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30 Best Things to Do in Bermuda if it Rains

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Bermuda is famous for its enviable warm climate and days filled with glorious sunshine. There are some times in the year when Bermuda experiences rain, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to do and see while the rain falls. Here’s our list of amazing things to do in Bermuda when it’s raining.

30 Things to Do in Bermuda During the Rain

  1. Visit the Bermuda Art Center at Dockyard - its diverse and inspirational exhibits are constantly updated, highlighting the best pieces from local artists, some in residence.
  2. Buy a souvenir at Bermuda Craft Market, also in Dockyard - the indoor market is the perfect place to find handmade, Bermuda-style candles, sculptures, jewelry, ornaments, cards and more.
  3. Explore Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo in Flatts, Smiths Parish - home to sharks, seals, otters, alligators, tortoises, tropical birds and more. Free for children under five and a must see.
  4. Relax at one of Bermuda’s tranquil spas - receive a deep-tissue massage while you enjoy a peaceful view of the deep blue ocean.
  5. Explore Bermuda Clayworks - at Royal Naval Dockyard, you can tour a working pottery gallery and learn about the fine art with regular workshops for both visitors and locals. 
  6. Spend the morning or afternoon at the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art - get a closer look at over 1,500 pieces of art from local artists and famous creators like Georgia O’Keeffe.
  7. Feel inspired at the Bermuda National Gallery, located in City Hall Hamilton - discover collections that feature work from West Africa, Europe and Bermuda.

  8. Take a free tour of the Bermuda Perfumery in Hamilton Parish - gorgeous fragrances have been created from the island’s flowers since 1928. Take a tour and see how they’re made.

  9. Escape the rain underground - visit Bermuda’s Crystal Caves and explore the stunning stalactites and rock formations.
  10. Enjoy traditional British ale and a Sunday roast - head to the Frog & Onion Pub in the Royal Naval Dockyard and discover this amazing British-style pub.

    Visit Bermuda's Crystal Caves

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  11. 11. Paint your own pottery at the Jon Faulkner Gallery - in Dockyard discover the amazing pottery created at this wonderful gallery and have a go at making your own.
  12. Treat yourself to a little retail therapy at Clocktower Mall - located at the Royal Naval Dockyard, this mall is perfect for Bermuda souvenirs and gifts.
  13. Step into Bermuda’s past - walk out of the rain and into history at the Bermuda Historical Society Museum located at Dockyard. The museum displays antique furniture, coins and artifacts from Bermuda’s past, even guns and weaponry.
  14. Head to the Tucker House Museum - a museum in St. George’s Town that’s dedicated to the famous colonial Tucker family.
  15. Visit the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, on the outskirts of Hamilton -  learn about the many shipwrecks that surround the island and discover the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle (below).

  16. Tour St. Peter’s Church - explore this fascinating Anglican Church, the oldest Anglican Church in the Western Hemisphere, that’s stood in St. George’s for hundreds of years.
  17. Try Alex & Pete’s Artisan Ice Cream - just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this delicious handmade ice cream which is situated underneath the gazebo at the Royal Naval Dockyard.
  18. Have afternoon tea at The Hamilton Princess - enjoy delicious sandwiches and cakes as well as perfectly made tea served in fine china.
  19. Shop at Gibbons Company - a large department store that’s popular with Bermudians. Perfect if you’ve left something important at home.
  20. Admire the beautiful architecture of Bermuda Cathedral - the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity in Hamilton (pictured) is great to visit for its history and stunning architecture.

    bermuda cathedral

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  21. Stop by the Bermuda Transport Museum, Dockyard - if you’re a petrolhead, make sure to check out the vintage cars, bikes, carriages and boats on display here.
  22. Catch the SeaExpress - the SeaExpress ferries have sheltered indoor seating to keep you dry while you cruise around the stunning Bermuda coastline.
  23. Take inspiration from Hamilton’s stylish Urban Cottage - this popular lifestyle boutique is the perfect place to find inspiration for your next interior design project.
  24. Try Bermuda’s favourite drinks - the Rum Swizzle and the Dark ‘n Stormy are Bermuda’s two signature cocktails. Make sure to try both at any of Bermuda’s welcoming bars.
  25. Dance the night away at The Pickled Onion - speaking of cocktails, head to The Pickled Onion for drinks, dancing and amazing live music.
  26.  Explore Fort St. Catherine - the Fort (pictured) is home to exhibits and artifacts that showcase what life was like on the island in the 17th century. Plus, the stunning beaches are perfect for sunbathing and paddling in the ocean.

  27. Visit Verdmont Historic House Museum, in Smiths Parish - the house has remained untouched for 300+ years, giving you amazing insight into what life used to be like in Bermuda.
  28. Explore Hamilton City Hall & Arts Center - this government building is also an art museum and theater, perfect for exploring.
  29. Discover Bermuda at the World Heritage Center, Waterfront in St. George’s - this building is a great resource for visitors as it’s packed with educational information, a video room to watch short films and even a charity shop.
  30. Discover Bermuda at the World Heritage Center - this building is a great resource for visitors as it’s packed with educational information, a video room to watch short films and even a charity shop.
  31. Grab a bite to eat in Washington Mall - Hamilton’s Washington Mall is a great spot to do a little shopping and enjoy some lunch. There are several places to choose from. You won’t be disappointed.
fort. st catherine
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To think, these are just some of the many things you can do in Bermuda when it’s raining. Now, imagine just how many more incredible activities and sights there are to do and see in the warmer months. The possibilities are endless.

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