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5 Best Places to Live for Remote Workers

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They say productivity rises if you change your scenery every now and then - and you may even uncover some newfound creativity. It’s hard not to be inspired, relaxed and more productive when your surroundings are beautiful, tropical beaches or colorful, vibrant cities. 

Nowadays, all you need is your laptop and an internet connection and you can work from anywhere. If you’re looking for new surroundings to inspire yourself, here are five of the best places to live for remote workers. 

  1. Bermuda
  2. Canggu, Bali
  3. Chaing Mai, Thailand
  4. Marrakesh, Morocco
  5. Barbados

1. Bermuda

The historical ambiance, the reef-fringed clear blue waters, the pink-sand beaches and the unique architecture aren't the only reasons why the island is such a hotspot for remote workers. With its exceptional restaurants and bars, lively capital, culture and history, adventure is on your doorstep.


Workspaces and Broadband

Bermuda is well-equipped with executive board rooms and training spaces, as well as private offices and collaborative spaces. It has the fastest fiber offering compared to any country across the Caribbean, with a connectivity of up to 500Mbps speeds. Bermuda has WiFi coverage all over, so there’s no need to worry about spotty service.

BBR’s usage condition means you can split your time working remotely for up to three months, allowing you to spend time in Bermuda or amongst your sphere of influence, providing ultimate flexibility.

Not only that but Bermuda is in close proximity to the east coast of the US and Canada, making it only a quick two-hour flight away. This makes important face-to-face meetings easy to manage. Plus, Bermuda is also home to a modern hospital and new airport.





2. Canggu, Bali

From the year-round warm climate to the easy transition from work to play, Bali offers the ideal place to relieve stress after a busy working day. Picture it - working with your laptop near the pool, ready to cool off in the water whenever you feel like a break is due. It’s no wonder Bali is the go-to luxury destination for remote workers. 

In particular, Canggu is a popular area, which has a growing entrepreneurial community. With an incredible, laidback way of life, beach surroundings and tropical sunsets, it’s the perfect antidote to the stresses caused by a 9-5 job in the office.

canggu bali

Alongside the quaint boutique hotels and colorful cocktails, you’ll find a vibrant social scene, allowing you to connect with like-minded individuals both professionally and on a personal level. 

Workspaces and Broadband

In Canggu, there's a convenient selection of co-working spaces to choose from that offer settings designed to encourage productivity and embrace creativity. Expenses to work in these spaces start at around $15 for a day pass up to $200 for unlimited access. 

The availability and speed of broadband in Bali have improved greatly in the past few years, especially with the introduction of 4G and fiber optics. WiFi is available in cafes and hotels and usually has a connection speed of around 12kbps - 2mps, although some locations will provide higher speeds. 



From sightseeing to surfing, Bali is filled with exciting activities and destinations to visit. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Tegalalang Rice Terraces
  • Sekumpul Waterfalls
  • Diamond Beach
  • Gili Air
  • Sunrise in Munduk


3. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Boasting misty mountains and colorful hill tribes, Chiang Mai is a paradise for remote workers seeking a new adventure. It’s a sprawling modern city with ancient roots with a country town atmosphere. But when you’re tired of the city life, all you need to do is drive straight in any direction. You’ll soon find yourself in the beautiful green countryside and lush rainforests bursting with glistening waterfalls and peaceful country villages.

chiang mai thailand

Workspaces and Broadband

Chaing Mai has various modern working spaces, starting from as low as $4 for a day pass up to around $175 for a monthly pass. According to Speedtest Global Index, Thailand ranks number three in the world for internet speed, delivering 217.70 Mbps.



Chiang Mai is surrounded by beautiful mountains and historic temples, making it the ideal place to explore. History, culture, nature, food - Chiang Mai exudes luxury escapes and adventure. Here are just a few things you can do:

  • Visit Wat Pha Lat temple
  • Visit an elephant sanctuary
  • Relax at Huay Kaew Waterfall and Swimming Hole
  • Meditate with monks
  • Take a Thai cooking class


4. Marrakesh, Morocco

From the enchanting sights and sounds of bustling Marrakesh to the inspiring heritage woven throughout its beautiful, intricate buildings and landmarks. In recent years, Morocco has begun to harness a vibrant entrepreneurial community. 

marrakesh morocco

Religion is threaded throughout the city’s daily life, with the sonorous call to prayer heard from the mosques. Marrakesh is home to some beautiful examples of Islamic architecture, such as the Ali Ben Youssef Medersa and the Koutoubia minaret.

Marrakesh is also home to the Berbers, who are a pre-Arab culture that has ruled unperturbed and unconquered for thousands of years. They are a friendly, gentle group of indigenous people.

Workspaces and Broadband

Marrakesh’s diverse marketplace is home to a beautiful selection of co-working spaces that are ideal for startups and entrepreneurs. In Marrakesh, you can work from the comfort of your own home or step out into an exciting, vibrant office space. 

Compared to other luxury remote working locations, Morocco scores relatively low for internet speed, ranking 117th globally with a speed of 24.24 Mbps.



  • Explore palaces and tombs in Medina
  • Private tajine cookery class
  • Visit Ouzoud Waterfalls
  • Hot air balloon rides
  • Camel rides


5. Barbados

Barbados is an eastern Caribbean island and an independent British Commonwealth nation. From its fine powdery sand to beautifully turquoise bays, Barbados is justifiably famed for its fantastic beaches. There, you’ll find vibrant nightlife, a welcoming native population, rare sea creatures, such as the hawksbill and the leatherback turtles, and colorful coral reefs. 


Workspaces and Broadband

Barbados has plenty of vibrant, colorful cafes and restaurants with WiFi which would be perfect for spending your working days when you’re tired from working at your abode. In terms of internet speed, Barbados scores 38th in the world with 103.76 Mbps.



  • Walk across the beautiful Barbados Boardwalk 
  • Visit Barbados’ National Heroes Gallery and learn about the history 
  • Travel in a submarine to the ocean depths
  • Take a tour to see how George Washington lived in Barbados 
  • Explore the island’s only accessible sea cave, Flower Cave

Deciding which location to set up a second home is never easy which is why it’s important you find somewhere exactly right for you and your needs.

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