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Where are the Best Places to Eat in Bermuda? 11 Must-Visit Eateries

Written by Bermudiana Beach

20 | 09 | 19

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fisCombining a unique blend of British, African, Spanish and Caribbean influences, you’ll never be short of cuisine options when you’re in Bermuda. The culinary landscape here is as diverse as it is delicious, so it’s no surprise that the locals have long taken pride in the national food and drink.

So, if you’re still asking, ‘Where are the best places to eat in Bermuda?' check out the island’s food scene packed full of flavorful opportunities you can enjoy, from celebrity-run restaurants to smaller hidden gems.

  1. Beach Club Restaurant
  2. Woody’s Sports Bar
  3. Bulli Social
  4. Marcus’
  5. Rock Island Coffee
  6. Wahoo’s
  7. Harry’s
  8. Tempest Bistro
  9. Bouchée Bistro Français
  10. Devil’s Isle
  11. Waterlot Inn

1. Beach Club Restaurant

Stepping off the legendary pink Bermudian sand and into the Beach Club Restaurant will leave you thinking you’re in a glamorous Hamptons cafe.

Perfect to go with your friends or to take your family along. You’ll eliminate that fear of missing out while enjoying the chic, nautical-themed decor and the delicious range of food on offer.

beach club restaurantImage Credit: Rosewood Bermuda

The surroundings and spectacular views are just an added bonus. Sit back and enjoy a generous platter of fresh raw seafood and complement it with a glass of Sancerre. To really get the full experience here, make sure you sample the bearnaise sauce-drizzled catch of the day - which can be anything from rockfish to wahoo.

2. Woody’s Sports Bar

Woody’s Sports Bar is located in a bungalow-style structure right off the beach with a unique twist on pub food. In fact, it’s so popular and well-loved, you might even spot the occasional movie star paying a visit.

This popular hangout is always bustling with locals on nights and weekends. The atmosphere is so much fun that even tourists can feel like a local Bermudian in no time. When it comes to food, don’t even think about leaving before you’ve tried their fried fish sandwich.

3. Bulli Social

If you’re after a cozy ambiance with great music playing in the background (not to mention the delicious food), then Bulli Social is well worth the visit.

bulli social bermudaImage Credit: Bermuda Tourism

There’s a variety of food that’s proven to be popular with the locals. The traditional poutine is almost obligatory, the IED burger with BSH smoked jalapenos, candied bacon and Linghams hot sauce is a must if you like it spicy. Not forgetting the delicious Persian Shepherd burger made with lamb and topped with halloumi - it's also a fan favorite.

For the best experience, enjoy the mouthwatering food on the patio. The big tree is the perfect canopy while the draped string lights are a nice little relaxing touch.

4. Marcus’

Marcus’ is the first celebrity-chef-run restaurant on the island of Bermuda, courtesy of Marcus Samuelsson of Food Network’s ‘Chopped.’ This prime marina-side locale is famous for its eclectic menus which combine American street food with Ethiopian cuisine and soul food.

Plus, you have the freedom to look over the impressive collection of modern art, including above the open kitchen where you can see the chefs preparing your food.

fish chowder bites marcus'Image Credit: Pinterest

Don’t worry, you won’t fall out of touch with Bermuda’s unique culture. Marcus’ still reflects a few twists on Bermudian favorites. The only problem? You’ll have a hard time deciding what you want to try because of the many exquisite options.

The buttermilk fried chicken, Asian inspired beef ribs, fish chowder bites with a rum aioli or even a fish sandwich topped with tomato chili. Marcus’ will have you coming back for more.

5. Rock Island Coffee

As soon as you step into Rock Island Coffee, you can feel the good vibes and the freshly brewed coffee definitely helps.

It’s the perfect way to start any morning. Soak in the casual and artsy atmosphere, sip on a variety of drinks while checking out the display of local art (which you can also buy!).

Any drink made with freshly roasted beans is worth a try, so it really depends on what you’re in the mood for. The usual favorites include a caramel latte made with whole milk or even something as simple as a macchiato.

Although, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, go ahead and try their Mexican hot chocolate.

6. Wahoo’s

Local staff, spectacular views from the patio and solid food - you can do no wrong by visiting Wahoo’s. It’s guaranteed to be a top recommendation by any islander that you ask.

According to local Bermudians, not all rum swizzles are created equal and Wahoo’s version simply can’t be missed. The best part? The rum swizzle here is perfect for pairing with some of the finest delicacies on offer.

wahoo's bermudaImage Credit: Bermuda

Ceviche, conch fritter, fish chowder, Wahoo nuggets and Rockfish Picasso are just some of the dishes you need to try. Although, the fish tacos are - without a doubt - a staple here and well worth the drive to St. George’s Parish alone.

For the full experience, eat and drink on the patio during sunset.

7. Harry’s

Whether you need a power lunch, you want to have dinner to celebrate or enjoy a casual happy hour, Harry’s is the place to visit. Plus, you can’t get more local than this as it was opened by Bermudian businessman, Will Cox, as a tribute to his late father.

The must-have drink to kick off your night simply has to be Harry’s Special Rum Blend. This is a collaboration between Harry’s and Gosling’s Rum, Bermuda’s native spirit brand.

harry's bermudaImage Credit: Forbes

To really eat like a local, order the Harry’s classic and enjoy a bottle of wine from the cellar. This is complete with shrimp cocktail, an iceberg wedge salad, a 14oz New York Strip steak and followed by a slice of heavenly cheesecake.

8. Tempest Bistro

There’s no denying that Bermuda is famous for its extensive range of fresh seafood. Although, despite being a Bermuda staple, we know that it’s either not for everyone or that you might want to switch up your tastebuds.

If that’s the case, then Tempest Bistro is worth a visit. It’s a great spot for dinner in St. George’s, famous for serving some of the finest homemade French and Italian cuisines around.

tempest bistro scarpettaImage Credit: Here Magazine

This spacious and elegant restaurant will have you feeling right at home. When it comes to the food, it’s recommended that you start with the scarpetta. This baked garlic bread with an assortment of flavorful dips and seasonings is the perfect opening to your meal.

9. Bouchée Bistro Français

Quality food in a casual setting - this feels somewhat like a diner but the bistro is excellent for family dining. Plus, the hearty brunch always hits the spot.

This popular breakfast and brunch bistro is both charming and friendly. You’ll often find the locals digging into The Big English. This includes two eggs, bacon, sausage, grilled tomato, sauteed mushrooms, baked beans, toast and seasonal fruit on the side.

boucheeImage Credit: Bouchee

Or for something different, try the Huevos Benedict. This includes two poached eggs on an English muffin, topped with avocado, salsa and hollandaise sauce.

10. Devil’s Isle

Nothing in Bermuda is as versatile as Devil’s Isle. Coffee roaster, earthy bistro and a craft cocktail bar - this location does it all and is perfect for a casual bite. Despite being a local favorite, it’s that type of trendy spot which will have you feeling like you’re in California.


Swing by for some of the finest dishes you can possibly try. Rockfish tacos, ramen bowls, grilled tacos and charcuterie boards are perfect for lunch. Or, sample the weekly specials such as the Mexican enchiladas with pulled chicken, scrambled eggs, avocado and tomatillo sauce.

11. Waterlot Inn

This signature steakhouse is a true Bermudian gem, perfect for the most dramatic vistas and international favorites such as New Zealand rack of lamb or grilled local wahoo.

It’s the perfect location to gulp down an epic Bloody Mary as well. If you’re looking to splurge a little, then the Ridiculous Caeser and Bloody Mary Bar is something to behold.

This comes in a bowl-shaped glass and garnished with a lobster claw and tail, oyster, skewers of shrimp, wagyu sirloin, seared scallops, a wagyu burger, chicken wings, Italian sausage and a mini taco to top it off.

waterlott in bloody maryImage Credit: Bermuda Sun

While we don’t apologize for making your mouth water while scrolling through this list, the amazing thing about Bermuda is that the range of delicious food and drink is just one of the things you need to try. So, find out what else you can do in Bermuda all year round…

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