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Bermuda Carnival — What to Expect from Heroes Weekend

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As the sun shines down on the island every summer, Bermuda hosts its own carnival called the Heroes Weekend. Here, the Bermudian people unite for 10 days to celebrate the island's history and honor the achievements of the local heroes.

This is an event you don’t want to miss. If you plan to visit the island in summer and want to know what to expect if you decide to attend Heroes Weekend, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out everything there is to know about this epic celebration.


What Is Heroes Weekend and When Did It First Take Place?

Heroes Weekend is a vibrant and colorful celebration that takes place at the beginning of summer every year. Events occur at various locations across the island for 10 days during June.


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The first Heroes Weekend was hosted in 2015, where the Bermudian people had a vision of hosting an annual event to embrace their culture and acknowledge the amazing work the local people do every year.

National heroes are selected based on their contributions to the country in terms of how they have enriched the lives of others and improved the quality of life for the Bermudian people. 

One of the most recently recognized local heroes was Gladys Carlon de Courcy, a lady who led a 30-year campaign for women’s rights in Bermuda. Some other local heroes from the past include Sir John Swan, Dr. Edgar Fitzgerald Gordon and Mary Prince.

Why Should You Attend the Carnival?

Bermuda is known for its rich culture and Heroes Weekend is the perfect opportunity to experience it in all its glory. Rum Swizzles flow and there are plenty of local cuisines to sample.


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It’s also a great chance to mingle with the Bermudian people and live like a local. If you’re considering buying a second home on the island and want to feel what the locals are like, there’s no better place to do it than at Heroes Weekend. 

As the carnival is hosted across different locations on the island, it’s a good time to explore some of the popular hot spots when they’re at their most vibrant too.

Make your way to the pink sandy beaches and experience the island’s capital, Hamilton, at its liveliest, as parades make their way through the streets in extravagant costumes. 

Aside from the parties and fetes, there are plenty of other exciting activities during the 10-day celebration. We’ve provided a round-up of some you can’t miss if you’re lucky enough to attend for yourself.

What’s On During the 10-Day Celebration?

Heroes Weekend hosts various events from land to sea in many different stunning locations. The all-night J'Ouvert Celebration and the Race Day Raft Up are two of the most popular. However, here are some others you must attend if you’re on the island in early June:

1. Kiddie Carnival

This is a must-attend event if you visit Bermuda with your family. Typically held at Victoria Park in Hamilton, Kiddie Carnival is one of the first events to kick off Heroes Weekend with a mini-parade of bands, delicious food and plenty of entertainment for the little ones to enjoy.

2. Five Star Friday

Kicking off Bermuda Heroes Weekend with a lively start, this is an open-air concert where you can dance the night away to the sounds of some of the greatest soca musicians on the planet. The event takes place in the City Hall Car Park at 7 pm and usually lasts until the early hours of the morning.

3. Evolve

Evolve is another event that signals the start of the carnival weekend and usually has a different theme each year. Packed with color and upbeat music, this event is located at Fort Hamilton where a sunset fête takes place.

4. The Parade of Bands

The Parade of Bands dances its way through the streets of Hamilton in trucks on Saturday each year. Starting at noon, the historic streets are filled with thousands of people singing, dancing and having a great time. You can either watch the festivities from the sidewalk or join in and let your hair down if you're really feeling it.

5. Wetta

Take the party to the ocean at Wetta. Held at Tobacco Bay, the locals celebrate Bermuda’s culture with music, dancing and liquor. Be sure to pack your best swimwear for this one!

6. Sick Leave

Sick Leave is the ultimate ditch day fête during the carnival weekend as soca takes to the high seas aboard the MV Longtail with drinks, carnival vibes and plenty of good music. As part of the event, a tradition is that locals get to duck their bosses, so you’ll be in for plenty of laughs if you choose to attend. 

These are just a few of the events during Heroes Weekend. There’s more to find out about in this article we’ve put together.

Heroes Weekend is just one of the many spectacular events that take place each year in Bermuda. There’s genuinely something to enjoy during each month of the calendar year.

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