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5 Relaxing Things to Do When Visiting Bermuda in July

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The island of Bermuda is the ultimate destination for relaxation and rejuvenation and the perfect opportunity to escape from everyday stress. 

Out here, it’s not just the climate that peaks in July. The laid-back lifestyle is also in full swing. Take the pathway to peace of mind, make sure to don your best pair of Bermuda shorts and get ready to relax. 

  1. Enjoy Exclusive Bermuda Spa Treatments
  2. Kick-Back on the Pink Sands 
  3. Discover Bermuda’s Most Secluded Retreats
  4. Eat Alfresco and Enjoy Nature
  5. Serene Yoga Experience

1. Enjoy Exclusive Bermuda Spa Treatments

bermuda in july relaxing in the spa

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You'll find plenty of ways to recharge in Bermuda, from natural facial treatments to complete spa getaways. There are lots of activities, delicacies and even spa treatments that are exclusive to the island. Here are some to help you loosen up. 

  • Beekeeper Honey & Cane Sugar Therapy: This nectarous exfoliating massage uses a scrub of honey and cane sugar to leave the skin glowing.
  • Tribe Road No. 1 Aloe Massage: Using locally harvested aloe, this massage aims to remove toxins and ease stress. The pure aloe gel is worked into the skin using various techniques to get the full benefit the succulent plant provides. 
  • Grotto Bay Natura Spa: Want to really get away from it all? The Natura Spa is perfect for unwinding and it’s set in an actual cave! You'll find tranquillity in the subterranean limestone cavern and everything feels that much more peaceful.

2. Kick-Back on the Pink Sands 

pink sands in bermuda relaxing in july

Pink sand, turquoise waters, endless blue sky – the island's beaches are among Bermuda’s greatest natural assets. With its trademark sands, Elbow Beach runs along the southern edge of Paget Parish. It’s not as busy as some of the other beaches around Bermuda, you can relax and enjoy the views away from it all.  

It’s surrounded by a selection of quaint seaside cocktail bars, while parasols, deck chairs and nearby cabanas are generally for hotel use only, there’s a small rental fee which means there’s always somewhere to settle in the shade.

3. Discover Bermuda’s Most Secluded Retreats

bermuda cooper island nature reserveImage credit

You came to Bermuda to escape, right? These places will get you off the beaten path for peace, quiet and plenty of natural beauty.

Jobson’s Cove: You’ll feel a world away from everyone and everything when you close your eyes and listen to the gentle waves rolling in. Jobson’s Cove is a great spot for snorkeling with marine life frequenting the shallow waters.

Seymour’s Pond: This nature reserve is tucked away in Southampton Parish. Lush farmlands and hillside forests surround the pond create a calm backdrop for a picnic or reading session. You’ll be accompanied by egrets, sandpipers and other vibrant Bermudian wildlife, making this a prime spot for birdwatchers and nature-lovers.

Cooper’s Island: Situated on the southeast tip of the island, this beautiful spot was previously occupied by the U.S. military and NASA, only reopening to the public in 2011. Now a 12-acre nature reserve, the park boasts seabirds, cedar trees and giant land crabs. You can climb the wildlife observation tower for a sweeping panorama of the island.

4. Eat Al Fresco and Enjoy Nature

arboretum-railway-trail-in-bermuda-in-julyImage credit

Bermuda in July with its perfect summer weather begs for al fresco picnics. The lush Botanical Gardens has 36 acres of trees and blossoms with plenty of places to lounge and dine.

The serene Bermuda Arboretum offers delightful open space, with leafy trails and ornate bridges. Eat a delicious Bermudian picnic whilst enjoying a relaxing day in the sun.

5. Serene Yoga Experience

bermuda paddleboard yoga experience in july

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Namaste! Maybe you've done some yoga. Maybe you've done some paddleboarding. But I bet you've never done both at the same time. Bermuda's Yoga with Tali offers hour-long sessions out on the water on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP). It's the perfect path to inner peace.

These are just some of the relaxing activities you can unwind with on the island, but there’s much to enjoy all year round.

Plan a Tranquil Trip to Bermuda Today

What makes Bermuda so special is that you have 11 other months with activities that are fit for unwinding too. Whether you’re visiting Bermuda in July or any other time of the year, there’s so much to experience.

Whenever you’re thinking of visiting, there’s something for everybody. Plan your next visit with the help of our 12-month guide.

It features all of the unique events and traditions that Bermuda celebrates, from the height of summer in July to the festive period of December, as well as useful information like the weather and the water temperature throughout the year. Download your free copy now using the link below.

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