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The Expat's Survival Guide: 3 Things to Know Before Moving to Bermuda

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It’s not difficult to see why Bermuda is a desirable place to stay. Pink-sands, delicious food, lovely weather, beautiful surroundings and thriving wildlife are just some of the reasons why you might want to visit or move here.

Visitors from the US, Canada and the UK are always welcome on the friendly island of Bermuda and can stay for up to three months without any form of visa. 

However, if you’re looking for something more permanent and are considering moving to Bermuda, here are the things you need to know.

  1. Working in Bermuda Requires a Work Permit
  2. It’s Easier to Bring Your Family to Bermuda If You Work Here
  3. You Don’t Need a Visa to Retire in Paradise

1.Working in Bermuda Requires a Work Permit

Securing a job in Bermuda is the first step to working on the island. You will then need a work permit. There are plenty of job opportunities here though - over 20% of the population comprises foreign expats working in Bermuda on work permits.

Your employer would need to specify a period for the work permit and pay the relevant fees in full to the government. This period can be extended later if necessary (up to 5 years), but it doesn’t guarantee permanent residency. It’s important to note that your spouse cannot work on the island on your work permit and will have to go through the same process to acquire one.

Besides that, once everything is finalized, you can come and enjoy the island and take in the serene surroundings in your free time. You’re only ever a mile away from the ocean too.

2. It’s Easier to Bring Your Family to Bermuda If You Work Here

Your spouse and children can stay with you as long as you work and live in Bermuda. Whether it’s making memories over some Rum Swizzles by the ocean or taking your family on a walk around the abundant botanical gardens - bringing your loved ones to Bermuda is never a bad idea. 

Bermuda is a wonderful place to bring up children. Basic education is good, it’s a safe environment and there are a host of extracurricular activities and sports for children to get involved in. Best of all, everything is right on your doorstep. 

Here are some great activities to do with the family while in Bermuda:

  • Discover the hidden gems of Bermuda and experience a once in a lifetime adventure. 

  • Visit the world’s oldest aquarium and amaze yourself with the native marine life of Bermuda. 

  • Tee off with the whole family and teach the kids how to get a hole-in-one.

  • Take a boat tour around the island on the azure waters.

  • Eat and drink like a local. Find secret eateries and enjoy the delicious fusion of flavours.

  • Meet up with other expats and attend social events like yoga, tennis and golf.

3. You Don’t Need a Visa to Retire in Paradise

You’ve worked hard and now you want to kick back and enjoy the beautiful island of Bermuda during your retirement. If you’re a citizen of the UK, USA or Canada, you don’t require a visa to enjoy the secluded retreat.

You will need a Residency Permit and to qualify for one of these you need to buy either a vacation home or a permanent home in Bermuda. The Residency Permit will last for as long as you own property in Bermuda. Simply put, if you want to retire to Bermuda, you will have to buy property here.

Owning a property in Bermuda doesn't grant permanent Bermudian citizenship or a Permanent Residency Certificate. For this, you would need to be resident in Bermuda for a period of at least 10 years

Or you could semi-retire to Bermuda and spend time between here and your current home. Owning a hotel condominium would allow you to spend up to 90 days each year in Bermuda, visa-free.  

A spa, gym, two pools, restaurant, bar and beach facilities are all available at Bermudiana Beach Resort, Tapestry Collection by Hilton, an upscale vacation condo development.

Besides amenities, there’s so much to experience on the island. Where do you even start?

What to Do When You Move to Bermuda

When moving to Bermuda, you might not be aware of all the exciting activities that are available to do from one month to the next. There’s never a bad time to experience the island. Plan your next vacation with the help of our 12-month guide.

It gives insight into all the events and activities that you’ll experience in Bermuda, as well as useful information like the temperature and flight costs for the family.

Download your free copy now using the link below.

12 Months In Bermuda Guide CTA