Welcome to Life in Bermuda

Welcome to Life in Bermuda - by Bermudiana


It’s no secret that Bermuda is a spectacular place to visit. The beautiful island is packed full of culture, history, architecture and fun. Plus, there are the infamous pink sandy beaches and picturesque views wherever you look. 

Because it’s so beautiful, it can be hard to know where to explore and what to indulge yourself in first. Don’t worry. This helpful page is packed with plenty of information to make sure life in Bermuda is enjoyed as it should be.


01 Where is Bermuda?

Many assume that Bermuda is part of the Caribbean islands. However, Bermuda is an island in the North Atlantic. It’s 700 miles North of the Bahamas and the Caribbean, and only 600 miles or so off the Eastern coast of the USA, (The Carolina’s) and is Britain’s oldest British Overseas Territory. It’s also administered independently as a country.

Bermuda is a cluster of mostly-interconnected small islands and is a vacation destination that has become a second-home for many on the east coast of North America. For more information and other FAQs answered about the island, find them here.

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02 Getting to Bermuda

There’s never really a bad time to take a trip to beautiful Bermuda and as the uniquely beautiful island is located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, it’s an easy flight from major cities in the US and Canada.

When you arrive after your short flight, you’ll realize the island is ripe with exciting activities to do all year round and the seasonal weather doesn’t affect the friendly faces of the Bermudians. You can decide when is the ideal time for you and your family to visit by looking at this blog.

However, the best time to vacation on the island is quite subjective. There’s something for everybody to enjoy. So regardless of when you jet off to the island, there will be an activity that appeals to everyone. But how long does it take to get here?

New York (Non-stop, 2hrs 18m)
Boston (Non-stop, 2hrs 11m)
Toronto (Non-stop, 2hrs 11m)
Philadelphia (Non-stop, 2hrs 35m)
London (Non-stop, 7hrs 50m)
Atlanta (Non-stop, 2hr 44m)

Miami (Non-stop,  2hr 37m)

Charlotte (Non-stop, 2hrs 45m)



03 Staying in Bermuda

Bermuda has been a preferred tourist destination ever since visitors first started coming here in the 17th Century. From historic oceanfront resorts to intimate Airbnb cottages tucked into the hillsides, Bermuda offers many idyllic choices for accommodation.

The island is small (only 21 square miles in area), so neighboring parishes often have common advantages such as proximity to beaches and other attractions. 

If you want a hotel close to a beach, then you should ideally choose a parish like Paget, Warwick or Southampton as your location of stay. 

They have beautiful beaches running along the south shore and there are several hotels that take advantage of the amazing pink sands and turquoise water. Some even have their own private beaches.

And Bermuda stands out from its neighbors because it offers efficient public services such as the cross-island public transport system, modern infrastructure such as the new King Edward VII Memorial hospital wing (opened in 2015) and a proactive mosquito prevention program that makes it Zika-Free.

What are my hotel choices in Bermuda?

Bermuda’s hotels rank as some of the very best in the world. There are over 50 hotel properties available in Bermuda, each with quality service and amenities to enjoy. We highly recommend staying in the new Bermudiana Beach Resort, Tapestry Collection by Hilton hotel on the island when it opens at the end of 2020.

Hilton is a leading global hospitality company with a portfolio comprising of nearly 5,900 properties and 939,000 rooms in 114 countries and territories. Recently, they announced a vibrant addition to their ever-growing hotel offering. 

Set to open late this year, Bermudiana Beach Resort will mark the first Hilton hotel in Bermuda. It offers a unique, vacation-condo experience with all the benefits of the Hilton Honors loyalty program. You can learn more about the new development here.

Here are some of the amenities you’ll be able to enjoy at Bermudiana Beach Resort, Tapestry Collection by Hilton:

  • Ocean-view bar, grill and pool terrace.
  • An indulgent spa and Fitness center. 
  • Beach access by elevator and steps.
  • Secluded pink sand beach.

The hotel will also offer beautiful outdoor space, perfect for weddings, flexible indoor space for meetings and private gatherings.

Our top parishes

Bermuda is split into nine parishes, each with its own charm and character. Here’s the ultimate guide to the parishes and towns in Bermuda and what to do in each of them.

  • Devonshire
  • Hamilton
  • Paget
  • Pembroke
  • Saint George
  • Sandys
  • Smith’s
  • Southampton
  • Warwick


This is a quiet parish that offers tranquil scenery and opportunities to explore - a must-visit for any nature lover. Less popular with tourists, Devonshire is ideal if you want a relaxed day out. Visit Devonshire Bay and enjoy the beautiful beach and parkland.


If you’re looking for Hamilton, the capital city of Bermuda, then you’re actually in the wrong place. Hamilton parish is still a fantastic place to visit, especially down by the water. The deepwater limestone caves and subterranean passages are incredible sights that have to be seen to be truly appreciated.


Located in the center of Bermuda, the north shore of Paget overlooks the stunning Hamilton harbor. It’s the perfect spot to lazily relax in the sun and watch the boats come and go. There is also a wonderful walking trail through Paget, which connects to most of the Western end of the island. Situated on Bermuda's old railway trail, if you enjoy walking this is a wonderful day out.


Confusingly for some tourists, this parish is home to the capital city of Bermuda, Hamilton. It’s the busiest and most densely populated of the nine parishes. It offers stunning views and is perfect for anyone looking to find out more about Bermuda’s history.

St. George

Within the parish of St. George is the town that shares the same name. Because of the parish’s rich history, there’s a lot to see and do here. Fort St. Catherine is one of Bermuda’s most impressive forts and houses with well-preserved artifacts, including pistols, swords and muskets.


Pronounced as ‘Sands’, this is the first parish many tourists encounter when they visit Bermuda because of the cruise ship docks by the Royal Naval Dockyard. If you want to escape the popular tourist spots, then visit Hog Bay Beach. It’s a secluded spot and not known by many tourists, so it’s perfect for a quiet swim.


This parish is made up of vast farmlands and beautiful shorelines. Walk along the wide stretch of iconic pink sand or snorkel and get a closer look at some of Bermuda’s native marine life. Smith’s parish is also where you’ll find Spittal Pond Nature Reserve. Spreading over 64 acres of land, there’s no better place to watch birds in Bermuda.


This parish is often the one that visitors head straight to when they arrive. They’re all going to the same place - Horseshoe Bay Beach. This is by far the most popular beach in Bermuda and indeed one of the best. Its deep blue waters and pink sand are an absolute must-see for anyone coming to Bermuda. 

Horseshoe Bay Beach can be very very crowded when the cruise ships are in, as it has lots of fantastic amenities and a restaurant. If you like the quieter, more secluded type of beach, you only have to go within a mile further down to coast in either direction to find several.


Warwick parish offers beautiful architecture and vibrant nature reserves. You can also get a closer look at Bermuda’s diverse trees and plantations as well as limestone quarries and vast farmlands.

And that’s just a slice of what each of Bermuda’s towns and parishes have to offer. You can learn more about them here.

04 Things to do in Bermuda


From renowned top quality golf courses to a vibrant nightlife scene, Bermuda has so much to offer when it comes to finding things to do. The island’s capital, Hamilton, is a treasure trove for foodies and art lovers.

If you’re after unique hotspots that are off the beaten track and popular with the local Bermudians, you can discover them here.

It’s also home to some of the most picturesque beaches in the world, including Tucker’s Town and Somerset Village. Here, you can explore the azure waters and admire some of the island’s amazing wildlife.

Year-round staples:
  • Golf
  • Pink sandy beaches
  • Tennis courts
  • Walks and hikes
  • Bermudian cuisine
  • Friendly locals
  • Sailing
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Squash
  • Yoga, pilates and personal training
  • Historical tours
  • Walking tours
  • Heritage & history 
  • Bermuda’s historic forts
  • Dockyard National Museum
  • Big game fishing
  • Athletics
  • Plein air painting
  • Art shows


Gibbons Company is a large department store that’s popular with Bermudians. It’s perfect if you’ve left something important at home. You can also venture around Hamilton’s Washington Mall, which is a great spot to do a little shopping and enjoy some lunch.

If you’d like, you can buy a souvenir at Bermuda Craft Market situated at the dockyard. The indoor market is the perfect place to find handmade, Bermuda-style candles, sculptures, jewelry, ornaments, cards and more. Many local vendors come out to sell their wares at Harbour Nights, which takes place in Hamilton on Wednesday evenings over the summer months.


Combining a unique blend of British, African, Spanish and Caribbean influences, you’ll never be short of cuisine options when you’re in Bermuda. The culinary landscape here is as diverse as it is delicious, so it’s no surprise that the locals have long taken pride in the national food and drink.

From Wahoo’s to the Waterlot Inn, here are the must-visit eateries on the island to enjoy.


Most Bermudians have pastimes that revolve around sport. Although this serene getaway has more golf courses than anywhere else in the world per capita (we’ve ranked the courses here), a variety of sporting activities are played on the beautiful island.

From those that were influenced by Great Britain, such as cricket and tennis, to sports that are nationally popular like sailing, there’s so much to do here. You can find out more about Bermuda’s thriving sports scene in this blog here.


Whether you’re here in summer or winter, there are so many different activities to entertain you on the island. From activities to do in Bermuda with the kids to affordable things to do on a budget.

And if it rains, don’t worry about it. There’s plenty to keep you occupied when there’s a downpour. You can explore them here.

Beach Life

There are more than 30 sandy beaches and coves in Bermuda that are just waiting to be explored. Although all of them are spectacularly beautiful, some are better for families while others are the best for snorkeling.

From Elbow Beach to Horseshoe Bay beach, we’ve ranked and rated the beaches of Bermuda here to help you find the right beach to suit your plans and interests.


The island’s rich history means that Bermudians have plenty to celebrate. Bermuda Day, for example, takes place in May. This is when most locals take their first dip in the sea and parades go on through the night to welcome the coming of summer.

Here are some other recommendations...

January – Bermuda Restaurants Weeks, Bermuda Marathon Weekend, Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts.

February - Love Month in Bermuda, Couples golf tournament, head down to the beach at 6pm on Valentine’s Day for the perfect sunset.

March – Bermuda International Film Festival, Grey Goose World Par 3 Championship and the Good Friday Kitefest.

April – Bermuda Agriculture Exhibition, Peppercorn Ceremony and Hamilton’s Summertime Harbour Nights.

May – Hamilton’s Summertime Harbour Nights, Antigua Bermuda Race, Bermuda Day.

June – Annapolis Bermuda Ocean Race, Bermuda Heroes Weekend, Newport Bermuda. Race.

July – Hamilton’s Summertime Harbour Nights, Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish Championship.

August – Hamilton’s Summertime Harbour Nights, Cup Match Weekend, Non-Mariner’s Water Raft Up.

September – Hamilton’s Summertime Harbour Nights, Sand Sculpture Competition and Bird watching on the island in Hog Bay Park.

October –  PGA Grand Slam of Golf, City Food Festival and on the 31st October historical figures are ‘resurrected’ in St George’s for a night of Halloween entertainment.

November – World Rugby Classic, Viper North American Race, Thanksgiving Day USA (celebrated in Bermuda at restaurants serving visitors with a traditional Thanksgiving menu).

December – Goodwill Golf Tournament, The New Year is celebrated with a fully decked out traditional Bermuda onion dropped from the Town Hall in St Georges.

This is just a slice of what you can experience on the island. For more information, you can bookmark these useful websites.



05 Culture in Bermuda

History of the island  

Currently, well over 650,000 people visit Bermuda each year - 10 times the resident population! However, let’s rewind to the year 1609 and the unfortunate wreckage of the Sea Venture to see where it all began.

The shipwreck marked the beginning of human colonization, but most of the settlers didn’t want to stick around. As soon as they could cobble some new ships together, they left.

Following this, there were only three people that stayed behind in Bermuda. That was until 1612 when a ship called the Plough arrived with the intention of settling here.

Within three years, Bermuda became a British territory and remains one to this day. Although Bermuda’s first settlers were British, the island’s population quickly became culturally and racially diverse. You can dive into the history of Bermuda with this blog and learn all about the interesting past of the island.


Forts, historic homes and churches, British influence is prevalent here in Bermuda. As visitors explore the island, they will view interesting feats of architecture and stand in sites of historical significance.

Fort St. Catherine – St. George. The site of the first building in Bermuda, since 1612 it has been rebuilt and extended many times in the late 19th century.

Bermuda Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity – Hamilton. A beautiful Neo-Gothic building, construction was started in 1886 and was finally completed in 1911.

Old State House – St. George. The old parliament building of Bermuda, it was constructed in 1620 and was the first stone building in Bermuda after fortifications.

Sessions House – Hamilton. A large parliament building that was constructed in 1819 in Neo-Renaissance style. The magnificent clock tower was added in 1887.

Portuguese Rock - Grounds of the Spittal Pond Nature Reserve. Portuguese Park is a historic monument which marks the spot that’s believed to be the earliest human remnants on the island.

St. David's Lighthouse. Still standing tall and lighting the way for sailors who navigate the waters off the coast of Bermuda, St. David's Lighthouse has been around for well over 100 years.

To explore more of these famous Bermudian landmarks, bookmark this page.

Similar to Bermuda

Choosing a luxury vacation destination to call home is a big commitment and isn’t one you should stroll into lightly. Here are some other locations similar to the island of Bermuda.

Turks and Caicos

North of the Dominican Republic lies a jewel of a destination that is Turks and Caicos. Home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the world and truest, blue ocean you can find, this place will blow your mind.

The hot weather and gorgeous setting will live long in the memory and hook you forever.

The Cayman Isles

The Cayman Isles are made up of three main islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Grand Cayman is the larger of the three islands and is where the capital, Georgetown, is situated.

With 55,000 warm and friendly locals to greet you, you’ll be sure to have a blast in the Cayman Isles.

The Exumas

With crystal clear, sapphire blue water everywhere, the Exumas are unbelievably dreamy. Beaches and islands fit for the richest of royalty will make you fall in love with this beautiful part of the Bahamas..

One thing you definitely don’t want to miss in the Exumas is going to see the extraordinary swimming pigs.

The rich cultures of all these places might have some similarities - beautiful beaches and welcoming locals - but there are major differences which make them all individual.

It all depends on what kind of experience you prefer in getting away and releasing stress. However, you can experience all of this and so much more on the beautiful island of Bermuda. Whether it’s thrilling watersports or exploring local history, there’s something for everybody here. You can discover more here.

Although you now know just some of the many amazing things to do in Bermuda, why not go ahead and find out more?

6 Things to Do in Bermuda

If you’re looking for a variety of things to do on your vacation to suit all interests, look no further than Bermuda. Whether you love nothing more than working your way around a golf course or you can’t get enough of nature, there’s something on the island for everyone. 

From foodies to thrill-seekers, below you'll find the ultimate list of things to do in beautiful Bermuda. 

Before you start planning how you’ll spend your vacation in Bermuda, there are some important things to know when booking a visit. We created help guides for first-time visitors to Bermuda and seasoned visitors alike. Learn more on what to pack, the best time to visit and our things to do in all of the island’s towns and cities. 

7 Bermuda for Sport Lovers

Bermuda is undoubtedly a destination of luxury. From its multiple spas and resorts to the lifestyle many locals and visitors enjoy, Bermuda can be described as high-end in many ways. Sport, in particular, is a large pastime and affluent sports such as golf, tennis and sailing are very popular. 


Bermuda has eight golf courses, the highest concentration of courses in the world for such a small country. Many of Bermuda’s golf courses are award-winning and the island has even hosted the PGA Grand Slam of Golf twice. 

Although cricket is the national sport of Bermuda, golf’s popularity makes it very prominent. 

Do you love golf as much as Bermudians do? Pack up your polo shirts and take a look at our run-down of the best Bermuda golf courses to try when you visit the island on your next vacation.


Bermuda is credited as introducing tennis to America. Mary Ewing Outerbridge, the ‘Mother of American Tennis’, was born to Bermudian parents in the US. She picked the sport up in 1874 after a trip to the country and introduced it to the States. 

Due to the sport’s popularity in Bermuda, there are many ocean-view and inland courts to flex your tennis skills on. Many hotels and resorts also have courts on-site for their guests. 

Discover more about sports in Bermuda, including the top venues and facilities, on our dedicated sports page. 

Sailing and Yachting

Bermuda’s beautiful seas are home to many amazing sights. Native marine life, historic shipwrecks, reefs and the stunning sailboats and yachts of some of the world’s most affluent people. 

With its mixture of great water conditions and ideal year-round weather, Bermuda has become a hub for sailboat racing and yachting, hosting many competitions that attract participants and audiences internationally.  

The Argo Gold Cup, Bermuda Sail Grand Prix, Marion Bermuda Race and Newport Bermuda Race are just some of the sailing and yachting events hosted in Bermuda. Find out how to get involved in the top sports in the country here. 

8 Bermuda for Foodies

With so much of the island’s tourism centered around its beautiful pink-sand beaches and inviting turquoise waters, it’s no wonder Bermuda also has a reputation for fantastic seafood. 

Its national dishes are all based around seafood - such as fish chowder. Thanks to Bermuda’s diverse culture, the cuisine uses a mixture of different cooking styles and traditions to create a local food scene unique to Bermuda. 

Are you visiting Bermuda later in the year? Take a look at this list of foodie things to do when visiting Bermuda in September. You’ll be sure to find many culinary delights when you’re here.

Fish Sandwich

A Bermudian classic, you can find the fish sandwich in most eateries, bistros, cafes and food trucks around the island. Although every place that serves the dish has its own take on the delicious fish sandwich, they mostly consist of deep-fried fish fillets and tangy tartar sauce on whole-wheat or raisin bread. 

There are many unique places to try this local delicacy, but we recommend the award-winning Rosa’s Restaurant or Seaside Grill

Rum Swizzle

Cocktail lovers will probably have already had a Rum Swizzle or two. But, there’s no beating an authentic Bermudian Rum Swizzle, made with Gosling’s Black Rum and a real swizzle stick. A Bermuda pub is credited as having created the modern Rum Swizzle recipe as far back as the early 1900s. 

Almost every bar, restaurant or pub serves this Bermudian staple drink. However, the cocktail is most associated with the Swizzle Inn. As the birthplace of the modern recipe for the cocktail and the oldest pub in Bermuda, there’s no better place than the Swizzle Inn to sample the local take on this popular drink. 

Spiny Lobster

Treat yourself to a more refined seafood experience in Bermuda with spiny lobster. Spiny lobster season runs from September to March when almost every restaurant on the island will feature the local favorite on their menus.

Unlike its relative the Maine lobster, spiny lobsters have no claws and a harder shell. The majority of its succulent meat is found in the tail, legs and antenna and it is usually served with hot melted butter, lemon, crabmeat stuffing or as part of a pasta dish. 

Many places in Bermuda offer spiny lobster when it’s in season. We recommend Lobster Pot Inn or Barracuda Grill. 

If you’re wondering where local Bermudians love to eat, we have the perfect resource for you. Check out these 11 must-eat Bermuda eateries popular with locals. 

Get an authentic taste of Bermuda and treat your tastebuds to a fantastic new culinary experience. Our dedicated cuisine profile is on hand to help you uncover the best local dishes and the top eateries and restaurants to try them at. 

9 Bermuda for Wellness

Take your relaxing vacation to a new level of wellness. With its fresh sea air, abundance of nature, healthy and delicious cuisine and good weather, there’s no place quite like this luxurious getaway to focus on your wellbeing and relaxation. 

Crystal Cave Spa

Unwind and be pampered in the magical subterranean natural crystal cave spa. Treat yourself to a professional spa session in this hidden glimmering sanctuary. Allow the natural healing benefits of the sea lake to wash away any tension or stress in your body and mind. 

Nurture your mind as well as your body for the ultimate Bermudian wellness experience. Take a look at our ultimate list of mindful things to do when visiting Bermuda in August. 

Eat Al Fresco in Nature

Get back to nature and enjoy an alfresco picnic in one of the island’s many secluded forests or gardens. The lush and well-groomed Bermuda Botanical Gardens make for a picturesque picnic setting. Or you can explore the wilder side of Bermuda and head to the Arboretum where nature takes over the leafy trails and ornate bridges. 

If you enjoy nature but still want a touch of luxury on your vacations, this complete list of Hilton Hotels in Bermuda and the rest of the Caribbean is here to help you book the perfect break. 

If you’re planning a trip to Bermuda this summer, make sure you take a look at these five relaxing things to do when visiting to make sure you leave re-energized.

Why not take the opportunity to pamper yourself on your Bermuda vacation? Our wellness page can help you find the top Bermuda activities and locations to help you focus on resting and recharging during your stay. 

10 Bermuda for Thrillseekers

Bermuda isn’t just all tennis matches and yoga sessions. For the thrillseekers in the family, there are plenty of activities to get your adrenaline surging. Whether you want to unleash your inner 007 on a jet ski or climb to dizzying new heights, we have an activity recommendation for the more adventurous vacationer. 


Bermuda offers countless ways to get active and learn a new skill in our clear waters.

Get your heart pumping and try your hand at one of the watersport experiences available on the island. Whether you’re interested in whale-watching, deep sea fishing, helmet diving, scuba diving or snorkeling over shipwrecks, or water skiing, there’s a watersport on offer sure to be exhilarating. 

There are so many things for you to do in Bermuda on land, at sea or even in the air. Whether you want to try one or try them all, you can take a look at these activities to help make your vacation memorable. 


Get into the party spirit and take part in one of Bermuda’s many vibrant carnivals or festivals. There are plenty of events all year round to join, from Harbour Nights and Bermuda Carnival to many more colorful events. Kindly note, these events are not taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic, but we expect these events to return one day, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the vivid culture Bermuda has to offer and celebrate like a local. 

There are events all year round in Bermuda, especially in summer. Read about the 13 carnival-related things you can do in Bermuda in June. 

Coastal Rock Climbing

Reach new heights and see Bermuda from a new point of view with coastal rock climbing. You’ll find rock cliffs and ledges where rock climbing is a popular activity along many of the beaches in Bermuda. Coastal rock climbing is great for those who love to challenge themselves and get active on vacation. As a bonus, you’ll take in the serene sea views available from above once you reach the top. 

Whatever time of year you’re visiting Bermuda, you’ll find something adventurous or unique to do. Be sure to read our guides on what to do if you’re visiting the country in January, October or for a festive getaway

If you’re looking for a thrilling vacation destination to get your heart beating and adrenaline pumping, Bermuda has everything you need. Take a look at our ultimate thrillseekers profile page to find the best activities on the island for adventurous visitors. 

11 Bermuda for Historians

The history of Bermuda is vast for such a small island. Influences from English, Portuguese, African and American occupancy can be seen in the rich culture of the country even today. The heritage of Bermuda predates the 16th century and throughout its past, it became a base for communities from many different countries. 

Come rain or shine, there’s always something to do or see in Bermuda, especially for history lovers. From visiting a spa to learning to blow glass, go ahead and read about the 30 best things to do in Bermuda if it rains. 

There are many historic landmarks and locations in the country connecting the rich tapestry of Bermuda’s past. For history lovers, the island has much to offer, including: 

  • Coastal artillery forts 
  • Lighthouses 
  • Churches 
  • Museums
  • Statutes and commemorative monuments  
  • Events marking history, such as the Peppercorn Ceremony 
  • National holidays, including Emancipation Day and National Heroes Day

See a complete list of holidays in Bermuda and find out about the history behind them. 

If you’re a history-lover, Bermuda has plenty to offer. Our history profile is full of locations, activities and events brimming with local history just waiting to be uncovered. 

12 Bermuda for Families

Families of all sizes, ages and types flock to Bermuda year on year to enjoy a one-of-a-kind vacation experience together. There are many things for families to do, focusing on keeping the younger members of the group entertained. 

Wildlife Observation Tour

Take advantage of the amazing local wildlife and greenery Bermuda has to offer. Enjoy fantastic natural views while learning something about local wildlife firsthand at Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve. The observation tower at this nature reserve offers unrivaled views of the peninsula and there are plenty of birds and other creatures for kids to be on the lookout for here. 

There’s so much to see and do with the kids in Bermuda. To help you find the best activities available, we’ve created this helpful article. 

Snorkeling at Tobacco Bay

Protected by a rock formation, the waters at Tobacco Bay are perfect for snorkelling with the kids. As it’s so shallow, the bay is crystal clear, so spotting fish and seeing the ocean floor is easy. Snorkeling gear can easily be rented from nearby stands too, meaning you don’t have to buy your own equipment or carry it around everywhere. 

Beach Horseback Riding

Ride along the postcard-perfect coast on horseback, enjoying the sea breeze and connecting with nature. Whether you’re a first-time rider or longtime equestrian lover, there’s nothing more relaxing for adults and younger family members than horseback riding on an idyllic Bermuda beach together. 

This activity is also great for couples. If you’re planning a Valentine’s getaway to Bermuda or simply want a romantic activity to do together away from the kids, we can help. Take a look at our list of 10 romantic things to do in Bermuda and our romantic February itinerary.  

Whether you're visiting with children or just want to free your own inner kid, there’s an endless list of fun things to do in Bermuda. 

Looking for affordable things to do on your Bermuda spring vacation? Our guide to cost-effective things to do on the island can help. 

There’s something for everyone on the island, from history lovers to thrillseekers, those who want an experience filled with luxury or a chance to get back to nature. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Bermuda with the help of our free, downloadable guides. 

13 Places to See

Bermuda is an increasingly popular vacation destination - and it’s easy to see why. The island boasts world-famous pink-sand beaches, a colorful culture and is brimming with architecture, history and fun. 

As there’s so much to see in Bermuda, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Below, you’ll find information on local towns and parishes and get an insight into the amazing landmarks, experiences and nature you’ll find here. 

An Introduction to the Island

Bermuda is a stunning subtropical, North Atlantic island only 600 miles or so off the East Coast of the US. English-speaking, short flight times from major US cities and the fact US Dollars are interchangeable with Bermudian dollars are just some of the reasons why this collection of islands is so popular with American vacationers. 

As the weather is glorious and sunny for most of the year, there’s never a bad time to visit Bermuda

If you visit during a cooler month, there are still plenty of activities you can get involved in - even if it’s raining. To experience the absolute best of Bermuda’s weather, we’d recommend visiting between April and mid-October. The seasons for spiny lobster, a local delicacy, runs from September to March. So, for those choosing to stay during these months, you’re in for a tasty treat. 

Whether you want to visit in April, May or June, there’s something happening in Bermuda all-year-round. If you’re busy planning your Bermuda vacation, you can read all about the best and worst times to visit for the seasonal weather. 

Now you know when to visit, you need to know what to pack. Some of what you bring will depend on your interests. For example, golfers may want to pack their golfing clothes to take advantage of one of our eight stunning courses.

There are some staple items every visitor is encouraged to pack, including: 

  • A reusable water bottle for the free water filling stations across the island
  • Waterproof sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburn 
  •  Reef-shoes to protect your feet from the coral reefs
  • Semi-formal evening clothes should you want to dine out in one of the many top restaurants

See the full Bermuda packing guide here to make sure you don’t forget a thing.

14 Towns and Cities

Bermuda is made up of nine parishes, each home to towns and cities that all have a unique character or experience to offer visitors. Get to know the parishes and some of the amazing sights you’ll find there. 

  • Devonshire
  • Hamilton
  • Paget
  • Pembroke
  • Saint George
  • Sandys
  • Smith’s 
  • Southampton
  • Warwick 


This quiet parish blends two of the main things Bermuda has to offer: beautiful nature and historical landmarks. Devonshire, which is less popular with tourists, is home to an 18th century fort and breathtaking nature reserves, beaches and parklands. 

Hamilton Parish

Hamilton Parish isn’t actually where the city of Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital, is located. However, the parish is home to the otherworldly subterranean crystal caves, Tom Moore’s jungle and more worthwhile sights to see. 


For a day of relaxing by the sea, there’s no parish quite like Paget. Found in the center of Bermuda, Paget has access to many sun-soaked beaches with crystal clear waters, including the much-loved Elbow Beach. 


As home to the capital city of Bermuda, Hamilton, Pembroke is the busiest and most populated of the nine parishes. There’s a lot to do here for family vacationers, night owls and history buffs. Touring Fort Hamilton and trying a Rum Swizzle at one of the local cocktail bars are a must when visiting Pembroke. 

St. George

St. George has more to offer than inviting beaches. See what life in Bermuda was like centuries ago and visit the Unfinished Church, Bermuda Heritage Museum or Fort St. Catherine. 


A former Royal Naval base for more than 150 years, the Royal Naval Dockyard now has an array of shops, restaurants and even a maritime museum. Escape tourist hotspots and relax at Hog Bay Beach once you’re done shopping.  


Smith’s is one of the island’s better-kept secrets. As it’s off the beaten track, not many tourists venture to Smith’s, which is full of lush farmlands and nature, coastline views and divine beaches. Take a dip in John Smith’s Bay, see Spittal Pond Nature Reserve or venture to Town Hill, the highest point in Bermuda, for some unbelievable views. 


Horseshoe Bay in Southampton is arguably the most popular beach in Bermuda. For those looking for a quieter beach experience in Southampton, Jobson’s Cove and Chaplin Bay Beach are fine choices and Church Bay is great for catching a glimpse of the island’s native fish and coral reefs when snorkeling. 


There’s no end of things to see and do in Warwick, where you can find Bermudiana Beach Resort, Tapestry Collection by Hilton. From exquisite pink-sand beaches, beautiful architecture at every turn to local nature reserves and the Warwick Railway Trail, this Parish is home to some of the top places to see in Bermuda. 

Explore the places and communities that make Bermuda so special. Find out more about what to see and do in each of Bermuda’s unique parishes with our ultimate list. 

15 Landmarks

Bermuda has a unique combination of culture, architecture, history and nature spots, so there are plenty of landmarks for sight-seers to be on the lookout for. Grab your camera and discover some of the most beautiful landmarks you’ll set your sights on. 

For History Lovers

Fort Hamilton

Journey through the underground tunnels, experience the lush gardens that now overtake the moat and see the breathtaking panoramic views of Hamilton Harbour, all in Fort Hamilton’s grounds. Built in 1870 by the British, Fort Hamilton never saw battle and has since been transformed into a well-manicured slice of paradise, brimming with nature and wildlife. 

St. Peter’s Church

Established in 1612, St. Peter’s Church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in St. George’s. While the church has been rebuilt and repaired many times since its inception, the earliest parts of the current building can be dated to 1620. St. Peter’s is the oldest used Protestant church in the New World and the oldest surviving Anglican church still in use outside of the British Isles.

Mary Prince House

The first woman to present a petition to parliament, Mary Prince was a Bermudian anti-slavery advocate so influential and successful that she now has a national holiday named after her on the island. The Mary Prince House, School Lands Cottages, is where she lived for a time and is now open to visitors and tours. 

Like the above, Bermuda is full of interesting facts you’ve probably never heard of. To find out more fascinating facts about Bermuda that you need to know before visiting, make sure to check out this blog

For Nature Lovers

Spittal Pond

Spittal Pond is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Bermuda. You can find it close to the Atlantic coast of Smith's Parish and its closest city is Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda. The nature reserve is a wetland site featuring a lagoon and is one of the seven Ramsar Sites in Bermuda. 

Crystal Caves

Bermuda’s beauty isn’t just reserved for its lush above-ground sights. Explore the magical underbelly of this North Atlantic paradise and venture into the otherworldly Crystal Caves. The caves are made of limestone and dramatic crystal stalactites hang from overhead this subterranean network of caves and passages. 

Railway Trail

A popular route for walkers and cyclists, Bermuda’s Railway Trail follows the now disused tracks of Bermuda’s former railway. Spanning from the top of the island to the very end, the trail can be joined and exited from multiple points along the island. It boasts 18 miles of island history while submerged among lush forests, breathtaking views and tranquil landscapes.

On this trail you’ll venture through Bermuda’s vast forests and enjoy scenic views of the native wildlife, nature and rocky coastal views. 

Cooper’s Island Reserve

Home to the old NASA space station, Cooper’s Island Reserve is a private island dedicated to breeding the once thought extinct cahow, the national bird of Bermuda. It’s a private island that can only be visited through private arrangements or private tour provider, BAMZ.

Make your Bermuda vacation unforgettable. Add these eight great places to visit in Bermuda to your vacation must-see list

For relaxers

Horseshoe Bay

The most popular beach on the island, Horseshoe Bay is located on Bermuda’s south coast in Southampton. The beach is visited by thousands each year and is among the most ‘Instagrammed’ beaches in the world. Rock formations and caves make for an afternoon of leisurely seaside exploring and the signature blush pink-sand and crystal clear waters on the beach mean you can lap up the sun and cool off in style. 

Swizzle Inn

Enjoy a bite to eat or try an authentic Bermudian Rum Swizzle at the famous cocktail’s modern home, the Swizzle Inn. The inn is Bermuda’s oldest pub, opening in the early 1900s and is credited as creating the modern recipe for the island’s national cocktail, the Rum Swizzle. 

St David’s Lighthouse

One of only two lighthouses on the island, St David’s is the shorter of the pair and can be found on St David’s Island. Adventure through the colorful streets nearby at your own pace as you make your way to the lighthouse, which offers panoramic views at the top of the turquoise waves and local architecture. 

Live like a Bermuda local and visit the six best places on the island


16 Experiences

There are many ways to see Bermuda, each offering a distinct experience you’ll never forget. We’ve rounded up the best experiences that will help you see Bermuda in a new way and keep you coming back for more. 

Biking Tour

Bermuda has plenty of bike tours to choose from. They’re an excellent way to see the island while enjoying the fresh sea air and getting active. As Bermuda is mostly flat, most bike tours aren’t too arduous, making them ideal for families and people looking for an easier ride. 

Subterranean Spa

Treat yourself or your partner to a spa experience like no other. Vacations are all about relaxing and trying new things, so unwind underground with a trip to a subterranean spa. Get a professional massage in a secluded and peaceful crystal cave spa away from the tourist crowds. 

Discover more of Bermuda’s hidden gems and best-kept secrets here. 

Food Tour

Taste the authentic Bermuda and eat like a local. Take to the streets of Bermuda and see the sights as you travel from destination to destination on your food tour, sampling food and drink from local cafes, restaurants and eateries as you go. 

From Bulli Social to Wahoo’s, Bermuda is home to some of the finest dining establishments each offering a unique culinary experience. Want to find out how the locals eat and which restaurants should be a must-visit on your list? Head over to this blog which runs through 11 of the best restaurants around.

Experiences at Sea

As an island, lots of activities and experiences in Bermuda revolve around the sea. For thrillseekers, watersports and coastal rock climbing provide a dose of adrenaline mixed with picturesque ocean views. Prefer a more relaxed experience? Cocktail cruises and glass-bottom boat tours offer tranquility and the chance to get up close and personal to the shipwrecks, fish and marine life around the island. 

Are you looking for an adventurous holiday? Look no further than Bermuda and discover the best activities the island has to offer on land, at sea and in the air. 

17 Nature

Thanks to the island’s subtropical climate, there’s a variety of lush nature spots and coastal sights in Bermuda. From nature reserves to underground lagoons and more, Bermuda is alive and flourishing with natural wonders all year round. 


Bermuda is home to 34 gorgeous sandy beaches. The island is overflowing with coves, bays, beaches and crescents featuring the famous pink-sand that attracts over 650,000 visitors per year. Beauty spots by the sea are easy to find here, with some of our favorites including Horseshoe Bay, Jobson’s Cove and Bermudiana’s own beach - the perfect spot to relax and watch those lush golden sunsets. 

Take a look at the top five beaches in Bermuda and plan the perfect beach day. 

Green Spaces

Home to countless forests and nature reserves, Bermuda has plenty of green spaces for visitors to explore. Step away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life and get back to nature. Follow the Bermuda Railway Trail, take a trip to the Bermuda Botanical Gardens or discover nature reserves such as Cooper’s Island and Tom Moore’s jungle. 

Bermuda’s oceans, lands and skies are filled with amazing wildlife. Discover the wondrous wildlife of Bermuda and where to find them. 

Hidden Treasures

Bermuda may be a small island, but it’s full of hidden treasures and natural wonders. Escape to the magical underground world of the crystal caves. Journey through the monumental expanse of wildflower meadows and rich forests that make the Bermuda Arboretum. Or why not trek through the Bermudian jungle to uncover Blue Hole Park? A secret and serene lagoon with vibrant waters begging to be explored. 

Things to Do: Prepare for Your Bermuda Vacation

Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of things available to do in Bermuda. Vacation like a pro and take the hard work out of organizing your well-earned getaway. With our helpful guides, you can plan your vacation in advance. There’s always something to do here in Bermuda, no matter what time you come and visit the island.

Designed to make sure you don’t miss out on the memorable events, many activities, delicious cuisine and local treasures, our 12 Months in Bermuda and Bermuda Itinerary are here to help make your vacation or visit to your vacation home the best it can be. 

Download our 12 Months guide and find something to do for every month of the year and discover how you can immerse yourself in Bermuda, experiencing the island like a local. 

Moving to Bermuda: The Ultimate Resource

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Moving here requires more than just a love for all things Bermuda. Download our complete guide now.


Frequently asked questions

Is Bermuda a sovereign state?

  • Bermuda is an island country with its own distinct national identity, but not a sovereign state.

  • A sovereign state is one neither dependent on nor subjected in any way to any other power or state or country. Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory and as such has a great deal of autonomy.

  • It is the smallest in size but economically the most advanced, prosperous and populated per square mile as well as the oldest of 14 British Overseas Territories.

  • Bermuda has its own written constitution, but operates under the British Legal System, and has a Governor appointed by the Crown. The Governor is responsible for matters of defense and to a large extent foreign affairs. We also have a Parliament that operates under the Westminster System.

  • Bermuda’s Head of State is King Charles III.

What annual events are there in Bermuda?

January – Bermuda Restaurants Weeks, Bermuda Marathon Weekend, Bermuda Festival of the
Performing Arts
March – Bermuda International Film Festival, Grey Goose World Par 3 Championship, Bermuda Triple
Challenge, Good Friday Kitefest, Moth World Championships
April – Bermuda Agriculture Exhibition, The Town Crier Re-enactment in St. George’s Peppercorn
Ceremony, MS Amlin World Triathlon Bermuda, Hamilton’s Summertime Harbour Nights
May – Hamilton’s Summertime Harbour Nights, Antigua Bermuda Race, Bermuda Day
June – Hamilton’s Summertime Harbour Nights, Annapolis Bermuda Ocean Race, Bermuda Heroes
Weekend, Newport Bermuda Race
July – Hamilton’s Summertime Harbour Nights, Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish Championship
August – Hamilton’s Summertime Harbour Nights, Cup Match Weekend, Non-Mariner’s Water Raft Up
September – Hamilton’s Summertime Harbour Nights, Sand Sculpture Competition
October – City Food Festival
November – World Rugby Classic, Viper North American Race
December – Goodwill Golf Tournament

See links below for more information:

What does the Capital, Hamilton offer?

  • The City of Hamilton is where most of the island’s glittering retail shops, great restaurants and many other commercial establishments like banks & insurance companies are located.

  • The central bus terminal and the main ferry terminal are also located here that connect to most parts of the island.

  • And there is no better place for nightlife in Bermuda than the Hamilton City. This is the location of the summer Harbour Nights festival, with Gombey Dancers and Beat  the Retreat Ceremony.

  •  Here are the top places to visit in Hamilton City:
    City Hall and Arts Center, Bermuda Cathedral, St. Theresa’s Cathedral,
    Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI), Albuoy’s Point Park,
    Victoria Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Waterfront Square, Bermuda House Of
    Assembly, Bermuda Cabinet House, The Cenotaph, War Memorial, Perot
    Post Office, Bermuda National Library, Bermuda Historical Society Museum,
    Barr’s Bay and Park, Birdcage, Fort Hamilton.

What "sporty" activities are available in Bermuda?

  • Swimming and Snorkeling: Can be done during summer.

  • Swimming with the Dolphins: Can be done in the summer.

  • Sunset & Sightseeing Cruises, Sailing and Boat Rentals: Can be available year
    round. (weather permitting).

  • Fishing: Reef and Shore fishing can be done year round. Deep sea fishing can be
    done between May to October.

  • Cliff Jumping & Rock Climbing (Solo): Can be done during summer.

  • Bird Watching: Different kinds of birds can be season in different season. However, the rare Cahow (which is the national bird of Bermuda) can be seen between December to February.

  • Cave exploring and swimming: All year round (cave waters will be very cold).

For further information about events taking place in Bermuda, you can visit the Bermuda Tourism Authority website

When do I need to be in Bermuda to go Whale watching?

You get the best opportunity of watching whales in Bermuda during the spring time between March and April. This is when the humpback whales migrate from the Caribbean water zone to the north Atlantic feeding zone. The whales usually have a regular pattern of behavior and a migration route.

For further information about Whale Watching and other activities, you can also check out the Bermuda Tourism Authority website

How safe is Bermuda?

Bermuda’s crime rate has historically been relatively low, with petty burglaries the most prevalent crime. Almost all of Bermuda is, therefore, relatively secure.