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How Long Can I Stay In Bermuda as a Tourist? And How Long Should I Stay?

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Bermuda has been a popular tourist destination for many years. The subtropical weather, rich heritage and abundance of things to do put it at the top of many people’s places to visit.

But if you were to visit the island as a tourist, how long could you stay? And what is a good length of time to visit and make the most out of everything the island has to offer?


How Long Can Tourists Stay In Bermuda?

In August 2020, Bermuda’s Government increased the maximum length of stay for all tourists visiting the island to 180 days. At the end of this period, visitors are expected to depart.

If someone wishes to remain on the island beyond the maximum 180-day period, they must submit an application requesting permission to reside annually. This can be done by completing an Application for Residence Form and presenting evidence of financial means.

If you’re a USA, UK or Canadian national, you don’t require a visa to enter the island, irrespective of whether you’re a tourist, business visitor or work permit holder. Once you have a valid passport and your tickets booked, you're all set. 

So, now you know how long tourists can stay in Bermuda, but how much time do you need to make the most out of the island?


What Is a Good Amount of Time to Make the Most of the Island?

Bermuda has something to offer all year round, so you can get your money's worth in 180 days. Here’s a quick breakdown of the things you can get up to during the different seasons.

November — February

If you decide to visit Bermuda as a tourist during the off-season, there’s plenty to see and do. The temperature is pleasantly cool during the days, meaning the weather is perfect for island hikes and time spent exploring Bermuda’s stunning beaches.

Typically, there are fewer tourists on the island during these months, so places such as Hamilton and Horseshoe Bay are much quieter. The laid back atmosphere provides you with an excellent opportunity to embrace the island’s culture and get a feel for what life is like for local Bermudians.

For golf enthusiasts, green fees are much cheaper from November to February. Snorkeling is also popular during these months, but be sure to wear a wetsuit as the ocean can get chilly!

March — April 

One of the most popular times to visit Bermuda is between March and April. The temperatures start to climb and plenty of events begin to take place. Flights also aren’t at a premium, which means you can fly directly to Bermuda for a discounted rate compared to later in the season.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway or simply want to escape the hustle and bustle with your partner, there’s plenty for you to enjoy during these months.  

Some of the most notable events in the calendar take place too, including Bermuda International Film Festival (BIFF) and the Bermuda Peppercorn Ceremony.

This time of year is perfect for nature lovers. In April, over 15,000 humpback whales migrate north to Canada and Iceland — and they’re always up for putting on a friendly show for the various boat trips.

May — October

The heat starts to pick up between May and October, with temperatures soaring into the 80s. Locals and tourists spend their days soaking up the heat on some of the island’s most popular beaches. 

Bermuda Carnival kicks off in June, too. Here, the Bermudian people unite for 10 days to celebrate the island's history and honor the achievements of the local heroes. 

If you’re keen to get stuck into some activities, there’s plenty on offer. These include watersports, cliff jumping and golf. The average flight cost is $490 for this period — based on a flight that’s just over two hours from Philadelphia to Bermuda.

So, there you have it, a quick breakdown of what 12 months on the island looks like. You can make the most out of the island during your 180-day stay with so much going on. But where are the best places to stay during your visit?


Where Should You Stay When You Visit?

With its doors opening in June 2023, Bermudiana Beach Resort, Tapestry Collection by Hilton is set to be one most sought after places to stay for tourists visiting the island.

Home to some fantastic amenities, including an ocean view bar & grill, an ocean view pool & hot tub and an indoor gym, there’s plenty for visitors to enjoy during their stay. 

The condo hotel is in South Shore Crescent in Warwick, conveniently located close to most of the island’s most popular destinations, including the likes of Hamilton.

Of course, for some, visiting Bermuda is as far as it goes. You simply want to come here to enjoy the serene atmosphere and relax for a period of time. But for others, the idea of having your own place here is a highly tempting proposition. 

If that’s the case, Bermudian Beach Resort is offering more than just a luxury hotel to spend your time at on the visit. Instead, all 94 condos can be purchased at an affordable price.

To learn more about the opportunity and what life could look like as a condo owner at Bermudiana Beach Resort, download a copy of our guide.


Thinking About Owning Your Own Slice of Bermudian Paradise?

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