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Working Remotely: Reasons You SHOULD Be Looking Outside of the US

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When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, most organizations asked their employees to start working remotely. Years on, and many organizations have seen a wealth of benefits to having a remote workforce. Employees are happier because they’re saving money on commuting and spending more time at home, and if you're spending more time at home, you deserve to spend it in luxury.

Now, you have the opportunity to move out of the crowded cities and move anywhere you want. You may be looking for the best places to work remotely in the US, but here’s why you should start looking further afield.

Experience a New Culture

Traveling around the world is currently limited. But by choosing to work abroad instead, you can experience a new culture while remaining safe. An easy, suitable and desirable location you may want to consider is Bermuda.

Bermuda had an effective response to the pandemic. But as the country relies heavily on tourism for its economy, a new 12-month visa has been created to invite working professionals to live and work here. 

For those wanting to work remotely for part of the year and not all of it, BBR offers a solution. BBR’s 180-day usage condition means you can split your time working remotely for three months of the year and be in amongst your sphere of influence for the rest of the time, providing the best of both worlds.

This gives remote workers like you an excellent opportunity to move abroad and experience Bermuda’s pink-sand beaches, renowned golf courses and vibrant nightlife. The island’s capital, Hamilton, is a haven for foodies and art lovers. If you’re after unique hotspots that are off the beaten path and popular with the locals, you’ll find secluded beach spots, watersports and boat trips.

bermuda cuisine

Bermuda’s rich history means Bermuda Day is celebrated in May. This is when parades go on through the night to welcome the coming of summer. There are also many natural wonders to explore on the island. From the impressive crystal caves and Walsingham Nature Reserve to the stunning Arboretum - these are just a few places to explore if you choose to work remotely in Bermuda.

Meet New People

On other island destinations, you’ll often find tourists and locals are kept apart.

This isn’t the case in Bermuda, where many tourist hotspots have locals living nearby. The restaurants are filled with both tourists and locals and as Bermudians are so friendly, it isn't unusual for conversations to start and friendships formed.

You may even find yourself being invited to go fishing with the locals or to have a picnic on the beach. Even though you'd be a remote worker, it would quickly feel like home.

Leave the Stresses of City Life Behind

The quick, fast-paced beat of city life is an experience all in itself. However, after a few years of busy trains and packed restaurants, even the most enthusiastic city dweller can grow tired of it. 

Now that remote working has become more normal; it’s the ideal opportunity to leave the stresses of city life behind and recuperate abroad. 

Rather than traveling an hour commuting to and from work, remote working abroad means you can get that time back and spend it with a morning walk on the beach, reading in the sun or starting a new hobby. There are so many possibilities when you choose to work remotely abroad, allowing you to relax and unwind like never before.

Escape the Northern Weather

Northern winters in some US and Canadian cities are cold and long. You should look outside of North America to places where you can enjoy beautiful weather and gorgeous golden sunsets after a hard day's work.

During the winter months, it is mild and sunny in Bermuda. Temperatures become summery in April and the season runs from April to October. The most popular time to visit is between June and August. However, visitors are known to visit all year round thanks to the island’s climate.

sunset-2428829 (1)

Bermuda’s climate is subtropical, so it’s never oppressively hot in the summer and remains lovely and mild in winter, spring and autumn. This makes it the perfect remote working destination all year round.

Improve Overall Health

Moving to a country with better weather, such as Bermuda, is proven to increase serotonin and boost moods. Not only that but living closer to a beach is also better for your health.

According to Dr. Natasha Bijlani, “Sea air is good for sleep because it’s generally cleaner and fresher, with higher levels of oxygen, which can improve sleep.” As well as improving sleep, recent scientific research shows coastal living can also help combat depression and anxiety.

If you’re living closer to beaches, you’re also more likely to get exercise, a 2014 study found. Therefore, your overall physical health will improve too.

Bermuda is home to some of the most picturesque beaches in the world, including Tucker’s Town and Somerset Village. Here, you can explore the azure waters and admire the island’s wildlife after you finish working.

Not only that, but Bermuda has a fully equipped, modern hospital called King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. It has every service you would expect of a developed country, including, but not limited to, ambulances, intensive care unit (ICU), angiography, cardiac diagnostic unit, heart defibrillators, diabetes care, CT scan and MRI, asthma care and dialysis unit.

Easy Access From East Coast

One big advantage over all the others is proximity to East Coast of US and Canada which is a quick two hour flight, which is incredibly convenient for face-to-face meetings. 

Here’s how long you can expect to be on your flight from various locations:

  • New York (Non-stop, 2hrs 16m) 
  • Boston (Non-stop, 2hrs 23m) 
  • Toronto (Non-stop, 2hrs 44m) 
  • Atlanta (Non-stop, 3hrs 10m) 
  • Miami (Non-stop,  2hrs 13m) 
  • Charlotte (Non-stop, 2hrs 46m)
  • Philadelphia (Non-stop, 2hr 23m)
  • London (Non-stop, 7hrs 7m)

*All non-stop flights and their durations are taken from Google Flights and
were correct at the time of publication.

Try Something New

Regardless of the country you select, you're bound to try something new. After a year confined to your home and city, it might be time to branch out and experience something new elsewhere.

In Bermuda, there’s something for everybody to enjoy. April is a popular month for wildlife enthusiasts as over 15,000 humpback whales migrate from the Caribbean, creating impressive displays that can be witnessed by boat tour.

On rainy days, you could visit the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute on the outskirts of Hamilton. Here, you'll learn about the many shipwrecks surrounding the island and discover the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle.


There are also plenty of championship golf courses that are fully operational throughout the year - perfect for sunny days.

Bermuda has an incredible variety of cultural experiences, picturesque beaches and waterfalls to experience - and it happens all year round. To discover what else you can do, take a look at our guide below.

Experience Bermuda All Year Round

The pink sandy beaches, friendly locals and delicious cuisine are just a sample of the lifestyle you’ll enjoy if you visit the island of Bermuda.

This hidden paradise has activities and events happening all year round. But to experience everything you want, you need to know what’s happening and when. Our knowledge of the idyllic island means we can give you an insight into the best times to see marine life, tee off or even sport some Bermuda shorts.

To learn more, simply click the button below.12 Months In Bermuda Guide CTA