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The Ultimate List of Places to See in Bermuda

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It’s no secret that Bermuda is a spectacular place to visit. The beautiful island is packed full of culture, history and eye-catching architecture. Plus, there are the infamous pink-sand beaches and the picturesque reef-fringed blue waters wherever you look. 

If you’re planning a short vacation or slightly longer stay in Bermuda, then a little bit of research before you go will ensure you experience everything the country has to offer. Bermuda is split into nine parishes, each with its own charm and character. Here’s the ultimate guide to the parishes and towns in Bermuda and what to do in each of them. 

  • Devonshire
  • Hamilton
  • Paget
  • Pembroke
  • Saint George
  • Sandys
  • Smith’s 
  • Southampton
  • Warwick


This is a quiet parish that offers tranquil scenery and opportunities to explore. Less popular with tourists, Devonshire is ideal if you want a relaxed day out. Visit Devonshire Bay and enjoy the beautiful beach and parkland. 

For those that want to explore Bermuda’s history, there are forts close to the bay and Palmetto House. It’s an iconic house that was built in the early 1700s and offers visitors a unique insight into Bermudian life hundreds of years ago. 

Devonshire is a must-visit for any nature lover. Although there are amazing vegetation and wildlife in every parish, the nature reserves in Devonshire are the best place to see plants and birds unique to Bermuda.




If you’re looking for Hamilton, the capital city of Bermuda, then you’re actually in the wrong place. Hamilton parish is still a fantastic place to visit, especially down by the water. The deepwater limestone caves and subterranean passages are incredible sights that have to be seen to be truly appreciated.



Or, visit Shelly Bay Beach and Park. A very clean, calm park with restrooms, a large open field, hiking area and gentle protected beach. There's also a giant children's playground, a great place to visit during the occasional rain shower

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South Shore East


Located in the center of Bermuda, the north shore of Paget overlooks the stunning Hamilton harbor. It’s the perfect spot to lazily relax in the sun and watch the boats come and go. 

Every beach in Bermuda is worth a visit, but Paget is home to some of the very best. Elbow Beach, in particular, is perfect for snorkeling in the crystal clear water.

Elbow Beach

Or, visit the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art and view the stunning collection of paintings, photographs, maps and memorabilia. A great place to visit during the occasional rain shower. 


Confusingly for some tourists, this parish is home to the capital city of Bermuda, Hamilton. It’s the busiest and most densely populated of the nine parishes. Some of the island’s best restaurants are on Front Street - where there’s always something to see or do. 

Fort Hamilton is located just outside the city of Hamilton. It offers stunning views and is perfect for anyone looking to find out more about Bermuda’s history. Although the huge cannons have never been fired, they’re the perfect backdrop for a quick photo.

Fort Hamilton

As the sun sets, make sure to visit Harry’s or Pickled Onion. They’re both wonderful bars that are perfect if you want to relax after a busy day exploring. Enjoy delicious cocktails and watch the world go by.

St. George

Within the parish of St. George is the town that shares the same name. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site and the first place that the British settled in the early 17th century. Because of the parish’s rich history, there’s a lot to see and do here. 

Fort St. Catherine is one of Bermuda’s most impressive forts and houses with well-preserved artefacts, including pistols, swords and muskets. After you visit the fort, relax on one of Bermuda’s best beaches - Tobacco Bay Beach.

Tobacco Bay Beach

There are too many fantastic attractions in St. George to list. We’d definitely recommend taking a look around the Unfinished Church and Bermuda Heritage Museum if you’re short on time.


Pronounced as ‘Sands’, this is the first parish many tourists encounter when they visit Bermuda because of the cruise ship docks by the Royal Naval Dockyard. There’s plenty to do at this dockyard and naval base which is very popular with tourists.

Royal Naval Dockyard

Visit the Dockyard and spend an afternoon in the National Museum of Bermuda. This maritime museum is located within the grounds of the fortress "keep" of the former Royal Naval Dockyard and is home to rare exhibits that showcase Bermuda’s maritime history. 

If you want to escape the popular tourist spots, then visit Hog Bay Beach. It’s a secluded spot and not known by many tourists, so it’s perfect for a quiet swim.


This parish is made up of vast farmlands and beautiful shorelines. Its stunning beaches aren’t as popular with tourists because they require a little further travelling. John Smith’s Bay is one of our absolute favourites. Walk along the wide stretch of iconic pink sand or snorkel and get a closer look at some of Bermuda’s native marine life. 

Smith’s parish is also where you’ll find Spittal Pond Nature Reserve. Spreading over 64 acres of land, there’s no better place to watch birds in Bermuda. Or, if you’re a keen photographer that’s looking for the perfect shot, make sure to visit Town Hill. It’s the highest point in Bermuda, offering spectacular views in all directions.

Spittal Pond Nature Reserve


This parish is often the one that visitors head straight to when they arrive. They’re all going to the same place - Horseshoe Bay Beach. This is by far the most popular beach in Bermuda and and arguably its very best. It’s deep blue waters and pink sand are an absolute must-see for anyone coming to Bermuda. 

Jobson’s Cove and Chaplin Bay Beach are quieter spots if you want to avoid the tourist rush.Visit Church Bay and snorkel to get a closer look at the beautiful coral and some of Bermuda’s native fish.

Jobson's Cove


Finally, Warwick parish offers a wonderful blend of exquisite beaches, beautiful architecture and vibrant nature reserves. Warwick Long Bay is a great place to start thanks to its pink sand dunes and snorkeling opportunities. 

Travel the Warwick Railway Trail by foot or on bike and explore a variety of different settings. You’ll get a closer look at Bermuda’s diverse trees and plantations as well as limestone quarries and vast farmlands.

railway trail

For keen golfers, there’s Belmont Hills Golf Club with its 6,100 yards of strategically laid out bunkers, multi-tiered greens and slender fairways

And that’s just a taste of what each of Bermuda’s towns and parishes have to offer. If you plan to buy a vacation home here, then you’ll have plenty of time to explore the beaches, nature reserves, attractions and restaurants in each of them. 

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