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5 Festive Things You Can't Miss When Visiting Bermuda in December

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The temperatures in Bermuda in December are surprisingly pleasant. Most places all around the Northern Hemisphere tend to be quite cool at this time of year, but because of the gulf stream, Bermuda enjoys relatively warm temperatures that are always appreciated by visitors.

christmas decorations bermuda in december

As if mild weather, island charm and tasty holiday food and drink aren't enough to lure you to Bermuda, the holiday festivities out here bring about warmth and cheer. Here are five festive things you can’t miss when visiting Bermuda in December. 

  1. Celebrate Christmas the Bermuda Way
  2. Search For Unique Bermudian Holiday Gifts
  3. Pink Christmas on the Beach
  4. Sample the Festive Food Traditions 
  5. Bring in the New Year with the Onion Drop 

1. Celebrate Christmas the Bermuda Way


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The sub-tropical island of Bermuda is a hugely popular destination in December. Jetting off to somewhere sunny and warm allows you to leave the worries of winter behind. 

Bermuda has a long history as a British colony and because the island has more churches per square mile than anywhere in the world, Christmas is naturally celebrated island-wide. You’ll see festive decorations, shimmering lights, impressive window displays and towering Christmas trees dotted around. 

2. Search For Unique Bermudian Holiday Gifts

christmas gifts in bermuda city of hamiltonFind out more

By early December in Bermuda, the pastel-hued buildings of the cities are decked out with lights and gorgeous garlands.

It's an excellent time to get in the holiday spirit while searching for uniquely Bermudian holiday gifts at local stores. You can pick up some special trinkets and wares from your island getaway.

The beautifully trimmed Christmas trees at Royal Naval Dockyard and outside City Hall in Hamilton welcomes shoppers and visitors alike to shop to their hearts’ content.

3. Pink Christmas on the Beach 


Dreaming of a pink Christmas? Hundreds of locals, ex-pats and visitors dressed in festive outfits gather at Elbow Beach in Paget's Parish every year on Christmas Day. With the sun rising on the horizon, you can take a sip of champagne and plunge into the Atlantic together. 

It may be December, but the ocean’s temperature is pleasant enough for a dip and the pink sand is always inviting

4. Sample the Festive Food Traditions 

eggnog holiday rum bermuda in decemberFind out more

The holidays really kick Bermudian cuisine up a notch. If you’re feeling festive, start your day with a delicious eggnog latte from the Rock Island Coffee in Hamilton.

The holidays fall at the height of the spiny lobster season, which makes for hearty seasonal dishes at restaurants like the Lobster Pot. For dessert, you can satisfy your sweet tooth by digging into Rum Eggnog Ice Cream from Alex & Pete's Bermuda Artisan Ice Creamery.

Even home-cooked holiday meals have their own Bermudian twist. It wouldn’t be Christmas dinner without the (rum) glazed ham and Bermudian side dishes are just as important. Decadent, buttery Bermuda black rum cake is a perfect finale, especially when paired with some warm mulled wine.

5. Bring in the New Year with the Onion Drop 


Bring in the New Year in St. George’s. King’s Square is filled with local food, live entertainment and of course, you can’t miss the famous onion drop. 

Each country has its own take on the celebration. For example, New York City has the ball drop. Bermuda has the onion drop!

These are just some of the quirky activities you can enjoy in December on the island. There is so much more you could discover - for all times of the year. Ready to find out more?

Plan an Unforgettable Vacation in Bermuda

What makes Bermuda so special is that you have 11 other months with activities that are unmissable too. Whether you’re here in December or any other time of the year, it’s a great opportunity to fall in love with the island.

Whenever you’re thinking of visiting, there’s something for everybody to enjoy. Plan your next visit with the help of our 12-month guide.

It features all of the unique events and traditions that Bermuda celebrates, from Christmas to Easter, as well as useful information like the weather and the water temperature. Download your free copy now using the link below.

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