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Bermuda Beach Spotlight: Warwick Long Bay

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Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda, is one of the must-see beaches while you're on the island. The crystal clear waters and beautiful scenery are the perfect backdrop for your dream Bermudian getaway.
This blog post will tell you everything you need to know about the beach, which is just a one-mile walk from Bermudiana Beach Resort.



Warwick Long Bay: Half a Mile of Pure Bliss

Warwick Long Bay is situated along the southern coast of Bermuda and stretches approximately half a mile along the coastline, gaining popularity as the longest beach on the island.

Known for its relatively secluded atmosphere compared to some of Bermuda's other beaches, Warwick Long Bay is the perfect beach for relaxing in the pink sands undisturbed — some even say it's got the pinkest sands in all of Bermuda!

This picturesque destination offers a combination of natural beauty due to the erosion of pink coral and shells over millions of years and jagged outcroppings that frame the horizon, making it a favored spot among both locals and tourists visiting Bermuda.

On your short stroll to one of the best beaches on the island, take in the stunning Warwick Parish and decide where to treat yourself to some lunch.


What to do at Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda

Warwick Long Bay offers various recreational activities such as swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. The waters are typically calm, making it an ideal spot for families and water enthusiasts.

Spend the hours discovering the underwater paradise that calls Warwick Long Bay its home. Due to its inner reef, it's home to a whole host of coral and fish, including parrot fish.

The beach has restrooms, a playground and a lunch cart during the summer, so you can spend all day dipping your toes in the warm waters and enjoying the sunshine.

The Bay is surrounded by rocks and coral, which many like to explore. Just be careful with smaller children to make sure they explore safely.

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Nearby Attractions

You can access Warwick Long Bay via South Road, from where descending steps lead directly to the beachfront. There's a car park for those who own or rent a car.

A trail leads from the Bay to Jobson's Cove, a beach renowned for its family-friendly environment featuring shallow and sheltered waters. The backdrop of the cove is characterized by shallow steps carved into the rocky cliff face for easy access.

Nearby attractions to Warwick Long Bay include the iconic Horseshoe Bay, known for its picturesque pink sands and turquoise waters, offering an idyllic setting for beachgoers. Or, why not explore Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, which offers panoramic views of Bermuda's coastline from its historic vantage point.

For those interested in urban exploration, the city of Hamilton provides opportunities for cultural immersion, shopping and dining experiences amidst its vibrant streets and colonial architecture. These attractions complement the natural beauty of Warwick Long Bay, offering a diverse array of experiences to enjoy during your time in Bermuda.


Learn More About Bermudiana Beach Resort

Bermudiana Beach Resort is just a short walk from Warwick Long Bay and other amenities in the parish, meaning it's the perfect spot for a vacation, or even better, a home away from home.

Bermudiana Beach Resort is perfectly located on the island's South Shore and has a variety of condos to choose from, so you can own a slice of paradise.

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