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The Best Time to Visit Bermuda: Weather, Flights, Activities and More

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With over 550,000 people visiting Bermuda in 2022, it’s clear to see that this magnificent island is more popular than ever - and for good reason. One of the most popular times to go to Bermuda is between March and April as temperatures first start to climb and there’s plenty to see and do.

But it’s not the only time of the year that Bermuda presents exciting and interesting things to do. There’s actually never a bad time to experience Bermuda. This post will outline the best time to visit Bermuda, how you can immerse yourself in its unique culture and what you can enjoy whilst you’re here.

November - February

This period is known as the off season in Bermuda. The temperatures vary during these months but rarely get out of the 60s (Fahrenheit). During the days, it’s pleasantly cool with a nice breeze. However, in the early mornings and evenings, you’ll probably need a lightweight jacket to counter any chills.

During the winter months, it’s not the weather that people visit Bermuda for. As it’s the off season, there are fewer tourists around the island, which means you can get a true feel for the culture and what this amazing location is like. The island is more serene, which gives it an even more laid back feel for which it’s well deserved reputation already suggests.

Plus, if golf is your thing, then you can take advantage of cheaper green fees at some of Bermuda’s world-famous courses due to the quieter demand. We’d say that this is the peak time for golfers as it’s far easier to get on courses than in the height of the summer months.


Image credit: Port Royal Golf Course, Go to Bermuda

During these months, the locals consider it a little too cold to take a dip in the ocean, but that shouldn’t stop you from pulling on a wetsuit and taking a dive. Snorkeling is popular all year round but during the winter months, the ocean visibility is far clearer.

It’s the perfect time to put on your goggles and explore the beautiful marine life that lies just off the Bermuda coastline.

Whether it’s walking tours, the National Museum at the Dockyard or a spot of quiet shopping that you enjoy, you’ll not be stuck for something to do in Bermuda during the winter. The Marathon Weekend in January attracts runners from all over the world, so it’s the perfect place to complete such an amazing achievement whilst taking in the breathtaking beauty of Bermuda.


Image credit: Bermuda Marathon Weekend, Go to Bermuda

As of this writing, the average flight cost is $420 for this period - based on the two-hour flight from New York JFK airport to Bermuda.

March - April

As we mentioned earlier, between March and April is one of the most popular windows that people choose to visit Bermuda. But why?

Well, it’s the start of the peak season in which temperatures start to climb. Plus, as it’s the beginning of the season, flights aren’t at a premium which means that you can fly directly to Bermuda for a discounted rate, compared to later on in the season.

At the time of writing, two-hour flights from Boston airport to Bermuda start from $430.

These two months are some of the most festive months in the calendar in Bermuda. Easter falls in this period and locals head down to Horseshoe Bay with beautiful handmade kites - a real picture-worthy sight to behold.


Image credit: Horseshoe Bay Beach, Go to Bermuda

Bermuda International Film Festival (BIFF) also takes place in March each year. The event takes place over a week and various films are shown and celebrated throughout. It’s always a great occasion and is suitable for families and couples too. There’s something for everyone and the week is always well-attended on island.

The Bermuda Peppercorn Ceremony is a historic event that takes place in April each year. It dates all the way back to the 1800s and involves the celebration of the annual rent of St. Georges being paid, which amounted to one peppercorn.

Bermudians all come together and celebrate in style in typical fashion at this historic event. The Annual Agricultural Exhibition also takes place in mid-April every year, which attracts locals and tourists alike.

This time of year is perfect for nature lovers. In April, over 15,000 humpback whales migrate north to Canada and Iceland and they’re always up for putting on a friendly show for the various boat trips. See these amazing giants up close and personal as they pass through the crystal clear ocean. Pack your waterproofs, as you may be in the splash zone.


Image credit: Humpback Whale Breaching, Go to Bermuda

May - October

Bermuda’s temperatures start to soar into the 70s and 80s between May and October. Wake up in the morning to a nice warm greeting, soak up the sun during the day and enjoy those cooler evenings that are perfect for a romantic walk down the iconic pink beaches.

On the 24th May, Bermuda Day kicks off the ‘official’ summer season. During the peak season in Bermuda, the amazing beaches really come to life. There’s always plenty going on with activities and events in full swing the majority of the time.



Image credit: Bermuda Day, Go to Bermuda

Soak in the typically Bermudian atmosphere and prepare to celebrate hard for Bermuda Heroes Weekend in June. The event takes place every year and is a huge carnival-style party. Steel pan music and an array of bands set the party vibe, whilst you can enjoy plenty of local cuisines and so much more.

Whether it’s watersports or boat trips you’re after, you won’t be disappointed and will surely find plenty of ways to keep yourself entertained.

Not only do the beaches come to life with activities, but it’s also in this period where the sea temperature reaches its warmest. Temperatures reach up to 82 degrees, which is warm enough for a quick paddle or, for the adrenaline junkies amongst you, there are plenty of cliff jumping opportunities.

Before planning your trip at this time of the year, it’s worth noting that as this is peak season, flights will be at their most expensive. The average flight cost is $650 for this period - based on a flight that’s just over two hours from Philadelphia to Bermuda. 

At this time, the local amenities and beaches will also be at their busiest.

Now you’re aware of the year round activities and temperatures in Bermuda, it’s time to dive deeper and get to know what happens from month to month.



Explore More Things to See and Do in Bermuda Throughout the Year

As we mentioned earlier, there’s never a bad time to visit Bermuda. The friendly locals welcome you from the moment you touch down on the runway. It really is a special place.

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