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7 Vacation Destinations You Have to Visit

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Here are the destinations you have to visit.

  1. Greece
  2. New South Wales
  3. Ibiza
  4. Iceland
  5. The Caribbean 
  6. Finnish Lapland
  7. Bermuda


1. Greece

greece vacation destination to visit

Whitewashed architecture, contrasting blue oceans and tasty Mediterranean food - it's no surprise many want to venture to the Greek Isles. From activities and historical explorations in Athens to the sweeping views of Santorini, there's something for everyone.

A trip to Greece isn’t complete without Santorini, the most well-known and oft-talked about island. A volcanic explosion created the stunning cliffs, which now feature two gorgeous cobblestoned towns.

2. New South Wales

new south wales location to visit after lockdown

With people flocking to popular destinations, some hidden gems do go unnoticed. Many eager travelers will already have their eyes on this trip.

Stepping away from its vibrant city Sydney and the surfing hub of Byron Bay, the state of New South Wales has plenty to offer away from the hustle and bustle.

Take the Blue Mountains, for example. It's a place where you can revel in peace and tranquillity. Spend some time marveling at the sensational views over deep valley troughs that formed over millions of years. There’s also the unmissable sleepy seaside town on the coast called South West Rocks - perfect for a secluded getaway.

3. Ibiza

ibiza place to explore after lockdown

Ibiza belongs on everyone’s list and despite what someone may have told you, it’s not only good for the nightlife. While most of the island is known for its party-goers, with some of the world’s most famous clubs, the northern half is peaceful and historic. 

There’s far more to the island than you might think. You can spend your first few evenings dancing and drinking the night away, then unwind. Head to some of its beautiful beaches or explore the fortified Alta Vila, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The picturesque marina is just another reason you’d be a fool not to visit as the food there is often a cut above the rest. Ibiza has come a long way when it comes to cuisine and the island is home to a multitude of great dining options.

4. Iceland

iceland is a must-see location

Iceland is one of the world's most unique countries and is definitely somewhere to consider. It deserves to be on your bucket list as it features a landscape that embraces everything from volcanoes and geysers to hot springs and lava fields. 

The best way to experience it all is to rent a car. Iceland has one main ring road alongside some of the most breathtaking tourist attractions in the country. 

You can take in spectacular sights such as the Skógafoss waterfalls, the Dyrhólaey cliffs and the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. Not to mention, if you go during the winter months, you can catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights - one of the most beautiful displays of nature.

5. The Caribbean 

beach vacation after lockdown

The Caribbean islands are world-famous for their stretches of unspoiled beaches and crystal-blue waters. There are plenty of islands to choose from, meaning the family vacay can accommodate everybody. 

The small French island of St. Barts is one of the most scenic islands you’ll ever visit. It’s sophisticated and sun-soaked. 

Barbados is another popular choice too as it’s one of those divine destinations everybody dreams of visiting. Nestled in the south of the Caribbean, it offers undeniable beauty and is the perfect place to unwind. Who wouldn’t put this on their bucket list?

6. Finnish Lapland 

lapland winter wonderland place to explore

Nicknamed 'the last wilderness of Europe', Finnish Lapland offers the ideal amount of seclusion and snowy adventures. 

With its remarkable lakes, soft mountain peaks and majestic forests, this is a place where enveloping yourself in nature and looking after yourself is followed religiously. If you’re not a sun seeker, a cooler getaway might be perfect for you. 

7. Bermuda

jobsons cove bermuda location destination a place to go

The island of Bermuda is an idyllic sub-tropical paradise and an easy distance from the East Coast of the United States and Canada. 

The island has always been a precious resource set apart by its geographic location and way of life. Bermuda has been dedicated to protecting the community and pristine destination for residents and guests to enjoy for years to come. 

Bermuda boasts a variety of pristine, spacious resorts to enjoy. So when you’re ready, Bermuda looks forward to extending a warm welcome. 

For more information about what to expect from your venture, we’ve made it easier to know what the island of Bermuda has in store for you. 

The Best Bolthole For Americans: Bermuda is Waiting For You

It’s no wonder the island has become such a popular vacation destination. Sun, pink-sand and spectacular views in every direction, Bermuda is the place to be. As non-Bermudians can now buy property in Bermuda; working, semi-retiring or retiring here is definitely an option to consider too. Especially with the new one year residency programme allowing visitors to work remotely.

Not sure what to expect from this unique island? From the local customs to what you can do once you’re here, we’ve got everything you could possibly need to know. Download your ultimate guide below.

Life in Bermuda - everything you need to know