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The Best Times to Visit Bermuda for Your Next Vacation

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The best time to visit Bermuda is subjective. With so much to see and explore, it’s up to you how you experience the island. Take a look at the months below and decide for yourself.

January - Start the Year With Adventure

water clarity in january in bermuda is clear

Cliff jumping, jet skiing and Bermuda’s secret coves. January is a great time to discover Bermuda’s wilder side. Although it’s unusual for divers to go out in January, it’s advised to wear a wetsuit and head out with an experienced local diving club if you wish to do so.

  1. Cliff jump and rock climb at Admiralty House Park.
  2. Delve into the Bermudian shipwrecks.
  3. Take a jet ski tour of Bermuda.
  4. Explore the Crystal Caves.
  5. Go wild at Spittal Pond Reserve.
  6. Seek solitude and escape at secluded beaches.

 Clarity of the water at this time of year can be spectacular! These are just some of the ventures you can enjoy on the island in January but there’s much to see all year round. Be bold - adrenaline junkies can find the fun-filled activities available here.

February - The Month of Love

Luxurious Spa Experience in February in Bermuda

Thanks to the dreamy weather, lively atmosphere and an endless stream of warm-weather attractions, Bermuda in February is an ideal time to escape with your special someone. 

  1. Have a magical moongate experience under the limestone arches.
  2. Unwind at The Natura Spa with a couples massage.
  3. Enjoy culinary delights at oceanfront restaurants.
  4. Take a horseback ride on the sand and shallow waters.
  5. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery from the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.
  6. Experience an unforgettable sunset cruise with a glass of champagne.
  7. Walk hand-in-hand along the beach with your sweetheart.
  8. Play a 2-ball on one of Bermuda’s many beautiful courses.
  9. Plan an intimate picnic in Warwick Long Bay.

This is just a taste of the romantic activities you can fall in love with on the island but there’s much to adore throughout the rest of the year. There’s an itinerary for visiting Bermuda in February here. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with the island! 

March - Extended Romantic Getaway

wedding on the beach in bermuda romantic

The amorous charm of Bermuda doesn’t just end when February does. The romance continues into March. Valentine’s Day has been and gone but it’s the perfect time to enjoy something special with your significant other. 

This blog details 10 romantic things you can do in March so you can feel the love long after February 14th. 

April - Family Time Together

family time in april in bermuda aquarium

Bermuda is the perfect family-friendly holiday getaway. Whether you’re bringing toddlers or teenagers, there are so many exciting and fascinating things waiting for you here.

  1. Build sandcastles together on Horseshoe Bay Beach.
  2. Walk on the seabed with Hartley’s Helmet Diving and pet the gorgeous angelfish.
  3. Climb Cooper’s Island Wildlife Observation Tower.
  4. Visit the Bermuda aquarium, museum and zoo. 
  5. Explore the Crystal Caves to learn how they’re formed.
  6. See the breathtaking whale migration that takes place this month. 
  7. Explore the natural side of Bermuda like Tom Moore’s Jungle.
  8. Take the perfect family photo at Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. 
  9. Fly a kite on one of Bermuda’s many beaches, a Good Friday and Easter tradition.
  10. Attend April’s three-day agricultural show.

April's laid-back island vibe offers a great chance for a beach break with the kids. Here are some ways to keep them entertained on the island.

May - The Best Things in Life Are Free

Horeshoe Bay People free activity in may in bermuda

Bermuda has a reputation for celebrating the finer things in life. But did you know there’s so much to see, do and experience if you’re looking to explore affordable and simple pleasures? 

  1. Enjoy the sunset at Daniel’s Head Park.
  2. Get around on the Sea Express.
  3. Explore Bermuda’s military history.
  4. Pose for selfies after Calico Jack’s Pirate Show.
  5. Hike or cycle the Bermuda Railway Trail.
  6. Celebrate Bermuda Day!
  7. Relax at Horseshoe Bay Beach.
  8. Relive Bermuda’s history in St. George.
  9. See Bermuda’s tropical birds at Spittal Pond.
  10. Tour the world’s oldest Anglican church outside the UK.

May is the cheapest month to travel to Bermuda so it’s the perfect time to visit if you’re on a budget. Bookmark this blog for the best affordable things to do in Bermuda in May.

June - Carnival CentralCarnival_014-2-1

Bermuda Heroes Weekend, one of the island’s biggest and most extravagant summer celebrations takes place in June every year. There’s no better time to shake your tail feather on the island. 

  • Kiddie Carnival
  • Five Star Friday
  • Evolve
  • Mimosa Sunrise
  • Bermuda Heroes Weekend Raft Up
  • Euphoria
  • Wetta
  • Glow
  • Pure Bermuda
  • BHW Isle of Devil’s J’Ouvert Celebration
  • The Parade of Bands
  • Pan in the Park

For more information on these carnival-related things to do in Bermuda, this blog tells you everything you need to know about the festival period in June. 

July - R&R

jobsons cove in july in bermuda

In July, it’s not just the climate that peaks. The casual island lifestyle is also in full swing. Here are some ways to get in the stress-free spirit. 

  1. Enjoy exclusive Bermuda spa treatments and recharge.
  2. Kick-back on the pink sands and watch the sky melt into the seascape. 
  3. Discover Bermuda’s most secluded retreats like Jobson’s Cove.
  4. Eat al fresco and enjoy nature in the lush Botanical Gardens. 
  5. Try something different with a serene yoga experience on the beach.

Take the pathway to peace of mind - make sure to don your best pair of Bermuda shorts and get ready to relax. Plan a tranquil trip in July by using the insights from this blog. 

August - Mindful Month

bermuda railway trail

August is the hottest month of the year in Bermuda but the island remains comfortable and calm throughout. It invites warm sea temperatures and a climate perfect for relaxing and unwinding. 

  1. Meditate on the pink-sand beaches and take in the iconic landscapes.
  2. Traverse the Bermuda coast and be sure to bring plenty of sunblock!
  3. Discover Bermuda’s towns and the historic Railway Trail.
  4. Escape to hidden hideaways like Astwood Cove and enjoy the stillness.
  5. Play a round of golf and work on your swing. 
  6. Unwind at a spa with a pamper session by experienced therapists. 

From traversing the Bermuda coast to teeing off on one of the many spectacular golf courses, here are six mindful things to do when visiting Bermuda in August. 

September - Diverse and Delicious

spiny lobster season in bermuda september

Bermuda in September is popular because of its hot climate and culinary delights. With a unique blend of British, Spanish, African and Caribbean influences, you’ll have plenty of tasty dishes to choose from when you’re in Bermuda. 

From a hearty codfish breakfast to an indulgent rum cake, Bermuda provides delectable dishes for all. Is your mouth watering? Find out more about the tasty cuisine in this blog here.

October - Frighteningly Good 

golfing bermuda in augustPhoto by Montana Pritchard 

You’ll find that in October, Bermuda is quieter than the other tourist months but there’s still lots to explore and experience here.

  1. Be spooked by Halloween entertainment in St George’s.  
  2. Take a trip on the Bermuda Triangle Twilight cruise.
  3. Watch the PGA Grand Slam of Golf.
  4. Enjoy tasty dishes at The Food Truck Festival. 

November - A Sports Lover’s Dream

world rugby classic in bermuda in november

November is a particularly enjoyable month for sports lovers. Each year in this month, avid golfers gather at Port Royal Golf Course to compete.

  1. Take part in the Bermudian Amateur Golf Tournament.
  2. Cheer on your colors at the World Rugby Classic.
  3. Explore the island’s stunning nature reserves.
  4. Kitesurf across the Bermudian waters.
  5. Put your fishing skills to the test on the serene backdrop.

December - Festive Island Spirit

bermuda christmas lights in december

The temperatures in Bermuda in December are surprisingly pleasant. Bermuda enjoys relatively warm temperatures that can be appreciated by all visitors. 

  1. Celebrate Christmas the Bermuda way, starting off with champagne on the beach.
  2. Search for interesting Bermudian holiday gifts in locally-owned boutiques. 
  3. Pink Christmas on the beach.
  4. Sample the festive food traditions like casava pie and creamed pumpkin.  
  5. Bring in the New Year with the onion drop in St Georges. 

As if mild weather, island charm and tasty holiday food treats aren't enough to lure you to Bermuda, here are five festive things you can’t miss when visiting Bermuda in December. 

These are just some of the quirky activities you can enjoy in December on the island. There’s so much more you could discover - for all times of the year. Ready to find out more?

The Best Times in Bermuda Are Waiting to Be Discovered 

What makes Bermuda so special is that there are fun and adventurous activities all year round. Whether you’re visiting Bermuda in January, July or any other time of the year, it’s an amazing place to explore.

Whenever you’re thinking of visiting, there’s something for everybody. Plan your next visit with the help of our 12-month guide. It features all of the unique events and traditions that Bermuda celebrates as well as useful information like the weather and water temperature throughout the year.

Download your free copy now using the link below.

12 Months In Bermuda Guide CTA