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Bermuda in February: Weather, Attractions and Things to Do

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February is generally considered a bleak month, but that isn’t the case in Bermuda. The weather is pleasant, spring is on the horizon and there are plenty of things to do.

In this blog, we’ll provide a roundup of what Bermuda looks like in February. We have everything covered, from the climate to the most popular attractions.


What Does the Weather Look Like in February?

February is usually quite a cool month in Bermuda. The average daily temperature is around 60°F during the day and you’ll need a light jacket during the early hours and in the evenings. 

However, the climate is perfect for those looking to explore the island and admire all of the beautiful scenery on offer during their day, although it might be a little too chilly to venture out into the sea.

The sun rises at 7 am and sets at around 6 pm, giving you plenty of time to make the most of the island and the different activities on offer. You can discover more about Bermuda’s seasonal weather in this insightful blog.

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What Are the Best Things to Do?

Like every month on the island, plenty is going on. Here are some of the best activities you can expect to enjoy if you decide to visit Bermuda in February:

Take a Trip to the Botanical Gardens

Bermuda Botanical Gardens is the perfect place to visit if you have a keen eye for nature. Boasting 36 acres of flowers, shrubs and trees, this is one of the best spots on the island for simply strolling around and enjoying the scenery.

Interestingly, John Lennon visited the gardens in 1980 and named his subsequent album ‘double fantasy’ after a flower he spotted here. Pretty cool, right?

The gardens are located in Paget Parish, only a short drive from downtown Hamilton. Therefore, once you’ve enjoyed roaming the grounds, you can take a cab down to the capital and enjoy a spot of lunch (and maybe a couple of Rum Swizzles).

Hit the Golf Course

Bermuda is home to outstanding golf courses, including Port Royal, Turtle Hill and Mid Ocean Club.

For the lovers of the game, February is a great month to loosen up and get out onto the course. This is because there are generally fewer tourists on the island, meaning it’s easier to take your pick from the available tee times.

port royal golf course bermudaImage Credit

The cool weather is ideal for golf, too. As long as you have a jumper in your bag and a well-grooved swing, you’re in for an absolute treat.


Take a Scenic Horse Ride

Bermuda is well known for its beaches. So, why not enjoy them on horseback? Whether you’re looking for a romantic activity or just want to do something slightly different, this is a great chance to admire Bermuda’s serene coastline.

Moran Meadows offers personalized horse riding experiences.

horse and carriage in bermudaImage Credit

Visitors can also enjoy a horse and carriage ride through the old town of St. George’s. Once you’ve taken in the town's rich history in style, head down to the White Horse Pub for a few late afternoon drinks.


Train Trolley Tour of Hamilton City

Another activity that is great for the romantics — a trolley car ride across the city of Hamilton. Learn about the city's fascinating history and admire the beautiful architecture, all from the comfort of a trolley cart.

These tours usually take place for around an hour and are available during the day and the evening. If you’re keen on finding out some interesting facts about the island’s history and don’t want to do too much sightseeing on foot, this is right for you.

bermuda train trolleyImage Credit

Once you’ve finished the tour, you’ll be conveniently located in the capital. If you’re hungry, plenty of seafood bars are dotted around the city. We’d also recommend staying around until the evening, where the city's vibrant atmosphere comes to life.


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