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Bermuda Travel Safety Protocols: Before, During & After Your Visit

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“Bermuda has taken safety seriously since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and has emerged as an extremely safe place for travelers to visit in 2020,” said Glenn Jones, interim CEO for Bermuda Tourism Authority. The latest Bermuda travel advisory states Bermuda is open for travelers and tourists, but they need to practice the required safety measures. 

What kind of considerations should travelers think about when finding out if Bermuda safe to travel to?

N.B. Due to the changing circumstances being experienced around the world, the information in this piece is subject to change.

Travel Considerations

“We continue to enhance and elevate our protocols to protect our local community and put our guests’ minds at ease, so they can fully enjoy and experience our island,” continued Jones. 

Currently, the US State Department classifies Bermuda as a location in which you should ‘reconsider travel’. However, that doesn't mean the country is closed. In fact, the coronavirus infection rate is incredibly low. 

“The stringent measures we have in place allow us to continue to welcome guests to our shores,” said Edward Burt, Premier of Bermuda in remarks on October 20th. “Not only has airline capacity continued to increase with more tourists beginning to arrive, so far just over 350 people have been approved to ‘Work in Bermuda’ for a year.”

The initial travel consideration is about whether your travel is essential or not, so for many visitors who are traveling to Bermuda for business or to begin a life here, this consideration is an easy one to decide. 

In a press release by the Bermuda Tourism Authority, they said “Bermuda is open, safe and ready to welcome travelers.” Before you travel, research every part of your trip thoroughly so you can stay safe while exploring, working or living in Bermuda. 

Also, remember to check whether you’ll need to self-isolate upon returning to your home country as this can differ depending on your government’s advice. 

For more information on travel guidance, you can go to the CDC’s Covid-19 Travel Recommendations by Destination page.

When Do You Need to take a COVID-19 Test?

Bermuda is quite stringent when it comes to testing. All travelers over the age of nine need to take:

  • A pre-departure test no more than five days before traveling (this is a change from an earlier seven days protocol). You can upload the negative test results into Bermuda's Online Travel Authorisation application one to three days before departure. 
  • A test upon arrival and on day four, eight and 14 of travel (these will be arranged for you).

There’s a mandatory $75 fee for these tests. 

At each stage of your first 14 days in Bermuda, there are certain activities you are and are not permitted to do. The list of things you are permitted to do increases with every negative test.

See the full Government of Bermuda’s guidance on your first 14 days in Bermuda below.

Traveller First 14 Days 201210

Is There an Isolation Period When Traveling to Bermuda?

The only isolation period travelers need to carry out is when they immediately arrive on the island and are awaiting the results of their first test in Bermuda. Don’t worry, you get your results back in about 24 hours so you can begin to enjoy the island's offerings in no time.

Children of the ages 10-17 that are traveling to Bermuda must receive parental consent to receive a COVID-19 test. If consent isn't received, the child must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. 

Staying Safe While in Bermuda

“The Government of Bermuda is doing an incredible job managing the island’s safety,” said U.S. Consul General to Bermuda, Lee Rizzuto. 

“The U.S Consulate has been heavily engaged on this issue, advocating for the island’s safety and highlighting protocols implemented by the Government of Bermuda to minimize the spread of COVID-19. ”

While this is fantastic information for Bermuda residents, business travelers and Bermudaphiles everywhere, safety is still paramount.

As with many places around the world, there are safety precautions in place. For example, in all public spaces, you’re required to wear a mask. You must also take your temperature twice a day, as a symptom of COVID-19 is a temperature registering 100F or higher. 

You must practice the safety measures put in place by any business you happen to find yourself in, whether it’s a small independent shop or a large restaurant. Each establishment will have developed its own protocols, which will be explained to you when you enter. 

Bermuda is displaying great levels of compliance and safety in this respect. In his remarks, Premier Burt tells the story of Evita Robinson, a speaker at the recent ‘Reset, Re-imagine & Renew’ Tourism Summit, who recently posted about her trip to the island:

"Crucially, Ms. Robinson admitted to viewers that prior to flying, the trip and the worry about infection was beginning to induce personal anxiety. However, Ms. Robinson, someone who admitted in the video travels wearing a mask, a face shield and a hazmat suit, said Bermuda’s protocols were so thorough and convenient that she did not have any anxiety either at the airport or once she was in her hotel room."

As Bermuda has a number of stringent rules in place for your safety and since July 1st has opened its doors to tourists, where is currently open for accommodation?

Open Hotels and Accommodation

There are a number of hotels and other accommodation types currently open in Bermuda. Explore the list below to see just what’s available. 


Target Opening Date

Azura Bermuda


Aunt Nea's Inn


Blue Horizons Guest House


Coco Reef Resort


Coral Beach Club


Edgehill Manor Guest House


Fourways Inn


Greenbank Guest House


Little Pomander Guest House


Newstead Belmont Hills Resort


Paraquet Apartments


Rosemont Guest Suites


Rosewood Bermuda


Royal Palms Hotel


The Sandpiper Guest Apartments


The Loren Hotel


The Reefs Resort & Club


Hamilton Princess & Beach Club


Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa


Pompano Beach Club


Grotto Bay Beach Resort


Valley Cottages




Elbow Beach


Garden House


Rosedon Hotel


St. Regis Bermuda


Willowbank Resort


Fairmont Southampton



How to ensure travel safety in Bermuda is very well detailed. But what about the other parts of Bermuda travel that concern culture, geography and activities? Well, look no further. We’ve got the guide for you.

Exploring Life in Bermuda

Jones has gone on to say that “Bermuda is one of the safest places in the world right now, thanks to diligent testing and contact-tracing protocols. Surveys found half our visitors chose Bermuda for that reason and an overwhelming 94% feel safe or very safe here. We welcome all travellers to visit our island safely and responsibly.” That’s wonderful news for all. To get a feel for Bermuda, our guide is here to help.

From things to do to food to try, wildlife to spot to beaches to relax on - our ‘Life in Bermuda’ guide has all the information a curious mind might need about the tropical paradise that is Bermuda. 

Whether you’re coming here to live, work, enjoy the high-life or all three, simply click the button below and find all the information you’ll need about this charming and luxurious island.Life in Bermuda - everything you need to know