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Bermuda Sightseeing Activities That Will Leave You Wanting More

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Vacations are all about relaxing, enjoying yourself and making cherished memories. If you’re looking forward to your Bermuda vacation, don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity to see some of the country’s most breathtaking sights along the way.

Grab your camera and bring your loved ones along on these wonderful Bermuda sightseeing activities that will make your vacation unforgettable. 

Glass-Bottom Boat Adventure

What’s lurking beneath the surface of Bermuda’s famous turquoise waters? All aboard Captain Kirk’s glass-bottom Coral Reef Adventures to find out.

Tour the island’s stunning blue seas and uncover the seafloor’s hidden treasures: beautiful coral reefs, native fish and even a real shipwreck. This activity is perfect for kids and adults alike and will leave you wanting to explore the Bermuda waters to see more.

For grown-ups, a glass-bottom Twilight Bermuda Triangle Cruise is a great alternative. Can you uncover the mysteries of this famous stretch of the Bermudian ocean?

Sit back and relax with a cocktail in hand and learn more about the eerie lore of the Triangle. The boat’s illuminated glass-bottom will give you an incredible view of the marine life below as the sun begins to set.

Lighthouse Views

Gibb’s Lighthouse is a popular spot for vacationers in-the-know. The tallest of two lighthouses built in Bermuda, Gibb’s Lighthouse offers stunning panoramic views of the quaint towns below and deep blue coast ahead. 

While Gibb’s Lighthouse allows you to see Bermuda from a new perspective and get away from the crowds, St David’s Lighthouse offers a distinctly different experience.

St._Davids_Lighthouse (1)

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Climb the 85 steps to the top to get the best view possible in Bermuda for spotting humpback whales. 

As the whales make their way to the feeding ground every spring, there are few better places to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures in Bermuda than at the top of St David’s Lighthouse. 

Bermuda Biking - Spinning and Swimming

For keen cyclists, Bermuda is a dream location. The island’s flat roads and ample natural views make biking here a dream. The pastime is so popular with visitors and locals that there are many Bermuda bike tours to choose from.

For a truly unique bike tour, cycle along the now disused Bermuda Railway Trail to one of the many gorgeous beaches. The trail is much loved by walkers and cyclists and offers unparalleled views of the lush forests and dazzling coastline.

The tour will take you through local nature spots to a beautiful beach, where you’ll enjoy a refreshing dip in the crystal clear waters and soak up the sun, before cycling back at a leisurely pace. 

Magical Crystal Caves

Sparkling centuries-old stalactites made from limestone find their homes in a subterranean cave network beneath Bermuda’s beaches. Discover the magical world below the surface of Bermuda’s picturesque beaches and venture into the Crystal Caves. 

crustal caves compressed bermuda

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Found in 1925 by two children playing, the Crystal Caves are the largest in a network of underground limestone caves that glisten and glimmer beneath the island. Once you see this hidden Bermudian wonder for yourself, you’ll no doubt want to see what other secret beauty spots and natural phenomena the island holds. 

History and Culture 

Bermuda is home to such a vibrant, diverse culture and many historical sites thanks to its rich history.

Step back in time and be amazed by the island’s many UNESCO world heritage sites. See the stunning architecture and learn about the fascinating stories that make these landmarks so important. Delve into Bermuda’s past of colonial rule, emancipation and innovation to see where the traditions and celebrations still prevalent in local culture today originate. 

From the 15th century Unfinished Church to the home of abolitionist hero Mary Prince and the 18th century British forts and strongholds, there are so many historical and cultural marvels in Bermuda to visit that one vacation isn’t long enough to explore them all. 

When it comes to planning a sightseeing activity for your vacation, there are many things to consider. What kind of experience do you want and what interests you? This is especially true in Bermuda, where you are spoiled for choice for unique things to do and see.

Whether you’re a history buff or a thrillseeker, a foodie or a nature-lover, there's something for everyone on this sub-tropical paradise. Make sure you have the best Bermuda vacation with our free lifestyle guide, detailing everything you need to know so you can enjoy your Bermuda getaway.

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