more comfortable living space while you work.


2. Undisrupted Privacy 


  • Hotels are often busy with vacation-goers, leading to noise and potential disturbances — especially if you’re hosting guests in the hotel or a meeting.


  • Condos provide a quieter and more private environment, allowing employees to concentrate on work without disruptions or distractions.



3. Long-Term Sustainability


  • Hotel stays are designed for short-term accommodation, quickly becoming expensive and impractical for prolonged business assignments.


  • Condos offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution for long-term stays, catering to the evolving needs of businesses with consistent operations in Bermuda.
  • The ability to rent out unused condo spaces when not in use further enhances the long-term viability of this accommodation model.



Which Is Better Value For Money – A Hotel or A Condo?

We’ve run a cost analysis between hotels and our condos, so you don’t have to. The numbers speak for themselves, with Bermudiana Beach Resort condos emerging as the most cost-effective and sustainable option.  

Bermudiana Beach Resort is a hotel condominium resort in Warwick. Owners and guests can enjoy the clifftop bar and restaurant overlooking the turquoise reefs and the elevator access down to the pristine pink coral sand beach.

Hotels: A Guide Price 

Independent research shows that the average five-night hotel stay for one person off-peak would cost companies $2620.98.

This number is based on four hotels in Bermuda that offer their “business-friendly” services. Amenities included are specific to each hotel and are subject to change depending on the time of year.

In addition, you’ll need to consider food expenses, additional taxes, transportation costs and more.

corporate accommodation in Bermuda

Condos: No Hidden Costs

Bermudiana Beach Resort condo purchase price starts from $412,500 and includes: 

  • Ocean-view balconies and terraces facing Bermuda's South Shore
  • Fully-serviced, zero-hassle vacation home ownership
  • Well-equipped kitchens in all condos and studios.
  • Sizable living areas with 55” Smart TVs and wall beds for guest sleeping.
  • Access to Hilton global reservations, sales system and rental program.
  • Elevator and steps to a pink-sand beach, pool, bar & grill, restaurant, spa and gym.
Condos in Bermuda

The inclusive amenities and potential for additional revenue through rentals make condos a strategic choice for businesses looking to optimize their accommodation expenses. Once you buy the condo, it’s yours. 


Navigating the Transition to Buying a Condo

Interested in switching from hotels to condos for all your Bermuda business needs? Here’s what you need to do:


1. Assess Your Needs

Evaluate your business and employees' needs and preferences to determine the ideal condo.


2. Understand the Legal Considerations

Familiarize yourself with local regulations and legal requirements for acquiring corporate property in Bermuda.

Click here for nine Bermuda laws and customs you need to know if you’re moving or visiting the island.


3. Visit the Condos

Book a viewing to find the perfect condo for you and your business. 


4. Plan Your Finances

Develop a comprehensive financial plan, considering the initial investment, ongoing expenses and potential returns on investment.


5. Purchase Your Office-Away-From Home

Get in touch with our agents to begin the buying process.


6. Let Us Take Care of the Rest

When you aren't in Bermuda for work, enjoy the condo as part of your vacation or rent it out to make some extra income.


Want to Know More About Bermudiana Beach Resort Condos for Corporate Accommodation?

We've collated everything you need to know on our dedicated page for buying a condo as corporate accommodation. Discover the endless possibilities that await you at Bermudiana Beach Resort Condos.



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